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Summer Podcast 1 (Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley, Dead of Summer and Emmy Talk)

We're back! The return of the Untempered Television podcast in all its glory. We're excited to set aside some time to talk some TV this summer. We'll see where it goes beyond that. If you like what you hear, please rate and review the show on iTunes, please pass the link along and spread the word. Here's this week's rundown: 3:00-10:30 Silicon Valley 10:30-19:15 Veep 19:15-61:15 Game of Thrones 61:15-70:15 Dead of Summer 70:15-85:00 Dream Emmy Ballots

Duration: 00:39:52

S03E03: Fargo, The Affair, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Flash and Arrow

This week's rundown: 0:00-7:00 Gilmore Girls Revival/Miscellaneous 7:00-19:45 Fargo 19:45-32:00 The Affair 32:00-44:15 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 44:15-56:30 The Flash 56:30-71:00 Arrow Rate and review us on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/podcast/untempered-television/id797892835?mt=2

Duration: 01:11:18

S03E01: Gotham, The Muppets, Limitless, Scream Queens, Empire, How To Get Away With Murder

New TV season giving us plenty to talk about. This week, we discuss three new series and three returning shows. If you like what you hear, share a link on FB/Twitter and rate/review us on iTunes. This Week's Rundown: 2:00-13:00 Gotham 13:00-22:00 The Muppets 22:00-33:00 Limitless 33:00-43:30 Scream Queens 43:30-54:00 Empire 54:00-67:00 How To Get Away With Murder

Duration: 01:08:13