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Unlocking the Minds of Athletes podcast is designed to detail how sports psychologist, D1 athletes and coaches work together to create a champion mindset for mental toughness and peak performance. Hosted by Isaac Byrd (@isaacbyrd) a NFL veteran. At the end of each episode, each sports psychologist enters THE TRAINING ROUND. In the Training Round, each psychologist picks two sports and gives two mental training techniques that will improve your performance as a coach or athlete immediately. You now have an inside look on exactly how top athletes and coaches are being mentally trained. This podcast offers an educational and entertaining experience that will help you achieve greater success during competition, coaching and/or in your business. If you would like to enter the minds of professional athletes, Isaac Byrd delivers 5 days a week M-F.






UMA 070: Sports Performance Expert Loren Fogelman

Loren is founder of Expert Sports Performance and an internationally recognized sports performance expert who works with some of the highest-ranked athletes in the nation. Results-focused and strengths-based, she motivates clients to achieve soaring performance. Loren is author of The Winning Point – How to Master the Mindset of Champions, an Amazon #1 bestseller. Recognized […]

Duration: 00:40:31

UMA 069: Indiana University Jesse A Steinfeldt

Dr. Steinfeldt is a Sport Psychologist and Associate Professor in his eighth year in the department of Counseling and Educational Psychology. He is currently the Director of Clinical Training for the Indiana University Sport and Performance Training Program for their Athletic Department. Heteach a variety of graduate courses, including Interventions in Sport and Performance Psychology, […]

Duration: 00:27:58

UMA 068: Clinical and Sport Psychologist Erin Haugen

Dr. Haugen,Ph.D., LP, CC-AASP, is a licensed clinical psychologist and sport psychologist. She holds adjunct faculty status in the University of North Dakota Psychology Department and has authored a number of professional publications and presentations. Dr. Haugen’s sport psychology practice focuses providing individual therapy to adolescents and adult athletes dealing with clinical and sport-related issues. […]

Duration: 00:34:31

UMA 067: Cal State Northridge Aaron Weinstein

As a lecturer of sport psychology at Cal State Northridge (CSUN) and a Performance Consultant, Aaron trains athletes in the mental skills needed for successful performance. With a M.A. degree in sport psychology, he has worked as a consultant and counselor for a wide range of clientele, including NCAA Division I athletes, Olympic hopeful gymnasts, […]

Duration: 00:38:00

UMA 066: Sport Psychologist Deborah Roche

Dr. Roche started Counseling and Sport Psychology Services in 2007. She expanded her offices from Westchester to New York City in 2008 and today she offers consulting, individual, and sport psychology services in both locations. She is a licensed Psychologist with her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She has worked with several organizations including United States […]

Duration: 00:34:31

UMA 065: Sport and Exercise Scientist David Harrison

David is an Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist. He has extensive experience of working in sports, business and education environments helping people on their journey to reach their PINNACLE PERFORMANCE. His philosophy has evolved through his education and experience to give him a unique understanding of sports psychology, the sports industry and education. He has […]

Duration: 00:29:43

UMA 064: IMG Academy Taryn Morgan

Dr. Taryn Morgan is the Assistant Director of Athletic & Personal Development at IMG Academy. Dr. Morgan has consulted with numerous junior, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes and teams. She has been the mental conditioning consultant for Texas A&M Women’s Soccer, University of Tennessee Women’s Soccer, Rowing and Swimming/Diving, Maryville College Volleyball, the Southeast Florida […]

Duration: 00:36:03

UMA 063: Sports Psychology Consultant Reginald Younger Jr

Reggie is a Certified Sports Psychology Consultant by the Association for Applied Sports Psychology which is the largest sport and exercise psychology professional organization in North America. He is the founder of Visualize, Recognize, Capitalize, Sports Psychology Performance Group (VRC) whose motto is “See It”, “Feel it” “Conquer It”. VRC is dedicated to assisting athletes […]

Duration: 00:38:20

UMA 062: Performance Physiologist Mark Kovacs

Dr. Kovacs is a performance physiologist, researcher, professor, author, speaker and coach with an extensive background training and researching elite athletes. He formerly directed the Sport Science, Strength & Conditioning and Coaching Education departments for the United States Tennis Association and was the Director of the Gatorade Sport Science Institute. He currently serves as the […]

Duration: 00:38:01

UMA 061: Psychologist Steven Ungerleider

Dr. Ungerleider, is a psychologist an author of six books. He completed his undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of Texas, where he also competed as a collegiate gymnast. Since 1984, Dr. Ungerleider has served on the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry and has consulted with a number of international sport federations.In […]

Duration: 00:37:01

UMA 060: Mental Skills Coach Carrie Cheadle

Carrie is a Sport and Exercise Mental Skills Coach. She has worked with athletes at every level, from recreational athletes to elite and professional athletes competing at national and international levels. Carrie has worked with athletes and teams in many different sports and specializes in working with cyclists and endurance athletes. She has been interviewed […]

Duration: 00:32:41

UMA 059: Sport Psychologist Ross Flowers

Dr. Flowersis an experienced and well-traveled psychologist with expertise in performance services. Dr. Flowers consults with culturally diverse youth, college, professional and Olympic athletes and coaches. He served at the Associate Director level of the United States Olympic Committee as a senior sport psychologist. Dr. Flowers also works with individuals and organizations in business, military […]

Duration: 00:34:27

UMA 058: Georgia Southern University Brandonn Harris

Dr. Harris is an Assistant Professor and Program Director of Sport and Exercise Psychology at Georgia Southern University. He received his Ph.D., from West Virginia University.Dr. Harris research interests includes,Coach and athlete burnout; Youth sport and the provision of sport psychology services to youth athletes; Professional and ethical issues in sport and exercise psychology; Doing […]

Duration: 00:45:33

UMA 057: Sport Psychology Consultant Amanda Myhrberg

Amanda is the founder of A Game Sport Psychology Consulting in Sarasota, FL. She loves teaching athletes that mental toughness is not just an idea but a set of skills you can train like anything else in sports. She has earned her Master of Science Degree from Florida State University in the field of sport […]

Duration: 00:37:18

UMA 056: Sport Performance Consultant Adrienne Langelier

Adrienne work centers on athletes of all age groups and sports, and has extensive experience serving elite youth, collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes. She began working with athletes shortly after obtaining her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology; pairing her background as a lifelong athlete with a passion for helping others. Adrienne’s work is designed around […]

Duration: 00:31:19

UMA 055: Sport Psychologist Joan Steidinger

Dr. Steidinger is a licensed psychologist and Certified Sport Consultant who specializes in sports and peak performance. She has worked with athletes, musicians, dancers, and other performing artists focusing on performance, injury concerns and personal issues. Dr. Steidinger has worked with sport psychology clients for 20 years and been in private practice for 28 years. […]

Duration: 00:38:48

UMA 054: Mental Toughness Coach Dean Hebert

Coach Dean is a mental toughness coach, author and speaker who specialize in mental toughness training. He works with individual athletes, parents, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. He’s a certified Mental Games Coaching Professional (MGCP) and certified hypnotherapist. His clients include tennis, golf, volleyball, MMA, basketball, football, baseball and many more. He has […]

Duration: 00:30:06

UMA 053: Mental Game Expert David Mackenzie

David is the founder of Golf State of Mind and he lives in Washington, D.C. David is an expert on the Mental Game of Golf, Short Game and Putting – those areas that are the most effective in lowering scores. David has been a coach for almost 15 years and has taught every level from […]

Duration: 00:35:33

UMA 052: Sport Psychologist Robert W. H. Price

Robert has over 14 years of experience working in the mental health field in multiple capacities, including program manager for six community programs, juvenile justice counselor, job coach, and consultant. He also played college football at the University of Pittsburgh prior to transferring to Hampton University. Robert is a trained teacher by trade and has […]

Duration: 00:32:40

UMA 051: Performance Coach Jared Wood

Dr. Wood has been a performance coach and educator for 19 years. He first gained a love of sport psychology while he was a student-athlete at Albion College. While at Albion, his experiences on a national championship football team led to an interest in peak performance. As a performance coach, Dr. Wood has worked with […]

Duration: 00:41:55

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