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Episode 32 – An Interview with Robert Rodgers

Robert Rodgers is a refreshing and even courageous voice on the Internet to get the word out that there are many possible interventions for people with PD other than just traditional Western allopathic medicine. He deserves our thanks and recognition for helping us all to find our individual paths with PD.

Duration: 00:23:21

Episode 31 – Meet Rich, an exceptional Parkinson’s Person

Another case of an individual who decided against taking medication. He is doing well and may never need it. Only time will tell, but he is on the medication-free path.

Duration: 00:14:36

Episode 30 – Meditation and Parkinson's

I have posted my version of Simplified Meditation training on my website. You might want to give it a try.

Duration: 00:09:33

Episode 29 – She has reversed many PD symptoms. Now she’s doing better and bette

Billie Pawlikowskicomes from a family with several cousins who have PD and several have died of it. While her particular PD manifests in an atypical way, there is no denying that she is better; much better. A former teacher and registered nurse, she illustrates the power of the mind in changing course.

Duration: 00:22:42

Episode 28 – Beliefs of the medical establishment later proven to be wrong

Drawing on examples from my fifty years in medicine I tell the story of how beliefs are held to be unshakable truths. But then something comes along to shatter those beliefs and turn things on their heads. I propose that by taking my non-medication approach to PD to Uganda I might demonstrate that medications may not be as indispensable as currently believed.

Duration: 00:17:07

Episode 27 – Two conversations with John Pepper

This is a bit disjointed. I put together two conversations I had with John Pepper. I wasn’t the best organized, so the recording is a bit disjointed. My apologies. But the content was important. I hope you get the take home concepts despite a choppy recording.

Duration: 00:13:41

Updates and more

I clarify three medications I mentioned in the past. If fatigue and tiredness plague you, ask your MD about Dextroamphetamine. If your sleep is dosorder and not restful, ask your MD about Trazodone. If you want to participate in an unusual trial, go to clinicrowd.com and sign up to try mannitol for a year. In the second half of the recordiing I announce my plans to bring my wholistic medical attitudes to the country of Uganda.

Duration: 00:10:33

Episode 25 - Diminsihing Panic Attacks

This is a whimsical, meditative experience that will subtly change your response from fear to amusement when the thought of a panic attack come to consciousness.

Duration: 00:18:32

Episode 24 – Interview with naturopath Dr. John Coleman

Many PwPs have found significant benefit in various complementary and alternative medical approaches. Their stories and thoughts should not be dismissed or ignored.

Duration: 00:18:30

Episode 23 – Google my name

I tell my personal story how one event has nearly ruined my life. And why I will move ahead to help other with PD.

Duration: 00:09:18

Intensity: Exercise and focus

A detailed examination of mindful conscious walking. The absolute importance of intensity in the bodymind.

Duration: 00:18:50

Episode 21 – Important Announcement

I have decided that within the next two months I will make myself available to anyone with PD or family or friends for consultations anywhere in the world AT NO CHARGE. My life’s work is clear: I will dedicate myself to helping as many people as I can to learn how to manage PD so they might never need medications.

Duration: 00:05:39

Episode 20 – Mannitol

A research group in Israel called CLINICROWD has created a project to answer the question. Mannitol is a naturally occurring form of sugar. The FDA classifies it as a food not a drug. People from all over the world are participating. You’ll get all the details when you listen to this podcast.

Duration: 00:11:32

Episode 19 – Regaining Self-Confidence

As I spend more time with clients and interviewing those people who are doing unusually well with their PD, I find my thinking evolving. This coming summer I will devote to writing a book that will inform and encourage PwPs to act and reverse some symptoms of their disease. I am finding that I am entering an uncomfortable place where I disagree more and more with the traditional allopathic approach to PD.

Duration: 00:14:42

Episode 18 – A brief discussion of medications and PD

Current medications for PD still leave a lot to be desired. Alternative medicine has a place if you are careful and don’t try too many things at one time. The last half is a discussion of two medications; one that assists restful sleep and the other to help overcome low energy and apathy.

Duration: 00:14:21

Episode 17 – More good chatting with John Pepper

Our fundamental message remains the same: You don’t have to let PD have its way with you. You can resist and consciously change reverse your symptoms and change your course.

Duration: 00:18:00

Episode 14 – Interview #2 Colin Potter

Focus on nutrition and toxins. Colin describes his literature research and more about his experience with PD.

Duration: 00:14:29

Episode 16 – Never Give In

Advice for those who might be tempted to simply let PD have its way. (Sort of humorous and serious at the same time.)

Duration: 00:10:29

Interview with John Pepper, author of "Reverse Parkinson's Disease"

This interview was done via Skype on February 16, 2017 since John lives near Cape Town, South Africa. Another interview will follow soon.

Duration: 00:18:48

Episode 13 – Interview #1 with Colin Potter

This is the first of several interviews with Colin. He hails from the south of England. Visit his website at http://www.fight-parkinsons.org/

Duration: 00:15:13

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