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Up and to the Right | 2017 Episode 04 | Three Kinds of Work

http://b50p.com/2017e04 How do you measure the importance of the work that you do in your small business? Sometimes I value the work I do by its impact on revenue; sometimes I value it based on how much I am interested in that particular activity and sometimes I value an activity by how long it can occupy me before I have to do something I've been avoiding. Over the years I have been found that the work that we do can be described by one of three categories. In this episode I share this...


Up and to the Right | 2017 Episode 03 | Operating Profit Drives Expense

Get the show notes: https://b50p.com/2017e03 One of the most common reasons for small business failure is problems with cash flow (not having the cash you need to operate your business when you need it). Looking at this another way... by learning when to incur expenses you can turn this risk for other small businesses into an asset for your own. The secret sauce: operating profit drives expense The world of marketing would love for us to continue believe differently but we're not...


Up and to the Right | 2017 Episode 02 | Hiring for Small Business

//b50p.com/2017e02 Hiring can be rewarding when you've found just the right person with the right skills and experience that will fit perfectly into the culture of your business. It's a big commitment though... for both of you. As a business owner, there are a few strategies you can use that will increase the chances that your hiring process will go as smoothly as possible. In Episode 02 for 2017 I'll share my three question test for every hire along with an evaluation of cost. Front...


Up and to the Right | 2017 Episode 01 | Outsourcing for Small Business

It's true. We all need help. Whether it's seasonal sales cycles, end of year accounting or a full time staff position... there's always more to do that hours in the day. How do you decide what help you need, how to prioritize getting it and finally who you gonna call? In this episode our focus will be on outsourcing work without adding a permanent position at your company. In Episode 01 for 2017 we look at each of these questions. There's a worksheet you can download at b50p.com/2017e01...


Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 51 | What's in an Email Domain?

Still using @gmail, @aol, @yahoo or another generic email for your small business? Does it matter? In the 2016 Week 51 episode of Up and to the Right we're going to go over why using this seemingly economic choice for small business owners may actually be costing you more than you think. We'll also talk about how easy and inexpensive it is to get up and running with your own custom email address that will put a professional touch to the emails you send to customers, prospects and...


Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 50 | The Secret Life of Ratios

What are Financial Ratios? Can they be used to run a small business or are they only for big companies and stock traders? In the 2016 Week 50 episode of Up and to the Right we'll learn the Secret Life of Ratios and how they can be used to operate and improve your small business. The tool this week is a ratio analysis calculator. All you have to do is download it from beyond50percent.com/2016w50 and enter 12 values from your own financial statements. Ratio analysis just got easy! In the...


Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 49 | Statements of Cash Flow

Cash is king as they say and the Statement of Cash Flows is a key report that bridges the gap between the Balance Sheet and the Income statement. In this episode of Up and to the Right I'll discuss how to get the most out of the Statement of Cash Flows without investing hours of time or going to night school to understand the accounting behind it. I've provided some examples of both the entries on this report and the calculations used to arrive at the numbers. The point; however, is to...


Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 48 | Effortless Income Statements

So much for reducing the time huh? I am committed to getting these down to bite size pieces! Alright, I underestimated how much I had to cover when it comes to the Income Statement. Yeah... this episode is long... but the truth is that this is an important and probably the most widely talked about (if misunderstood) report of the three standard reports. What is an Income Statement? The income statement is, as its name suggests, a report that focuses on the sales (income) we receive from...


Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 47 | Balance Sheet Basics

How often do you review the three standard accounting reports for your business. Accounting gets a bad rap but the reports that they generate are the first place to go to find measured results that you can use to improve your business. The Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows can be a wealth of information and a great place to start looking for ways to improve as well as a great mechanism to monitor the results of changes you make. Why should you review your Balance...


Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 46 | Working Across Platforms

Are you a Windows or Mac? Are you iOS or Android? When it comes to finding solutions to getting work done, more and more these questions are becoming less relevant. What does it mean when an application or software package claims to be cross-platform? Why does it matter to your business? What does "cross platform" mean? We'll go over what it means that an application is "cross platform" or available not only for use on more than one operating system (Windows or Mac for example), but...


Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 45 | Backups on a Budget

Have you ever lost valuable data on because of a hard drive failure? Lost a USB drive? Just accidentally deleted a file that you really needed? Data loss happens! It's actually easy to put together a working backup system that will give you good data protection and the piece of mind that goes along with it. The great news is that it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated and you probably already own most, if not all, of the equipment that you need. Why backup? Aside from simply...


Up and to the Right - 2016 Week 44 | Be a Choosey Tool User

Tools are in important part of developing, producing and distributing our products, and in the operation of our businesses and in personal lives. Finding the best tool for your business may be less simple that a quick google search. A bit of introspection and answering a few specific questions can put you on the road to choosing tools that are well suited to achieving the results improvements that you're expecting. Change Costs Tips for Tool Choosers Questions to Consider So that's...


Up and to the Right - 2016 Week 43 | Re-Introducing Up and to the Right

Well, I tried something out that didn't work very well. I originally thought it would be helpful for Up and to the Right to support a month long 'mini course' for small business owners. As it turns out it was not as helpful as I'd hoped and difficult to produce so I'm switching things up. So... Re-Introducing... Up and to the Right, the no nonsense podcast bringing you the Art and Science of Business. This is where we cover things that matter to small business owners, startups and people...


Up and to the Right - Podcast 2 - March 2016

You've listened to the first two episodes and you've done a little homework of your own and now it's time to catch up with how things went for me as I went through the same exercises that you did. My own notes for this project are here! Increasing Value Yeah... I changed the focus here a little bit. While increasing revenue is important (and what I originally wrote) it's more important to consider increasing value to your business not just the number of sales or the total revenue...


Introducing the Up and to the Right Podcast

Introducing Up and to the Right. The project based podcast designed to work with you to make manageable improvements to your small business. In this introductory episode we'll talk about the format for the show and the Up and to the Right project system and connect you with the resources from Beyond 50 Percent here at beyond50percent.com .