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A #podcast where a psychotherapist dives into the broken underbelly of-- crime mystery #modernmedia #psychology #culture #politics New episodes every Tuesday AM!

A #podcast where a psychotherapist dives into the broken underbelly of-- crime mystery #modernmedia #psychology #culture #politics New episodes every Tuesday AM!
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A #podcast where a psychotherapist dives into the broken underbelly of-- crime mystery #modernmedia #psychology #culture #politics New episodes every Tuesday AM!








[Stalker Questions]

In this special episode of the podcast, we address 10 questions from our Stalker/Patrons! Including: You guys are always talking about technology addiction, sometimes I find myself genuinely worried about how much time I spend on my phone or computer. What scares me more is how anxious I feel when I'm not using it. Any tips for a struggling iPhone addictWhat are your thoughts, is this...


The Psychology of School Shootings (Fishnet Solution)

Now is the time to address a horrific event that we've seen happen too many times in our country: mass shootings. The left wants to argue gun control, the right wants to argue mental illness. I argue for the fishnet solution. But these are just my thoughts—I want to hear yours!


The Psychology of Pedophilia & Black Mirror's "Shut Up and Dance"

Hello, my friends! THIS is the next episode in our Black Mirror coverage: Season 4 Episode 3 "Shut Up and Dance." *SPOILERS* for this episode and every episode before. In this episode, Michael Drane and Corey Stewart welcome friend of the podcast, Ryan Lee. Ryan is a tech guru (to say the least) and has been on UPC many times to talk about hacking, so he's a great fit to discuss this episode of BM.... His previous UPC episodes include: What Hackers Do with Your Stolen Identity, The Death...


The Psychology of Virtual Reality & Black Mirror's "Playtest"

In this episode of the podcast, Michael and Corey discuss Season 3, episode 4 of Black Mirror, called "Playtest" — This horrific episode is filled with tons of easter eggs and we are here to breakdown all of it including behind-the-scenes and the psychology behind the main character, Cooper's decisions and behaviors. These are OUR opinions—but What are yours???? Let us know on facebook.com/upcpodcast


YEAR ONE Finale (Hate Mail, Secrets & NEW Stuff)

What's up, friends, family, fans & stalkers! IT HAS BEEN ONE YEAR (ish) SINCE UPC BEGAN. This is a podcast ranking the "Best Of" our first year of episodes! Michael Drane & Corey Stewart sit down to tell behind the scenes stories and even respond to some Hate Mail from listeners. FYI: There are TWO BIG Announcements in this podcast that I am going to spoil below...... .. (keep scrolling for spoilers) .. .. .. (Note: Nothing will be taken away, these are in addition to UPC...


Black Mirror Season 4 Breakdown—Psychology & Easter Eggs

In this bonus podcast, Michael Drane (@upcmd) and Corey Stewart (@corstew91) sit down to recap and review Season 4 of Black Mirror! Spoilers for every single episode! UPC breaks down fun easter eggs and gives raw first-reactions to USS Callister, Arkangel, Crocodile, Hang the DJ, Metalhead and Black Museum. Or you can read the full article here.


Psychology of the Simpsons (Predicting the Future)

In this Patreon-Only Podcast, Michael Drane sits down with Tech (and Simpsons) expert, Ryan Lee, to discuss just how real this phenomenon is. Did the writers of the Simpsons really know Trump would be president and ride down and escalator in a blue suit one day? This and many other questions will be answered in the bonus episode—Let us know what you think! Click here to listen to this episode & become a Patron/Stalker.


"The Disaster Artist" Recap & Psychoanalysis

Unpopular Culture and Psychology in Seattle join forces for an in-depth analysis of Tommy Wiseau, and James Franco's new movie "The Disaster Artist" BONUS episodes & Early Access--> patreon.com/upcpodcast


The Psychology of Gullibility

Psychotherapist Michael Drane is interviewed by The Reasonable Risk Podcast about why people join Cults and Multi-level Marketing Schemes and how YOU can protect yourself. BONUS content and Early Access --> patreon.com/upcpodcast


The Day the Internet Broke & the DEATH of Net Neutrality

In this UNPLUGGED freestyle rant, Michael is joined by Cyber Security Engineer Ryan Lee to talk about the death of Net Neutrality and what YOU can do to help. Go to---> battlefortheinternet.com to join the fight!


"Nosedive" — Social MIRRORing & the phony "Instagram Lifestyle"

The Psychology of Black Mirror's "Nosedive" Season 3, Episode 1. Podcast & Narrative Analysis created and recorded by Psychotherapist, Michael Drane and Graphic Designer, Corey Stewart. Together, we have analyzed the psychology and visual creativity of all kinds of movies and television shows. Please enjoy the notes of our November discussion on one of the best episodes in the Black Mirror series, "Nosedive."


[NEW] Psycho-Analysis of the SlenderMan Stabbing

You are listening to "the Stabbing for SlenderMan," the infamous and recent story about about two twelve year old girls who tried to murder their friend in the name of the fictional internet character, SlenderMan. In what is NOW known as the SlenderMan Trial, their case has made national news as Anissa Weir and Morgan Geyser were both found NOT GUILTY for attempted first-degree homicide on the basis of being mentally-ill, specifically suffering from Shared Psychotic Disorder. My name is...


The Psychology of Technology Addiction and "iMinds" Analysis

It seduces us with its ease, its video games, and social media. Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, and we are all just trying to hang on. With every new generation of iPhone we spend even more time gazing into that screen. Some countries have declared technology addiction a threat to the mental health of their people. Will technology enslave us all? Michael is joined by Corey and Cyber Security Engineer Ryan to analyze the audio book "iMinds". We will deep dive into the...


YOU have been HACKED (How to Save Yourself)

Last month- 1/3 of the U.S. population had their data stolen and this means YOU or someone you care about has more than likely been affected! In this episode of the podcast, psychotherapist, Michael Drane (@upcmd) is joined by Cyber-Security Engineer Ryan to breakdown the recent Equifax Data Breach that has already affected 143 million people. In this exclusive episode, Ryan is here, as a uniquely qualified cyber-security specialist and helps us all understand what we can do to protect...


Black Mirror's "White Christmas" Analysis & Recap

In this episode, Michael and Corey sit down to discuss the AWESOME Christmas special episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror. What are your thoughts? Would you get a cookie of yourself? How do you feel about blocking people? What was your favorite story line here?


The Law of Attraction & How to Handle Negativity

What's up Stalkers! Here's the latest Stalker Question episode! Two questions came in about the type of people/situations we attract, so the UPC team is here to discuss. Thank you for listening, and let us know what your thoughts are! :)


Black Mirror's "The Waldo Moment" and Internet Trolls

In this podcast, Psychotherapist Michael Drane is joined by designer and producer, Corey Stewart to breakdown "The Waldo Moment", the 6th episode of Black Mirror, the politically driven and satirical commentary of a fictional character known as Waldo, and even the psychology behind internet trolling and being anti-status quo. ► We are not bystanders in today's culture, and we're willing to bet: Neither are you. Unpopular Culture is a podcast where a psychotherapist and a team of...


The Doomsday Clock Psychology [UNPLUGGED]

In this episode, Psychotherapist Michael Drane is joined by fellow clinician, Justin Krause and graphic designer, Corey Stewart to breakdown the psychology behind the Doomsday Clock. Inspired by a listener question from Stalker John, UPC is proud to present a quick discussion on whether or not the Doomsday Clock is, in fact, a fear tactic or actual science. Thank your for listening! ► We are not bystanders in today's culture, and we're willing to bet: Neither are you. Unpopular Culture...


Unplugged: The Flavors of Depression

In this Episode- Michael, Corey, and Justin answer Patron a.k.a. Stalkers questions about the nature of depression and it's current social stigma in society. For BONUS content & early episode access --> Become a Stalker Let us know how YOU feel! : hello@upcpodcast.com Please be Advised: Unpopular Culture Podcast and its content is intended for entertainment purposes only, and should NOT be considered a form of professional assessment, treatment, diagnosis; nor a substitution for...


The Psychology of Black Mirror's "White Bear" & Criminal Justice

In this episode, Michael and Corey sit down to discuss "White Bear"—the episode of Black Mirror that focuses on the Bystander Effect, and also has themes of Criminal Justice and Revenge going to far. We break down and recap the episode itself, as well as dive into the psychology behind this torture-porn and even talk about the implications it has for our own real life society.


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