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Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.

Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.
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Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.




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Seg. 1: Changing How We Use Social Media. Seg. 2: New Kansas City Fire Chief Is Department Veteran.

Segment 1: How has our relationship with social media has changed over time? In light of a report that data was harvested from 50 million unknowing Facebook users , many are rethinking their relationships with social media. Today, we explored the changing public perception of online social networks. Ethan Kross , professor of psychology, University of Michigan Segment 2 beginning at 21:37: New Kansas City, Missouri, fire chief shares his vision for the department. Last week, the Kansas City...


Seg. 1: Living 'Unafraid.' Seg. 2: Kansas City Council Perspectives On Issues East Of Troost.

Segment 1: In the face of uncertainty, fear is not your friend. The leader of the largest United Methodist congregation in the country says Americans live in fear. Fear of crime and terrorism. Fear of losing our jobs or having enough money to retire. Fear of missing out on all the fun stuff everybody else seems to be doing on Facebook. We spoke to the minister about when fear reaches unhealthy proportions, and what to do about it. Rev. Adam Hamilton, senior pastor, United Methodist Church of...


Seg. 1: A Unique Response To Kansas City Food Deserts. Seg. 2: Where You Live Affects Longevity.

Segment 1: Non-profit connects underserved Kansas City neighborhoods to fresh produce. Food deserts are a big problem for many communities in the metro, but the remedy isn't always to build big grocery stores. Today, we talked with the founder of Kanbe's Markets to learn about his unique approach to connecting communities with fresh, healthy food. Max Kaniger, executive director, Kanbe's Markets D'Vonta Richard, owner, The Cakery and Bread House KC Segment 2, beginning at 22:28: County...


Seg. 1: Toxic Stress And Children's Health. Seg. 2: What Makes A Good Quote Quotable.

Segment 1: How trauma and abuse in childhood can mean a lifetime of illness. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris had already established herself as a provider of care to vulnerable children when she met a patient named Diego, but the boy changed her way of thinking about the effects of toxic stress. We spoke with the doctor about Diego's story, and about the connections between childhood trauma and lifelong illness. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris , author of " The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of...


Commentary: For Royals, Rebuilding Begins At Spring Training

Commentator Victor Wishna attended his first Royals game as a toddler, and he was there in person to witness the final out of game seven of the World Series. But he'd never journeyed to where it all begins: spring training. That changed this week. Victor reports back from Surprise, Arizona, with this travelogue edition of 'A Fan's Notes.' If, like me, you’ve never been to spring training, it’s quite a trip. From the moment we arrive at the airport, the vibe is everywhere. It’s like walking...


Seg. 1: Missouri Rep. Basye Wants Term Limits In Congress. Seg 2: Regnier Says More Growth Is Key.

Segment 1: Missouri call for convention of states to amend U.S. Constitution for term limits working its way through legislature. While Missouri state lawmakers can't be re-elected indefinitely, those elected to serve at the national level don't have such limits, and sometimes hold a seat for decades. Today, we talked about what it would take to get this changed in Washington. Missouri state Rep. Chuck Bayse (R-Rocheport) Peverill Squire , political science professor, University of Missouri...


Seg. 1 Opera's Joyce DiDonato On The Power of Music. Seg. 2: FBI Probes NCAA Hoops.

Segment 1: Prairie Village's mezzo-soprano presents music of Berlioz and Bernstein with Kansas City Symphony. Joyce DiDonato has performed on famed stages from Beijing to Barcelona. Today, we sat down with the Prairie Village native to talk about bringing her " War & Peace " tour to Moscow, working with prisoners at Sing Sing and her upcoming performance series at Kauffman Center. Joyce DiDonato , mezzo-soprano 'A Century of Bernstein: Joyce DiDonato Sings Bernstein and Berlioz,' with the...


Seg. 1: Frat Life On Hold At KU And MU Campuses. Seg. 2: Kansas LGBT State Workers At Risk.

Segment 1: Accusations and investigations result in new rounds of discipline at both universities. After allegations of hazing and sexual assault, 24 of the 28 fraternities at the University of Kansas and all 29 at the University of Missouri - Columbia have temporarily suspended a number of activities. Today, we asked what led to these decisions and whether it is indicative of a attitude change in fraternity culture nationwide. Sara Shepherd , reporter, Lawrence Journal-World Sarah Brown ,...


Seg. 1: How Women Have Shaped U.S. Military Seg. 2: Kansas City Manager Juggles Projects

Segment 1: Why female voices are often overlooked by military history Women make up approximately 15% of the military population , but they still face obstacles different from their male counterparts. We look at the history of women in the military including the challenges American female service members have faced in recent years. Janet Valentine, assistant professor of military history at U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Segment 2 beginning at 19:37: Kansas City's chief...


What Happens When Teens 'Pick Up The Reins And Protest'

Student activists have taken the lead on conversations about gun control after last month's school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Their calls to action have spurred youth demonstrations across the country, including here in Kansas City. How are teenagers organizing so effectively, and what should parents know about their own kids' interest in social activism? Today, we get answers from family psychologist Wes Crenshaw, and three area high school students. Wes Crenshaw , family psychologist...


Seg. 1: Detailing Missouri Gov. Greitens' Woes. Seg 2: The Technology Of Identifying 911Calls.

Segment 1: Reporters sort through multiple issues threatening governor's hold on office. Between a felony indictment, a closed-door House committee investigation and talk of dark money, there is lots to keep up with when it comes to Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. We sorted out details of the controversies swirling around the state's highest office-holder and what it could mean down the road for Missouri politics. Brian Ellison , host of KCUR's Statehouse Blend Missouri podcast Brian...


Seg. 1: Retro Jazz Band Plays To Build Community. Seg. 2: Misperceptions About Young Women & Health.

Segment 1: High-energy ensemble re-imagines jazz music for a younger generation. The combination of french fries and Champagne, casual and sophisticated, is an accurate representation of The Hot Sardines' lively music. (It's also the title of their latest album .) Today, we talked with members of the group about their younger audiences, their resident tap dancer and how they fill old tunes with new energy. Evan Palazzo, bandleader, The Hot Sardines Elizabeth Bougeral , lead singer, The Hot...


Seg. 1: More Responsibility, More Money For Edgerton Mayor. Seg. 2: Changes To Missouri Expungement.

Seg. 1: With an international shipping center up and running, the Edgerton mayor's job has gotten a lot more demanding. Pay raises are typically measured in percentage points, but compensation for the mayor of Edgerton, Kansas, was recently increased by nearly $89,000 per year — a bump of about 8,900 percent. Today, he told us why he and the city council, which approved the pay raise unanimously, think it's warranted. We also got an idea of the massive changes the Logistics Park...


Seg. 1: When Public Art Is Problematic. Seg. 2: Cleaning Up The Corner Gas Station.

Segment 1: Monuments, memorials and public art displays require accountability, years after installation. The furor over Confederate statues and monuments in 2017 was just the latest in the history of our reckoning with public art. From the pulling down of a statue of King George III in 1776 to recent examples in Kansas City, Missouri , and Overland Park, Kansas , we learned why some of these pieces become "out of sync" with present day values and ideals. Erika Doss , professor of American...


Seg. 1: How Unrealistic Expectations Stress Families Out. Seg. 2: Kansas City Development News.

Segment 1: How the pressure to be a "perfect" parent can debilitate and damage families. There's a lot of pressure on parents these days to do whatever they can to create a perfect childhood for their kids, but these expectations can do more harm than good. Today, we explored " Mommy Burnout ," and found out how it can impact kids, families and mothers. Sheryl Ziegler , doctor of psychology and author of " Mommy Burnout " Segment 2, beginning at 23:19: The latest development projects...


Seg. 1: Kansas Responds To Fatal 'Swatting.' Seg. 2: Connecting Young Women To Activism.

Segment 1: Overland Park police uncover hoax call in time, Kansas lawmaker sponsors anti-swatting legislation. Two dramatic 'swatting' calls have occurred in separate Kansas communities. In Overland Park, police responded to one such hoax in January, and in Wichita, a man was shot and killed by police who received a 'spoofed' call just before the New Year. Today, we learn what 'swatting' is, how law enforcement is reacting and what legislators are doing to crack down. Kansas state Rep. Patty...


Ethics Professors On Immigration Policy, Personal Privacy, And Recognizing Suicide Victims

When it comes to immigration enforcement in this country, a person's fate can be a little "luck of the draw." Is it fair to send away some people who have been living here for years, while letting others stay? Today, Up To Date 's Ethics Professors gives us their take on that and two other tough and timely questions. With an investigation swirling around Missouri's governor, how important is it to honor the anonymity request of an involved, but private, citizen? And, school districts...


Seg. 1: Discrimination And 'The American Dream.' Seg. 2: Is Deval Patrick Democrats' Next Big Hope?

Segment 1 : Former Kansas City mayoral candidate recalls facing racial and sex discrimination. From her youth in rural Mississippi to growing up through the civil rights movement, to her eventual career in executive leadership, Janice Ellis spoke of her experiences navigating the political, corporate, and non-profit sectors as a black person, and as a woman. Janice Ellis, author of " From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream " Segment 2 beginning at 13:24: Former...


Seg. 1: How Literature Led To A 'Written World.' Seg. 2: Humanity's Destiny On Mars And Beyond.

Segment 1: How 4,000 years of writing shaped history, people and civilization. From the "Epic of Gilgamesh" and the clay tablets it was written on in 2000 B.C. to the downloadable content of today, literature and the writing technologies that go along with it have allowed humans to make sense of the world, says Martin Puchner, general editor of " The Norton Anthology of World Literature ." Today, he explained how written stories are the foundation of our modern world. Martin Puchner,...


Seg. 1: Ranking American Presidents. Seg. 2: FBI Investigates Collegiate Basketball

Segment 1: How the U.S. presidents stack up against each other. With a membership of just 45, it's an elite club. But how does this selective group of Americans compare to each other? C-Span's 2017 Presidential Historians Survey tackled that subject for us, and one of the survey's experts told us why our former commanders-in-chief rank where they do. Richard Norton Smith , presidential historian and former director of the Dole Institute of Politics The Dole Institute's 2018 Presidential...


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