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Megaman Baseball, Willgrimage and Pirate Radio

Hello! We haven't done this is a while but we thought we'd dust off the mics now we have something to shill *cough* Coffee *cough* We've nabbed a new producer called Kallum so if this episode sounds awful I blame him entirely

Duration: 01:14:24

Jaffa Cake Vodka/Rum

I promise, you’ll want to take this episode for a………….. spin. This Week: Fidget Spinners Prey Jaffa Cake Rum/Vodka ASMR Swallowing The “Phoenix Wright” Anime The Philly Fade Movies Ancient Games

Duration: 01:21:54

Down With The Chickness

We are committed to filling our bodies with poison in the pursuit of your minor entertainment. I don’t mean the chicken infused booze we’re drinking, I mean we’ve listened to Down With The Sickness more than is honestly recommendable. This Week: Macho Pea Tequila Drunken Ghost Girl Bitcoin Update Robert De Niro The Dark Souls Board Game Northern Brawl Chickgin Dropmix “Similar Melodies”

Duration: 01:22:53

Mcxology: McDonalds Booze

Oh no. We’ve made some mistakes this episode. Jimmy made and produced Burger Vodka, Sweet And Sour Nugget Bourbon, Apple Pie Rum and… That’s basically the whole show.

Duration: 01:06:20

The Burger World Records

We’re all really tired. This is………………………. a weird one This Week: Anecdote Hype Man Tattletail Horror Lock In Data Disks Roko’s Modern Basilisk You Need A “No Man” The Hamburger Records Roulette Tricks Yooka Laylee Launch! Wok Status Update Nugget Story Grimace

Duration: 01:38:50

Martian Dickpics From The McDonalds Sauce Man

Is this the podcast that gets Mat stabbed? It’s inevitable that this primarily sauce-based show leads to some form of physical harm. This Week: The Most Recent Sauce Update Little King’s Story “Find LeBlanc” Persona 5 Revisiting the Donkey Kong Extended Universe WrestleMania Moments Our Other Bars The First “Person Shooter” Anatomy

Duration: 01:28:10

There’s Dance In It

We have a much better set-up for equipment this week! The show now sounds much better an will continue to improve as we learn how any of this stuff works! Also! Our pal Jessie joins us halfway through for for his first appearance on the show. Hello! This Week: The Brain Show Show Me Your Moves Mass Effect: Andromeda Gladiators Rezzed: Games Industry Summerslam An American! Steve Austin’s Name THE DIPS CONSPIRACY CONTINUES Wrestlemania: The Album Power Rangers Jesus Didn’t Tap SPACE!

Duration: 01:00:20

There’s No Bell End

This Week: Licensing Music Harmonix’s Ideas LMA Manager 2003 Shouting (Heskey! Demand it!) iDosing Internet History Mass Effect: Andromeda Horror Game Pitch We Don’t Count As Anything Kickstarting A Bar Bitcoin How Well Would You Do In A Battle Royale? Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Duration: 01:35:10

The Hardy Men

This Week: Logan What Adults Read Film Studies The Switch/Our Event Rare games which bottomed out George Of The Joypad Zelda Monster Hunter? The Cavern Club “But You Need Our Money” Horses The XFL Scott Hall Nier

Duration: 01:56:50

Bad Hips

This Week: Session Moth Martina These Lads Use Their Phones Older Dates Condoms Halo Wars 2 Street Fighter 5 Too Cool For The Switch / Wearables The Sharing Economy Castlevania or Interview With A Vampire? New Zelda and Bomberman

Duration: 01:23:19


This Week: “Jackie Always Okay” An update to the Neighbours Saga What is Lost Planet? The Dips Conspiracy Persona 5 Time Management Switch Update Bomberman Strats

Duration: 00:55:27

The Wagon Wheelman

We prepared a lot for this episode and, listening to it back, I'm not sure you'd have any way to tell. This Week: ARE THERE ANY CEREAL MASCOTS THAT ARE WOMEN? Things Other Than Drinking The Curse Of The Till Swans The Wheelman Fire Emblem Is DC Douglas Winnie The Pooh Or Not? Mass Effect The Rock in The Rock Gritty Pokémon

Duration: 01:27:24

Dinner and Taxes

The Resident Evil Dinner The Finest Restaurant Experience A Street Fighter Whiff The Royal Rumble Mario Super Strikers / Donkey Konga Taxes The Amazon Order From Hell The Single Issue Voter CEOs convincing the Hiring Manager Interviewing Super Group Shadows Of The Damned

Duration: 01:02:08

Hamilton And The Switch

Hamilton The Unreliable Narrator of Sk8r Boi Hamilton Again The Brighton Plan The WWEUK Championship The Switch Emulating Leaps and Bounds All Of The Upcoming Events

Duration: 00:58:48

The Year Of Mat Jones

Hello! The gain on the audio is weird for two minutes and then I fix it. Hang in there. Let It Die Shadow Of Mordor 2 The Beeromancer The Year Of Mat Jones AGDQ and ADGQ “The Bumhole Controversy” Turtles: Delisted 30 Minutes Of Millennial Quarter Life Crisis Media Panic

Duration: 01:13:23

President Vince

We're back! From The Holiday! We haven't written any thing! Let's have a chat about: How To Fight A Chimp Bee Movie And Saddam Hussein Smash Mouth Eat The Eggs Star Wars Saving Christmas Games To Be A Bit Lonely And A Bit Cold To Let It Die NYE World Of Sport Xavier Woods Gets Called Out The Shadowman Fan Club Vince Mcmahon’s Autobiography

Duration: 01:03:43

End Of Year Podcast

In this episode we sum up this year’s game and what we’ve done, month by month! It’s very nice! Pony Island That Dragon Cancer Superhot Firewatch Street Fighter V Hitman Dark Souls 3 Doom 2016 Duskers Overwatch Turtles Mirrors Edge: Catalyst Inside Pokémon Go Videoball Monster Hunter Generations No Man’s Sky Overcooked

Duration: 02:21:04

The Christmas Sitcom

The Sitcom The New Intro Theme UFC Westworld Kai Why’s He Wearing Chainmail? Tom Clancy’s Equal Representation

Duration: 00:56:19

“High Fiving Slash”

Content! An audio file from your three favourite pals! Work Excuses First Games and Afroman Chicken Connoisseur Cooking (Wok Status 100, Pissman Sausages, Graphical Fudging) Let It Die Plunged Into Darkness Book Launch The Night Train The Church Of Street Fighter

Duration: 01:24:50

Sniper Elite 2 Demo

There is a new genre of music called "Rap". Capcom Cup It Is Marvel Two Things Shirts PSX The Graph Of The Last Of Us The Parappa The Rapper Feature West Ham Guns N’ Roses Recurring Props The Satellite Bar Quick Check-in with the Shadowman Fan Club

Duration: 01:13:28

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