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A podcast for fandom by fandom. Discussing the latest fandom news, pop culture, and whatever else comes up.






#19 - Power Man, Power Tangents

This week Jes and Kelly helped break Netflix by streaming all of Luke Cage as quickly as possible. Join us for a superhero comic packed episode discussing Marvel's Luke Cage series, Captain America: Civil War, and the confirmation of Wonder Woman as a queer character. Questions? Comments? Want to link us to some awesome New Guys AUs? Contact us on Twitter @USofFandom or at unitedstatesoffandom.com

Duration: 01:14:44

#18 - Summer Pun Here

United States of Fandom is back from summer hiatus! Join us as we make an attempt to catch up on all the summer happenings. Topics include Pokemon Go, Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad, The Cursed Child, Ghostbusters, The Nice Guys, Blair Witch, Bridget Jones' Baby and we recommend some of our favorite podcasts in honor of International Podcast Day! Questions? Comments? Hate mail? You can find the podcast on twitter @USofFandom and online at unitedstatesoffandom.tumblr.com or send us an...

Duration: 01:31:45

#16 - The Case Of Doomsday's Dongle

We're not dead! Jes and Kelly are back with a long discussion about Superman v Batman, too much discussion of Doomsday's missing parts, some thoughts about this year's C2E2 in Chicago, and the long awaited announcement of the winner of the #SPNFamily tote bag! Don't forget to send Kelly your concept drawings! We'll gladly take those and any questions at unitedstatesoffandom.tumblr.com or on Twitter @USofFandom.

Duration: 01:29:49

#15 - The Merc With A Mouth

This week Jes and Kelly attempt to talk about Deadpool and instead mostly end up talking about Wolverine: Origins. We don't know either. Questions? Comments? Want to nerd out about LIGO and gravitational waves with Jes? Contact us on Twitter @USofFandom or at unitedstatesoffandom.com

Duration: 01:12:42

#11 - Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

The Doctor lets us all be dreamers of improbable dreams and so this week is all about Doctor Who Season 9... sort of. Jes and Kelly talk Doctor Who, Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, and mourn the loss of two of the greats. Questions? Comments? Want to angrily rant at Jes about hating Love Actually? Drop us a line on twitter @USofFandom or at unitedstatesoffandom.tumblr.com.

Duration: 17:36:22

#6 - AKA Elf Marriage

This week Jes and Kelly binge watched Jessica Jones just so they could tell you all about it! But first comes some nerdy news wank about Peter Jackson and The Hobbit films and a look at Supergirl so far. Spoilers ahoy and potential triggers for discussions of off screen rape in Jessica Jones. As always you can find us on Twitter @USofFandom and online at unitedstatesoffandom.tumblr.com

Duration: 01:29:13

#5 - Spoilers!!

Strap yourselves in because this week's podcast is all about spoilers. Jes and Kelly talk about how best to combat the spoiler filled world. But first it's nerdy news where they cover X-men Apocalypse and how much Kelly hates Halle Berry, Syfy’s first foray into a theater release, Suicide Squad’s PG-13 rating, Warner Brothers whitewashing Death Note, a possible Snowpiercer TV show, Bong Joon-ho signed a movie deal with Netflix, and continue US of Fandom's evolution into a Star Wars podcast...

Duration: 01:15:56

#3 - Casual Conversations About Cannibalism

This week Jes and Kelly talk about everything Hannibal from the fantastic season 3 ending to food design and the surprisingly cuddly fandom. Also in this episode: teen.com’s Teen Wolf article, more on the OTW Elections, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, and Convention Etiquette. Follow us on Twitter @USofFandom or on tumblr at unitedstatesoffandom.tumblr.com. Have a question? Send it in!

Duration: 01:12:48