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Episode 22: Spiderman 3 × Jurassic Park (Desert Island)

The finale of Unstable Universes season one is upon us! Alanna and Evan wanted to end on a high note, so they finally brought in dynamic duo of absurdist fan fiction, "Anthony Bourdain" and "Jamie Oliver." Long overdue to be sure. There are stories of crash landings, dinosaurs, and sand. So much sand. Buckle in, because it's a hell of a ride Fandom 1: Spiderman 3 Fandom 2: Jurassic Park Tag: Desert Island Remaking a Hero by Alanna : AO3 Symbiotic Love by Evan : AO3 Intro & Outro Music: Cool...


Episode 21: Lord of the Rings × Self-Insert (Abduction)

It is said that an author will pour their heart and soul into their story. This week, Evan and Alanna invited Dayna the Sloth to pour their hearts, their souls, and themselves into their fics! Elf butts, Smeagol snacks (or snacccs as they're apparently spelled), and murder competitions are all in store on this week of Unstable Universes! Fandom 1: Lord of the Rings Fandom 2: Self-Insert Tag: Abduction Snaccc Time with Smeagol by Alanna : FanFic.net // AO3 Gimli v. Legolas: Dawn of Justice...


Episode 20: Mothman × Resident Evil (Break Up)

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter. Taylor Swift and... A lot of people. All of these couples had iconic, tragic, and very public break ups, and sadly, another relationship has ended today: Mothman and Chris Redfield. A difference in ideology has resulted in the end of their tryst, but is that all? Or will one of them come to a more definitive end as a result of their break up. Fandom 1: Mothman Fandom 2: Resident Evil Tag: Break Up The Ultimate Break Up: Murder...


Episode 19: Suite Life of Zack and Cody × Thomas the Tank Engine (Murder Mystery)

Zack and Cody's lives may be suite, but how will they handle the not so suite task of solving a murder? And how do talking trains fit into all of this? The blonde boys and blue locomovite of everyone's childhood must team up to solve the world's most heinous crime: murder. Featuring the undeniable king of perspiration, Sweaty. Fandom 1: Suite Life of Zack and Cody Fandom 2: Thomas the Tank Engine Tag: Murder Mysery Squished Like Grapes by Alanna : FanFic.net // AO3 Murder on the Thomas...


Episode 18: Tomb Raider × ParaNorman (Game Show)

Lara Croft, Norman Babcock, come on down! Welcome to the fabulous fan fiction game show! Where the points are made up and you probably won't survive. Fandom 1: Tomb Raider Fandom 2: ParaNorman Tag: Game Show Beat the Witch by Alanna : FanFic.net // AO3 Dead-pardy by Evan : FanFic.net // AO3 Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans by Antti Luode


Episode 17: Community × Catdog (Film Noir)

It’s hard to tell through only audio, but this recorded in black and white. The streets of Greendale, Colorado are full of filth and grime, and only our hard-nosed detectives are up to the task of solving three very unique mysteries. Featuring Luke Peters of Instant Cult Classic! Fandom 1: Community Fandom 2: Catdog Tag: Film Noir The Case of Missing Answers by Alanna : FanFic.net // AO3 The Hunt for Catdog by Evan : FanFic.net // AO3 Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans by Antti Luode


Episode 16: Pirates of the Caribbean × Lion King (Songfic)

Happy new year! We start the year of our lord 2018 off with a musical bang as pirates and lions sing in harmony. Fandom 1: Pirates of the Caribbean Fandom 2: Lion King Tag: Songfic I Do Not Want To Be King by Alanna : FanFic.net // AO3 The Last Night on the Black Pearl by Evan : FanFic.net // AO3 Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans by Antti Luode


Audio Radio Drama Play 1: What Happened to Reid?

We wanted to finish off the year with something special, so instead of a normal episode, we offer you an audio drama... or a radio play... All of those words are interchangeable but mean the same thing, so we're calling it an Audio Drama Radio Play! On this episode, we dramatize an Unstable Universes classic: "What Happened to Reid?" from episode 2. --- Original Fic: FanFic.net --- Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans by Antti Luode


Episode 15: Phineas and Ferb × It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Christmas)

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or at least of the week! It's time for Unstable Universes: Christmas Edition! The heathens of Paddy's Pub spend the holidays with the two most ingenious children in the Tri-State Area, so things are bound to get interesting. Happy holidays to all! --- Fandom 1: Phineas and Ferb Fandom 2: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ** Tag: Christmas --- * _Destruction of the Make-Less-Good-Inator _by *Alanna:FanFic.net // AO3 * _Charlie Saves Christmas _by...


Episode 14: James Bond × Cars 2 (Victorian Era)

This week's fics are a clash of spy versus spy... If you consider Cars 2 to be a real spy movie. And of course, the characters have been picked out of their timelines and placed in the Victorian Era, a time before cars. --- Fandom 1: James Bond Fandom 2: Cars 2 ** Tag: Victorian Era --- * _Curse You James Bond_* * * by Alanna:FanFic.net // AO3 * _You Only Mater Twice _by *Evan: **FanFic.net // AO3 --- Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans by Antti Luode ---


Episode 13: Ghostbusters × Ouran High School Host Club (Body Swap)

It's bound to be a freaky Thursday when this episode drops. How will blue collar '80s comedy characters fare in the affluent bodies of Japanese high school students? Vice versa? Only Unstable Universes is willing to investigate these tough questions. --- Fandom 1: Ghostbusters Fandom 2: *Ouran High School Host Club * Tag: Bodyswap --- * _Return of Mr Staypuft_* by *Alanna: *FanFic.net // AO3 * _Ouran High School Ghost Club_* by Evan: * *FanFic.net // AO3 --- Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans...


Episode 12: Unaired Pilot

After a soul-crushing week of writing a thesis paper, Alanna and Evan couldn't find it in themselves to write yet more. But they aren't leaving you high and dry! No sir! Instead, you get to hear their first attempt at the show that only other two people have ever heard before! Next week, Unstable Universes will return to regularly scheduled programming after hopefully Alanna and Evan recover. *--- * Fandom 1: Teletubbies Fandom 2: One Direction ** Tag: Wingfic --- * _Title_* * * by...


Episode 10: Monster House × Bee Movie (Courtroom Drama)

Surprisingly, Unstable Universes made it to double digits! On this episode, Alanna and Evan collaborated to write a courtroom drama that is truly the bee's knees, and a first time write in from Bobby Flay! --- Fandom 1: Monster House Fandom 2: Bee Movie Tag: Courtroom Drama --- The Case of Bee Murder, Bee-Urder If You Will by Alanna & Evan: FanFic.net // AO3 --- Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans by Antti Luode


Episode 9: Godzilla × Pacific Rim (Birthday)

Alanna and Evan celebrate with giant monsters as the OG kaiju and his movie descendants from Pacific Rim have some birthday shenanigans. --- Fandom 1: Godzilla Fandom 2: Pacific Rim Tag: Birthday --- Happy Birthday, Old Friend by Alanna: FanFic.net // AO3 Godzilla's Sweet Sixteen by Evan: FanFic.net // AO3 --- Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans by Antti Luode


Episode 8: Steven Universe × Nightmare on Elm Street (Curtainfic)

Despite Halloween being over, Evan and Alanna were tasked by the Random Tandem Fandom Generator to write a fic with Freddy. This likely is slightly scarier than the actual Halloween special, despite the inclusion of the fabulous G-rated program, Steven Universe --- Fandom 1: Steven Universe Fandom 2: Nightmare on Elm Street Tag: Curtainfic --- Slice of Face by Alanna: FanFic.net // AO3 Nightmare in Beach City by Evan: FanFic.net // AO3 --- Intro & Outro Music: Cool Beans by Antti Luode


Episode 7: Back to the Future × Colbert Report (Spooky)

On this, the Halloween special, Alanna and Evan are joined by the lovely Bradley Manhands of many future podcasts, I'm sure. The three amigos give you the spookiest scares they can imagine, at least the spookiest ones that involve time travelling DeLoreans and American right wing satire. Fandom 1: Back to the Future Fandom 2: Colbert Report Tag: Spooky --- Title by Alanna: FanFic.net // AO3 Title by Evan: FanFic.net // AO3


Episode 6: Alanna × The Muppets (Rom Com)

Fandom 1: Alanna, host of Unstable Universes Fandom 2: The Muppets Tag: Romantic Comedy --- The Rebound by Alanna: FanFic.net // AO3 50 First Meeps by Evan: FanFic.net // AO3


Episode 5: My Chemical Romance × Firefly (Superhero AU)

In an AU, not too different from our own world, sci-fi swashbuckling meets post-hardcore emo pop punk rock. Also there's superpowers. Two crews with uncanny abilities face off in this week's fics from Alanna and Evan.Fandom 1: My Chemical RomanceFandom 2: FireflyTag: Superhero AU---Trouble at the Black Parade by Alanna: FanFic.net // AO3So Long and Good Night by Evan: FanFic.net // AO3


Episode 4: Anthony Bourdain × Avatar: The Last Airbender (High School AU)

Famed eater Anthony Bourdain gets bent on this episode, airbent that is. That's right, on this week of Unstable Universes, the world travelling host meets up with the Airbender gang in the most rational place for these two to hang out: high school. Fandom 1: Anthony Bourdain Fandom 2: Avatar: The Last Airbender Tag: High School AU --- From Sports Day to Love by Alanna: http://bit.ly/2xhzRBA Dealing With Azula by Evan: http://bit.ly/2yJ8pgX --- The Cheese Video: http://cnn.it/1OfISzy


Episode 3: Daredevil × Frozen (FutureFic)

Far in the future, two Disney properties meet. Will love be an open door or has the Man without Fear going to conceal, not feel? This copy doesn't actually make any sense, but it's hard to put Frozen songs into sentences. Fandom 1: Daredevil Fandom 2: Frozen Tag: FutureFic --- The Hand is an Organization? by Alanna: coming soon Hell's Kitchen Freezes Over by Evan: coming soon


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