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USR 350: Critical Conversations

Teamwork makes the dream work. Your team is the number one asset you have in your business. Without them pulling all the strings back stage, you wouldn’t be able to be front and center. Today I want to talk to you about how important it is to have those critical conversations with every member of your team. Make the decision to have these conversations and make it apart of your company's culture. Tackle any kind problem and make the correction happen NOW rather than later. (2:15) “Most...


USR 349: Pitch it Perfect with Julie Solomon

Eight seconds. That is how long you have to grab someone's attention. When you are writing ANY kind of pitch, this is what you need to be thinking about. What I can do to keep their attention? How can I POSITION myself to show them they need me? In this episode, we are talking to influencer marketer, New York Time best selling publicist and the host of ‘The Influencer’ podcast Julie Solomon where she is breaking down how to to pitch yourself in a truly effective way to get booked for any...


USR 348: 3 Steps To Gain Absolute Control Of Your Time

We ALL wish we had more time in the day - think of what you could get done with an extra hour! But it’s not that we necessarily need *more* time -- it’s that we need to eliminate the time wasters. Today I am sharing with you the three steps you can take today to take back control of your time and schedule. We all want to spend our nights with our families, and your schedule should allow for that. It’s time to take back your time and find your freedom. (1:26) “...feeling overworked...


Ask Kelly: How Do I Know When It’s Time to Plan, Prepare or Take Action?

You asked, Unstoppable Success Radio has answered! In this mini-series, entrepreneur mentor Kelly Roach answers listener-submitted questions about business growth, mindset, and anything else that the Unstoppable Success Army wants to know. You asked, How Do I Know When It’s Time to Plan, Prepare or Take Action? To submit your questions for a future episode of Ask Kelly, Tweet @kellyroachint using #askkelly Or email speaking@kellyroachcoaching.com with your questions! **I...


USR 346: Becoming Effective Leaders with John Thalheimer

Leadership can be a scary part of the entrepreneurial journey when making the transition from employee to CEO. Being in charge and hiring a team is only a small fraction of what defines great leadership. Certified leadership coach and expert John Thalheimer is sharing how we can take the first steps in becoming a more effective leader. He reminds us that leadership is not a place or destination, but a practice. It is something we have to continue to work on and make time to really master...


USR 345: Bulletproof Your Business For The New Economy

Things change faster than the blink of an eye in the online world - with updates, algorithm changes, new platforms and more keeping us on our toes. Your role as a business owner is to “bulletproof” your business from these changes. Multiple streams of revenue, systems, strong infrastructure, and more are your key to a thriving business throughout changes and trends. Use this episode as your crash course! (1:30) “The people that hear about a change on Facebook and go into a mass panic...


USR 344: Fall In Love With Your Business Again

Getting started on your entrepreneurship journey means not always expecting the bumps and chaos that come along for the ride -- but I want to challenge you to have FUN with the unexpected! Break the rules, do something different, and be open to testing new strategies. Stagnation never equals growth, but having fun with your business will let you fall back in love with it every day. (0:44) “Chances are, when you got started on this crazy journey of building your business you had no...


USR 343: Mindset Reset with Kim Ades

You’ve heard it a million times (and you might roll your eyes at it): MINDSET. What today’s episode will do is encourage you to do is specifically to switch from a tactical mindset to a strategic mindset -- so you can make more, work less, and feel more fulfilled in your work. Kim Ades, Founder and President of the Frame of Mindset Coaching (and author and speaker) shares how by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, we can go from just ‘doing things’ to discovering what...


USR 342: If You Want Them To Engage, Engage

Building a business online can be difficult at times. Especially when you are putting in all the work to write content, serve your audience, and connect with people but get no interaction. It is the bain of almost every entrepreneur who is running an online business. The best way to get engagement is to simply engage with your audience! Yes, it truly is that simple - automation is a thing of the past and simply scheduling posts and videos isn’t going to cut it anymore. Make the first...


USR 341: Resourcefulness Always Wins

Tony Robbins always says it’s never a lack of resources, but a lack of resourcefulNESS when it comes to success, especially in business. Being resourceful when it comes your business is going to be a mental and mindset shift that you will have to achieve in order to reach the next level. We have more free resources in today's business world than ever before. You likely have more assets than you are regularly thinking about each day. After today’s episode, start to look at your list...


USR 340:From Olympic Medalist to Business Leader with Samantha Peszek

It’s all a mental game, whether it’s winning an Olympic medal or creating your own business. That is how Olympic medalist, founder of Beam Queen Boot Camp, and NCAA Champion Samantha Peszek describes not only winning in sport but also in starting her own business. Beam Queen Boot Camp is a two day camp for gymnasts who want to focus on specifically beam work, and you’ll hear Samantha share her entrepreneurial journey and her best strategies for peak performance in all aspects of life...


USR 339: The IMPACT Report Is Back

How do you stay present and grateful in your life? One of my family’s favorite ways is by working together to give back… which is why we release The Impact Report updates on this show. I hope this inspires you to do the same! At the start of 2018, I set the intention to do more and be more with my family, my friends, community and business. I encourage you to do this, too. (1:42) “The hope and goal of these episodes is to inspire you to realize that every moment counts. Every dollar...


Ask Kelly: How Can I Implement Attraction Marketing In My Business?

You asked, Unstoppable Success Radio has answered! In this mini-series, entrepreneur mentor Kelly Roach answers listener-submitted questions about business growth, mindset, and anything else that the Unstoppable Success Army wants to know. You asked, How Can I Implement Attraction Marketing In My Business? To submit your questions for a future episode of Ask Kelly, Tweet @kellyroachint using #askkelly Or email speaking@kellyroachcoaching.com with your questions! **I have...


USR 337: Starting Your Side Hustle with Susie Moore

Many companies start out in this world as side hustles. We know that one idea has the potential to blossom into something amazing - but it’s the step in between that we aren’t often considering. At the beginning, we think about the look, the brand, and making a splash in the industry but really, it’s the ‘unsexy’ things that truly make the business. Life coach, bestselling author and side hustle expert, Susie Moore, is breaking down the basic principles that are truly what will take...


USR 336: 5 Things You Can Do TODAY To Get Healthy While You Work And Without Sacrifice

How many of us have a new year's resolution to get healthy? Probably most people, but honestly the hardest part is finding the time to take action on doing those things to BECOME healthy. We have work, kids, friends, LIFE! It all builds up. So today, I am breaking down 5 things you can literally do while you work to improve your health. They require no intense focus, sacrifice, and these things won’t cut into your family time. However, they will have a huge impact on not only your...


USR 335: Do Less, Make More

The new year is now in full swing, bringing with it a fresh energy and focus -- and big goals to accomplish. While I highly recommend setting goals for yourself, it’s just as easy to overcommit. That is why I am bringing everyone back in and to really emphasize how important it is to go back to the fundamentals in your business. As CEO, we are the ones responsible for the growth and management of our business. It’s time to be ruthless and take charge in cutting the fat and...


Instagram Stories for Profit with Kelsey Chapman

Instagram has been one of the hottest social media platforms recently. How can you use it to its full advantage? What should you post on Instagram stories? Kelsey Chapman is an entrepreneur, blogger, and Instagram expert whose mission is to help more people make a deeper connection with their clients. Kelsey is breaking down how she supports her audience and customers through her Instagram stories. If you’ve had questions about how, why, when, and what to post when it comes to...


USR 332: Work In The Winter So You Can Play In The Summer

“Winter is coming” - Jon Snow, Game of Thrones Temperatures are dropping here in Pennsylvania and trust me when I say I’m not a fan of winter. However, this season is the PERFECT time to buckle down and sprint towards your 2018 goals. The trick to accomplishing many things in a small amount of time is using mini-sprints that reflect the season of your business. Speed up when your buying season is its hottest, then slow down and focus more on things like long term lead generation...


USR 331: From Automation to Conversations to CASH with Christian Mickelsen

What do you think is more likely to close a sale? Automated message or a personal phone call? If you picked B, then you have come to the right place! In today’s episode we are talking to CEO of Christian Mickelsen and Future Force Inc, author, business coach, healer and mentor, Christian Mickelsen. Christian shares that conversations are KING right now. Make the time to get to know who you are selling to. Become the expert that they need to grow their business! (3:05) “If you...


USR 330: The Number One Priority Of Every Entrepreneur In 2018

By a show of hands, who has made their new year's resolutions list? How about for your business? Building your audience should be at the very top. Trends and automation change often, which means you’ve got to create a group of raving fans that you can fall back on regardless of technology shifts. How can you grow an audience of people who know you, like you, trust you, and will buy from you when given the opportunity? Today’s episode will serve as your crash course. (1:46) “The...


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