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Congressman Tim Ryan - Politician and Author of A Mindful Nation Shares Why Mindfulness Matters

Congressman Tim Ryan, Author of A Mindful Nation, shares why mindfulness plays such a big role in his life. He believes that honoring and valuing diversity, and listening to one another, can help us build empathy and find solutions that connect us, rather than divide us. His vision for an America 2.0 is one where our priority is truly taking care of one another.

Duration: 00:28:52

Noah Levine - Leading Buddhist Teacher Shares Addiction and Recovery Story

Noah Levine is an author, Buddhist teacher, founder of Against the Stream and Refuge Recovery centers and is featured on Meditation Studio App. He believes that all individuals have the power and potential to free themselves from the suffering that is caused by addiction. His programs offer an alternative to theistic 12-step programs.

Duration: 00:34:09

Albert Flynn DeSilver - Writing and Meditation as a Path to Awakening

Albert Flynn DeSilver is a poet, meditation teacher and author of the recent book, Writing as a path to Awakening. He shares how his rough childhood led him to writing, poetry and meditation. He believes that writing coupled with a meditation practice can help us unleash our own creativity and that we all have the potential to be great writers.

Duration: 00:28:00

Encore Episode: Parneet Pal - Harvard-trained Physician on Mindfulness and Lifestyle Management

Harvard-trained Physician, Parneet Pal, discusses her efforts to revolutionize healthcare by looking at prevention and "Lifestyle as Medicine." She shares her personal story and why she believes behavior change and mindfulness are our best tools to inspire a healthier mind and body.

Duration: 00:33:19

Chrissy Carter - A Thanksgiving Meditation: What are You Grateful For?

Meditation Studio app Teacher, Chrissy Carter, works her magic again as she shares this Thanksgiving Meditation. When we're stressed, overwhelmed and frenzied, we become disconnected from ourselves. Chrissy asks us to contemplate what we're grateful for and to let this fill us up with joy. We wish you a heart filled with joy and gratitude this holiday season.

Duration: 00:07:39

Tracy Cochran - Beloved MeditationTeacher Shares Insights on Challenges of Holidays, Families & More

Tracy Cochran is a popular meditation teacher and the editorial director of Parabola Magazine. She shares how a mindfulness practice can help us in our crazy, busy everyday lives. She also shares why holidays with families can often trigger us (sending us back to our 12 yr. old selves) and offers some tips on how to handle this as we head into holiday season.

Duration: 00:38:13

Encore Episode: Emily Fletcher - Meditation Transforms Life of Broadway Actress

The talented and creative Emily Fletcher is a former Broadway actress who began suffering from insomnia, anxiety and graying hair at the age of 26. A fellow actress turned her on to meditation and it changed her work and personal life forever. She's now the Founder of Ziva Meditation and devotes her life to teaching meditation to others.

Duration: 00:28:19

Waylon Lewis - Elephant Journal Founder Shares Personal (fun!) Buddhist Journey

Waylon Lewis is the Founder of Elephant Journal, a popular digital publication that focuses on 'the mindful life.' Waylon grew up with Buddhist parents and learned meditation at a young age. He shares his journey as a 'conscious, but messy' human being, entrepreneur, author and talk show host.

Duration: 00:28:36

Encore Episode: Michael Apollo - Expert Shares Insights on Mindfulness, Meditation and Buddhism

Michael Apollo talks about Buddhism, mindfulness at work, and how to get started with your own meditation practice. Michael is an educator at the University of Toronto, and leads the Meditation Studio Meditation Essentials course. His teachings draw from neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Duration: 00:31:16

Penn Harris - Seven yr. old Boy Shares his (adorable) Perspective on Meditation

Penn Harris is the seven yr. old son of Shelby Harris, a psychologist and the flagship sleep meditation teacher on Meditation Studio. Penn shares how he has learned meditation at home and at school and how it helps to quiet both his brain and body.

Duration: 00:10:57

Lynne McTaggart - Award-Winning Journalist Explores the Power of Intention to Heal Others

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist, science writer and bestselling author of several books on the power of intention. Her recent book, The Power of Eight, suggests interesting results when small groups of people gather to focus on a shared intention to heal others. She shares how she overcame her own skepticism.

Duration: 00:29:43

Vanessa Potter - Mysterious Illness Leads to Life and Work Transformation

Vanessa Potter is the author of Patient H69, the Story of My Second Sight. She was a talented television producer until an illness caused her to suddenly become blind and paralyzed. She shares her recovery story and how the experience transformed her life. Meditation and brain science are central themes to her incredible story.

Duration: 00:28:59

Rachel Cook - Meditation Retreat Changes this Entrepreneur's Life

Rachel Cook is a former stock trader turned CEO of Seeds, a social impact tech company that provides tools that allow companies to donate a portion of every in-app purchase to microloans for those in need around the world. She shares how her first vipassana meditation retreat was life-changing for her and how her practice continues to inspire her.

Duration: 00:25:38

Encore Episode: Stephen Batchelor - Intriguing Insights from a Skeptical Buddhist

Stephen Batchelor is a contemporary Buddhist teacher and author, best known for his agnostic and controversial approach to Buddhism. He's known as a skeptical Buddhist who questions the strict dogmas and beliefs of Buddhism while exploring and engaging in what's truly distinctive in the teachings. His insights are illuminating.

Duration: 00:29:12

Tina Staley - Kindness Has the Power to Heal and to Help Overcome Negative Thoughts

Tina Staley is a Social Worker, Author and Founder of the Kindness Action Network. Her Kindness In Action 12-step tool is designed to inspire positive change. She works with individuals, corporations, healthcare organizations, cancer patients, veterans and many others. Turns out kindness really does have the power to heal.

Duration: 00:27:53

Dani Shapiro - Best-Selling Memoirist Shares How Meditation Helps Us Uncover Stories In Our Lives

Dani Shapiro is a bestselling Memoirist of books like Slow Motion, Devotion and her newest book, Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage. She explores how we make meaning of what happens in our lives and how we shape our experiences into story. Meditation is a part of her everyday ritual to stay grounded and to tap into her inner landscape.

Duration: 00:32:39

Dr. Shelby Harris - Your Sleep And Insomnia Questions Answered

Dr. Shelby Harris is a psychologist, behavioral sleep medicine expert and flagship sleep meditation teacher on Meditation Studio. This episode is for anyone who struggles with falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night. She shares valuable advice for getting a better night sleep, plus great tips and tools for eliminating insomnia for good.

Duration: 00:28:21

Susan Piver - Encore Episode: How Meditation Helped This Buddhist Teacher with Depression and More

Susan Piver is a Meditation Teacher, Founder of the Open Heart Project and New York Times bestselling author of eight books, including the award-winning How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life, and The Wisdom of a Broken Heart. She shares her personal story and how meditation helps with fearlessness, creativity and joy.

Duration: 00:29:49

Alonzo King - Brilliant Choreographer Shares How Meditation Fuels Creativity, Intuition and Joy

Renowned Choreographer, Alonzo King, shares how finding stillness is key to fueling our creativity and intuition, cultivating the relationship we have with ourselves and tapping into our natural state of joy. He finds stillness and his own inner voice through yoga and meditation. He inspires his dancers to use heart and mind, in addition to the body

Duration: 00:35:22

Elisha Goldstein - Encore Presentation: Top Meditation Questions Answered by Leading Expert

Elisha Goldstein is a flagship instructor on Meditation Studio, Psychologist, Best-Selling Author and Co-founder of the Center for Mindful Living in LA. In this interview, he answers top questions and discusses his groundbreaking online course, A Course In Mindful Living. He shares why mentors and community can be the keys to sustaining a practice.

Duration: 00:23:56

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