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Real Estate Investment Tactics Continues With Scott Reidenbach

Real estate investment Continues with Part 2 of our Facebook Live Reprise interview with Scott Reidenbach. Navigating the legal waters without experienced professionals can approve financially devastating. Scott Reidenbach joins Heather Wagenhals in a two-part series on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of real estate investing. Who's On: Real estate attorney Scott Reidenbach Big Vision: Scott's vision with his firm is to provide attention to detail, personal touch, compassion, and...


Scott Reidenbach Discusses Avoiding Real Estate Pitfalls Part 1

Real estate investment can be one of the most rewarding and exciting things you can do to build wealth. Navigating the legal waters without experienced professionals can approve financially devastating. Scott Reidenbach joins Heather Wagenhals in a two-part series on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of real estate investing. Who's On: Real estate attorney Scott Reidenbach Big Vision: Scott's vision with his firm is to provide attention to detail, personal touch, compassion, and the...


Brian Mirau Talks Financial Bucket Lists Today

Introduction: Most of us have a bucket list-or at least a few thoughts about what we want to accomplish in life. Have you ever considered a financial bucket list? Who's On: Financial professional Brian Mirau from Mirau Capital Management is here to give us ideas for a financial bucket list and share the many ways you can get started. Big Vision: Brian believes the financial planning process does not need to be confusing and complicated in order to be effective and efficient, so he...


Jeanette Bajalia Explains Heath Wealth Connection for Women

Women spend a lot of time caring for others, but aren’t always taking care of themselves. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in improving our health and our wealth. The two are connected: a lack of wealth can lead to stress and anxiety, while poor health adds up to skyrocketing healthcare costs. Jeannette Bajalia works with clients to be proactive in taking care of both their well-being and their finances. She can dive deeper into the health-wealth connection and offer...


Retirement Risks for Baby Boomers in 2018 Revealed

Baby Boomers Beware: Planning to retire in 2018? Whether your retirement date is this year, a few years down the road, or even if you've already retired, you may have some more work to do! Today's guest Nahum Daniels will be talking about the hidden risks to your retirement and what you can do to prepare. Who's On: Nahum Daniels, a Retirement Income Certified Professional®, zeroes in on the unique challenges individuals face in managing income and assets that need to last a lifetime....


Valentine's Day Date Ideas With Mark Kenny

Dinner and a movie is so old school. This year, why not treat your Valentine to a Money Date? It may not sound romantic, but spending an evening talking finances might be the secret to staying together - money problems are one of the leading causes of divorce! Mark Kenney will share how you can set up your own Money Date, what to cover and how to start the conversation. Who's On: Mark Kenney, CFP, is Series 7 & 66 Securities Licensed as well as Massachusetts Life and Accident & Health...


Fred Creutzer Reveals 2018 Financial Checklist and How To Stretch Your IRA

2018 has started, 77% of people have broken their New Year's resolutions by now, and most don't know what financial housekeeping items they should've taken care of already. Fred Creutzer is the owner of Creutzer Financial Services Baltimore, Maryland area, and he joins us to reveal the things we should be doing right now to capitalize on the power we have over our finances. Who's On: Fred has been working with Retirees and Pre-Retirees for over 27 years, has extensive personal and...


Dollars and Cents of Divorce With Cathy Cathy DeWitt Dunn

Unlock Your Wealth Radio Starring Heather Wagenhals For better or for worse, January and February are some of the biggest months of the year for divorce. Couples who opted to stay united over the holidays are calling it quits. Unfortunately, many people wait until it's too late to get good money management advice during their divorce. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Cathy DeWitt Dunn can talk about how to avoid some of the most common money mistakes during a divorce and how to ease...


Lonny Powell Alliance Retirement Solutions CEO Discusses Boom or Bust for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has seen a lot of volatility this week. With all the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies, the newness of a nongovernmental controlled currency hitting mainstream media, and the uncertainty now created with the market downturn, makes you wonder whether or not investing in and using crypto currencies is the right thing to do. Is it worth the hype? On today show we will discuss whether bitcoin is a boom or bust. Who's On: Lonny Powell, CEO and founder of Alliance Retirement Solutions...


One Thing Millionaires Do Differently Exposed

There is one thing all millionaires do that the rest of the world doesn't. Heather Wagenhals and Michael Terry will discuss what that one thing is that separates the successful from the average. Big Vision: Heather Wagenhals is Making Success Simple© by helping people just like you overcome their personal and professional challenges to achieve financial freedom and live the life of their dreams. She studies the brain, behavior, and how folks get rich, then she teaches it to you through...


Back by Popular Demand Heather Wagenhals 2018 Plan for Professional Success Strategy Session

IF you missed Last week's free strategy session with Heather Wagenhals 2018 Plan for Professional Success then here is your chance to grab it again before it goes away! This is something Heather does every year with her employees, their families and partners This is the first time she is making it available to you and members of her tribe. Here you will accomplish a few things: All of these things have evolved over time and they all stem from Heather's Keys to Riches© Financial...


Mike Williams Answers- Will Demogronomics Save Us?

Demography + Economics = The Future of Investing Economic growth cycle over time are driven by people. essentially, people move markets. America is on the verge of an economic explosion thanks to Generation Y, aka the Millennials the largest generation to ever become consumers. GenY’s economic impact will be even greater than the one felt in the 1980s as the Baby Boomers came of age. Who's On: Mike started his career in financial services for clients back in 1982. One of the most...


Plan For Professional Success 2018 Workshop Invitation

Just a few hours left to register for the game-changing workshop! Did you have challenges this past year? I know I sure did. How did the year turn out? If you are ready to leave 2017 behind, let me help you achieve more this coming year with my COMPLIMENTARY Plan for Professional Success 2018 business strategy session. Invest one hour of your time to create an actionable strategy for next year on Wednesday, December 20th. This workshop runs one day only so hurry and join hundreds of...


Heather Wagenhals Shares Helpful Tips to Avoid Identity Theft Frauds and Scams This Holiday Season

Enjoy the holidays safely and mitigate your risk for Identity Theft, Frauds, and Scams this holiday season with Heather Wagenhals timely advice for viewers of Renee Kohn's America Trends Show on the Youtoo America Network. Heather shares tips to: Remember to take advantage of Heather's awesome discount for those looking to have and become something different for 2018. Visit UnlockYourWealth for more details. Remember to use PROMO CODE: holiday17 Tags: holiday shopping, scams,...


Profitability Coach Mark Michael Lewis Defines True Wealth

Profitability Coach Mark Michael Lewis Defines True Wealth on today's show starring Heather Wagenhals. What is wealth? Who can have it? Is wealth realistic for me to achieve? Who's On: Mark Michael Lewis, aka The Thrive Coach Mark is a passionate author, speaker, executive coach, and entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in the Life Optimization field. Over that time, Mark has trained literally 1000’s of people, been a consultant for 100’s of businesses, and coached hundreds of...


Superagent Logan Shares Real Estate Secrets Today

Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate but thought you couldn't afford it? Perhaps you have some cash but just don't know where to start? Today's episode will address what goes into real estate investment, why it's such a great investment, and what you need to do to get started with Real Estate Sales Professional Marty "Superagent" Logan. Who's On: SuperAgent Logan or Marty Logan is a real estate professional with Strongtower Real Estate Company in Scottsdale, Arizona who helps...


Money CAN Buy Happiness Shares Investment Adviser Matt Kennedy

The old saying goes, “money can’t buy you happiness”. But research shows that is not exactly the case. Investment Adviser Representative Matt Kennedy with Presley Wealth Management is here to talk about how what we do with our money impacts our mood. Who's On: 30 year veteran Radio broadcaster and financial adviser Matt Kennedy Get his bio here. http://www.thepresleygroup.net/presley-group/matt-kennedy/ Big Vision: To help clients every day learn how to protect and grow their life...


Busting Millionaire Myths With Financial Planner Mark Kenney

There are approximately 13,554,000 millionaires in the United States. Some of them were born into money and some are self-made. However, more often than not, they didn’t become millionaires overnight. Who's on: Certified financial planner Mark Kenney, with SHP Financial in the Boston area is here with millionaire money lessons to help you live the luxe life. Big Vision: You too can become a millionaire by adopting the traits of other millionaires. What's Shared: Learn More with...


Jason parker balances youth sports expenses and your retirement

Is your retirement in danger of defeat? Many parents are spending thousands of dollars a year so their kids can play competitive sports. The cost of competition might be putting their financial futures at risk! Who's On: Financial professional Jason Parker, president of Parker Financial in Silverdale, Washington joins us with tips on finding a balance between kids’ athletic teams and parents’ retirement dreams. Big Vision: Helping parents successfully balance providing the...


Sales Trainer Daniel Guaragna Shares Selling Tips

Are you sick and tired of missing the sale when you thought you had it locked up? Founder of REDA Sales Academy Daniel Guaragna Guaragna's mission is to eradicate crappy sales people from the world. He revels in working with organizations to identify and solve their true needs, help them set goals and create actionable plans. His intent: to always go above and beyond for his clients to build quality, long term relationships. We talk about the single most important thing you can do to...


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