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Unpitchable is a weekly podcast where 3 ordinary friends pitch extraordinary fake sequels based on your favorite movies.






Unpitchable Update - Faking Success: A Pocket Guide for the Ambitiously Lazy

Tim released a book on amazon. Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2nUAhg7. What is it? Here is a short description: Many of us have looked at someone successful and thought, "Man, I wish I could put in the work to be successful!" Unfortunately, our dream for success usually dies immediately after it enters our conscious minds. Being successful takes effort and for the Average Joe that's too much work. Is there a way for the ambitiously lazy among us to throw off the Snuggie and trick others...

Duration: 00:01:34

Unpitchable - The Final Pitch - 052

The crew jumps right into made up movie roulette on this, the last episode of Unpitchable. We can't even begin to explain the plots to the 50+ movies we bring on this episode, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best and worst movies ever conceived. And as this is the last episode, let us say, thank you for all your support and for listening to us say dumb things for a whole year. We sincerely appreciate all of you! Keep subscribing to this feed to be the first to know about...

Duration: 01:01:26

Unpitchable - Infinity Melons - 051

The gang discusses the path of dead celebrities 2016 left in its wake and we make our predictions the inevitable casualties we'll see in 2017. Nick brings a film about an island on the Mississippi and the terrors that await a group of overweight camp-goers. Tim pitches 5-6 movies of varying quality about a man with a mallet and his melons, a couple of forgetful security guards, a movie brought to you by Tostinos, and a mermaid who finds out everything isn't exactly as it seems. David takes...

Duration: 00:54:52

Unpitchable - It's a Pitchiful Life - 050

A device gives us a peak at the alternate universe versions of the podcast and we get a grim look at what could have been had Unpitchable never been born. We experience the beautiful failure that is our romance advice podcast, we make a few lists about things, talk about grandmas, and rank them, and we help some poor startups whip their business ideas into shape. Special thanks to Meagan, Josh, and John Catania for their contributions on this episode.

Duration: 00:54:00

Unpitchable - On Pantser, on Belcher, on Danker, on Nixon! - 049

Happy Holiday's from the Unpitchable crew! We start off our holiday by sitting back, sipping some warm hot chocolate, and creating our very own demented reindeer. Nick pitches a movie about a hunt for the perfect gift that gets just a little paranormal. Tim does his best to ruin as many Christmas movies as possible and brings: an invasion of reindeer, an MMA Santa, a Christmas train with a dark secret, and a man working with alien robots to get home before Thanksgiving. David brings a...

Duration: 00:52:28

Unpitchable - Ludacris Is VERY Alive - 048

The crew discusses their ideas on the most important last four words in the history of television and then we unintentionally do an all Fast and Furious episode. David brings a flick about a time traveler and his assistant bending time to keep a crew of racers from killing themselves. Nick gets curious about one mans love for his monkey and the eventual apocalypse caused by this misguided adoration. Tim explores the god-shaped hole in all illegal street racer's hearts in this Kirk Cameron...

Duration: 01:02:00

Unpitchable - Vape Powered Train - 047

The crew discusses Kevin Jamesgate and the killing machine he has become. We also play a game of Hollywood Frankenstein. Nick gets festive in a film about the real-life coal deficiency that pushes Kris Kringle to his breaking point. David pitches a flick that reveals the magic behind politics and we take a look at our grim VapePunk future. Tim brings a thrilling movie about underground baby fighting and another about a rapper's final answer.

Duration: 00:51:43

Unpitchable - Put A Shirt On That Dog! - 046

The crew talks Disney World and the amazing new rides that capture the feeling of grown-up torture that is the happiest place on earth. David explains away the mystery of the presidential election and details the rituals of self-impeachment. Tim pitches a film about a certain California governor's death and his terrifying and violent weightlifting journey. Nick brings a political drama about a not so unlikely candidate with a big plan for America and an even bigger ego.

Duration: 00:59:29

Unpitchable - The Dark Ritual of Prop Comedy - 043

The crew talks 5th party candidates and which fictional president candidate they hope can become our commander-in-chief. We also discuss battling sausage, Dr. Strange, and cool science videos. Nick pitches a movie about the fastest man meeting the most furious men in an attempt to stop a terrorist plot. Tim plays wingman in a story about a red haired fellow using his 'prop' plane to take out an international menace.

Duration: 00:44:12

Unpitchable - Are You Down With The Clown? - 039

The crew tells the tale of Clown Moses, talks clown commandments, and does their best to uphold the good name of clowning. Nick brings an actor back from the dead only to kill him again for the worlds funniest heist. David rocks us like a hurricane with his movie about a nightmare jester-storm. Tim pitches a film of a president in danger and only one team of arachnid bandito's can save him.

Duration: 01:08:10

Unpitchable - Cenasaurus Rex Suplex - 038

The crew talks about the importance of close toed shoes at night, how fun parkouring zombies can be, a hero so fast David still hasn’t seen him, and how rolling tiny dice isn’t as frustrating as it sounds. David brings a prehistoric supernatural film that answers the age-old question: Are there ghost dinosaurs? Nick tells a tale straight out of a comic book about what happens when a creature of the night gets a new sidekick that has a filthy piano habit. And Tim launches a movie into orbit...

Duration: 01:01:42

Unpitchable - One Venti Hadron Collider, Please - 036

The crew learns from Master Nicholas Cage about using 'verbal judo' on naked, leather jacket stealing, Fudgesicle eating home intruders. David pitches his film straight off a cliff and we talk about a band of misfits versus a band of puppets. Tim takes us on an exploration of the prison that is the human body and the criminals who will stop at nothing to destroy the brain of a beloved actor. Nick brings a film about a fat guy in a little dress and his overwhelming maternal instincts.

Duration: 01:12:24

Unpitchable - Doc Bootstew - 035

The crew talks Stranger Things and the strangest thing - a craigslist friendship. David brings a movie about a boxing murderer- um, I mean a movie about a boxer versus a murderer- er, well actually a movie about a fat serial killer? Nick spins a tale of a vagabond who must surgically augment himself with whatever is in his bindle in order to protect those he loves. Tim pitches a buddy cop film about sick bike jumps, dangerous dares, and fireworks mishaps.

Duration: 00:55:37

Unpitchable - Whalepiercer - 034

The crew is up late recording and somehow discusses the best salad dressing to pair with your illicit substances. Nick tells the tale of a rapper whose only crime is wanting to pimp out his jail cell. Tim brings us on a heist for the ultimate frozen beverage. David tells a whale of a tale about a young boy learning to deal with death.

Duration: 00:46:59

Unpitchable - Stunts of Biblical Proportions - 033

The crew tries to raise funds to buy the holiest of artifacts: Jesus' motorcycle. Nick blows us away with a film about a man who braves hell to see his fiance and also there are tornadoes. David gets us lost on an island where the quickest and the angriest must race for their lives. Tim tells us the totally true, definitely not made up story about a swimmer and the verifiable, super true, true story of his murder.

Duration: 01:01:52

Unpitchable - Kathy Bates, Queen of My Heart - 032

The crew gets word from the International Podcast Commission that they need to take podcasting more seriously. Nick has a divine revelation for us about gods punching each other. David pitches a film about a mechanical son and the dad who didn't know when to stop pushing his buttons. Tim brings a war hero out of retirement the protect the second most important kid in the world.

Duration: 01:03:21

Unpitchable - The Rise of Dr. Nick - 031

The crew talk about DC's take on Oceans Eleven, Tim tries a questionable soda, and David ponders the vastness of space. Nick brings a movie that will put a song in your heart and a pillow under your head. David imbues a popular sitcom cast with secret assassin martial arts skills, and Tim tells a heavy tale about forgotten celebrities and their journey cross-country.

Duration: 01:01:03

Unpitchable - Jon Lovitz Is A Monster - 030

The crew forces David to record, on this, the day of his birth, and they talk about Stranger Things. David pitches a film about an 8-bit cop taking down a pill-popping, maze-crazed criminal. Tim brings a movie about the importance of attentive driving and finding friendship in the electoral forest. Nick narrowly threads the politically correct needle in his movie about a once beloved actor making a home for wayward comedians.

Duration: 01:13:13

Unpitchable - Human Pottery - 029

The crew is spiritually visited by a very special guest with a deep voice and a deeper propensity for sick stunts! Nick brings a bite-sized martial arts flick about facing your enemies on your own turf. Tim tells a story of ghosts who make pottery of the human variety and a baskteball star who can see beyond the veil. David uses every tool in his arsenal to make some overall-wearing little yellow guys suffer.

Duration: 01:12:38

Unpitchable - The Best of the Worst of Unpitchable Vol. 1 - 028

The gang put together a special episode this week, mainly because we couldn't be bothered to leave our Yachts to go record. Come relive some of our favorite moments, goofs, and hilarious mistakes. Nick eats an Oreo during a live recording to the chagrin of the entire cast. David coins possibly the greatest presidential campaign slogan in history. Tim discuss the Venn Diagram for pizza and therapy and this crossover's business potential.

Duration: 00:31:27

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