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Unscrewing up the sexual culture. Host Jaclyn Friedman and a rotating cast of whipsmart guests untangle the politics and culture of sex, and help out real-world sex advice-seekers.

Unscrewing up the sexual culture. Host Jaclyn Friedman and a rotating cast of whipsmart guests untangle the politics and culture of sex, and help out real-world sex advice-seekers.
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Unscrewing up the sexual culture. Host Jaclyn Friedman and a rotating cast of whipsmart guests untangle the politics and culture of sex, and help out real-world sex advice-seekers.






The Life and Death of Elle Peril

Can you heal the trauma of revenge porn by deliberately becoming a nude art model? Lena Chen, one of the first known women to have private nude photos of her nonconsensually shared across the internet, moved to Berlin and tried it. What she learned along the way may surprise you.

Duration: 00:36:50

Spare Parts: Open Secret

Jaclyn confesses to some surprising thoughts about Harvey Weinstein. Plus deep thoughts about courage and consent.

Duration: 00:17:05


How brave are you feeling these days? Samhita Mukhopadyay and Kate Harding, editors of Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump's America, join Jaclyn to talk about the meaning of courage, when it's actually better to say "fuck that" to being strong, and how making their new book got them through Trump's First 100 Days.

Duration: 00:36:30

Spare Parts: Avoid Some Eyerolls

Let's talk sex on TV, talk about sex with teens, and talk some more about the history of feminist bookstores and sex shops, all in under 15 minutes. It's a quickiesode!

Duration: 00:16:01

Vibrator Nation

Let's talk sex shops! Lynn Comella, author of Vibrator Nation, joins Jaclyn to tell the fascinating history of how feminist sex shops came to be, why they matter, what their future looks like, and to explore the uneasy relationship between sexual liberation and capitalism.

Duration: 00:38:12

Spare Parts: In the Goddamn Streets

An attempt at a pep talk about campus rape activism, wise words from Zoe Quinn about how not to fight Trumpism, and some bracing advice for a woman unhappy after a threesome. It's all here wrapped up in one quickiesode!

Duration: 00:16:14

The Internet Is Soylent Green

We're back from hiatus! To celebrate, Jaclyn sits down with game developer and crusader against online abuse Zoe Quinn to get into it about how her ex's attempt to slut shame her helped bring us the Trump administration, whether or not you should dox Nazis, the live action video game she's developing with Chuck Tingle, and so much more.

Duration: 00:39:39

Promiscuous Bisexual Freak Show (Rewind)

Don't look away: it's the Trainwreck episode. You know the type: Britney Spears shaving her head. Whitney Houston saying, “crack is whack” Amy Winehouse dying in front of millions. Jaclyn catches up with Sady Doyle, whose new book is all about women who behave "badly" and why we so love to hate them.

Duration: 00:36:39

Innocent in the Face (Rewind)

Tatiana Maslany is getting Unscrewed! Settle in with the star of Orphan Black for a vulnerable and revealing conversation about internalized femmephobia, clones in pussy hats, on-set sexism, rape plotlines, bell hooks, following your fear, and the liberatory power of a queer 90s dance party.

Duration: 00:44:45

Spare Parts: Woman Up (Rewind)

Musical theater! Bawdy dames! Dirty swear words! Literary criticism! Realtalk about slavery and consent! Super-personal talk about rape! A great pickup line! This classic Spare Parts quickiesode has it all.

Duration: 00:14:06

#BlackChurchSex (rewind)

Can a single woman in the Black Church get some and also get to Heaven? That's the question Dr. Brittney Cooper set out to answer for herself a few years ago. What she found -- and what she wrote about it -- has sparked a national conversation at the intersection of sex, shame and Sunday sermons. (Originally aired 5/24/16)

Duration: 00:34:56

Spare Parts: Orgasm Adventuring

Jaclyn peeps back in from hiatus for a quickiesode to help out some listeners with questions about cross dressing, coming out inside a marriage, and how to build a better orgasm.

Duration: 00:16:09

An Army of Lovers

Pleasure isn't optional - it's a key ingredient in both our humanity and our political resistance. Let historian Hanne Blank explain as she talks with Jaclyn about what she learned during the 80s AIDS crisis, the importance of marshmallows when the world is on fire, and why an old slogan from a 1960s French Art movement should be our mantra right now. (Encore)

Duration: 00:35:46

Spare Parts: Penis of Damocles

Listener advice for a woman who feels unfuckable, a call to action to save health care, the most optimistic take you've heard yet about the 2016 US election, and OMG JACLYN'S NEW BOOK.

Duration: 00:16:06

An IUD and a Pony

What would the United States be like if our policies, laws and institutions were built to encourage women's happiness? That's the provocative premise of Jill Filipovic's new book, The H-Spot, and she joins Jaclyn to talk about remaking marriage, embracing sexual risks, and how women's pleasure can change the world.

Duration: 00:35:58

Spare Parts: None of Your Fucking Business

A quickiesode on Mayim Bialik's bad advice, making fun of cis white guys, and the resurgence of abstinence-only ed under a shiny new name.

Duration: 00:14:37

Fill That Hole

We've talked a lot recently about the politics of porn -- now Jaclyn catches up with producer/director Shine Louise Houston to hear what it's like to make it.

Duration: 00:33:18

Spare Parts: Hair Vanities

What's the difference between making fun of Trump's hands and mocking his hair? Could a casual hookup be healing after trauma? How do you talk with your partner about body hair expectations? Jaclyn tackles a trifecta of listener questions on this week's quickiesode!

Duration: 00:14:36

Spare Parts: Have Sex With Yourself

An urgent call to action, a porn recommendation, and a listener advice question about partnered sex that's secretly about masturbation: it's all here in this week's quickiesode.

Duration: 00:14:13

Hot Girls Exploited

What's all the fuss lately about Hot Girls Wanted? What's a greater threat to women: sex work, or other women who want to rescue sex workers? What does (and doesn't) make porn feminist? We get into all this and more with Siouxsie Q, host of The Whorecast and Director of Policy & Industry Relations for the Free Speech Coalition.

Duration: 00:36:20

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