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Some 'Angst', a quick 'Poke', and a memory from me!

Hi again, another composite podcast from Urban Tiger. This time up we have Paul Middleton and his Angst Band, a blast from the past from 'Poke' and one from even further back from me

Duration: 00:17:27

Kelham Island Discs No. 2. An Interview with Andy Whitehouse, songwriter, performer and composer

No. 2, An interview with the fabulous Andy Whitehouse, is a welcome addition to my 'Kelham Island Discs' podcasts. For those who don't know, Kelham Island was once at the industrial Heart of Sheffield. The steel production and casting took place down the East End where Hitler failed to bomb them, preferring our town centre instead. I don't know why he did that, the pubs weren't that bad... But the Kelham Island area was the Heart of the engineering section, where the raw steel was actually...

Duration: 00:39:39

Geoff Cutters Rode a Lightning plus a Blood Brothers reprise

Well, here’s me playing catch-up with Welsh Geoff among other things and including ‘My Camera’ and ‘Lafayette’s Dog’, two tracks from a recently re-discovered 1997 CD by ‘The Blood Brothers’, Allan Wilkinson and John Crisp, two lovely lads from Doncaster who soundly beat me in a songwriting competition back in around 1996. You won’t hear their tracks anywhere else but here now. I’m reliably informed that they don’t play these days. That’s a real shame… but if anyone knows where they are…...

Duration: 00:13:45

A Song for Norman

A darkly comedic, very tongue in cheek fantasy about Connie Williams, Musician Extraordinaire, Legend in his Own Lunchtime with the least faithful wife a man could wish for. In search of some muse to bolster his own ego, Connie finds something that will strip away all of ours... Inspired by a picture of a church organ bearing a vast array of 'Stops' with names that sounded like a Wagnerian Fantasy, I tried to fit as many into the story as I could. In the end, I achieved something like...

Duration: 00:18:52

'Kelham Island Discs' An Interview with Welsh Geoff

This is the first of my 'Kelham Island Discs' series where I interview local musicians, poets and writers who specialise in performing their own works. Today's podcast is an interview with Welsh Geoff, a well known and greatly enjoyed performer on the Sheffield Folk Scene. His songs are often quirky, but uniquely Welsh (as you might expect) and if you want to hear more or buy a CD please contact Geoff directly on www.welshgeoff.co.uk Listen & Enjoy

Duration: 00:25:12

Just Dessert

This... is a culinary tour through the Heart, Hopes, Dreams and Wishes of a lonely middle-aged Chef. Is it this time? Does she by now have the right ingredients?

Duration: 00:11:27

The Last Resort

Hi again. This is a composite podcast composed of a brief travelogue and quirky guide to Gdansk in Poland, a short story by the title of Obtuse and a song from Roy Blackman. These elements all have a connection, see if you can spot what it is... I call the picture 'The Face of Wonder'. It is another of those lovely pictures you never set out to take...

Duration: 00:23:17

A Twist of Glass

This weeks Podcast is a sensitive Short Story titled ‘A Twist of Glass’, from my collection, Firelight on Dark Water… Tales of the Warm and Wonderful. I didn’t think too much about this story after I had written it. In fact, it hid amongst the dross on my computer for years before I took it out and read it again. Then it made me cry. (No, it’s not that bad, I’m just a soppy old sod.) It’s a story about all the daftness that surrounds young love… the myths that we grow up with from the...

Duration: 00:15:14

Tick Tock said The Penguin

‘Tick Tock, said The Penguin’ represents a moment of great sadness… not mine, but that of others, and yet despite that I could not fail to be touched in a way that has stayed with me all my life. Strangely, what touched me was not a presence, but a hollowness, an absence, a place waiting to be filled between two young and brightly expectant lives, two people who lived up to their moment in time in a happily moving, unashamed manner. But Life is a wheel. And wheels turn….

Duration: 00:08:41

Roy Blackman, Man of Memories

Hi. This weeks Podcast includes three highly entertaining songs and poems from Roy Blackman, Rotherham's own Man of Memory. Roy can remember the dates, times, teams members and score of any Cup Final you choose to name, among many other things, but has been known to forget where he last put down his sandwich... Those who know him love him dearly. I hope this short compilation demonstrates why.

Duration: 00:05:58

Martin Bragger Live at the Harlequin

With his work recorded by the likes of Tony Christie and Richard Hawley, Martin Bragger unaccountably remains one of the world's best as yet undiscovered singer/songwriters. His lyrics are pure poetry, straight from the heart of everyone. His touch is so light yet so deep you begin to think that these are YOUR songs, not his...

Duration: 00:36:34


Hi. This weeks Podcast is 'Fishing', where I query a perennial problem related to those who persist in 'worm-drowning' or 'water-thrashing' as a hobby.... Just who is catching who...?

Duration: 00:11:29

The Rocket Home

Included in 'The Train' CD, this is a short memoir of the week my life changed forever, not necessarily for better. Pivotal moments in your life aren't always your fault, they just seem like it when you are young. However they occur, it's the way you embrace them that counts...

Duration: 00:13:11

Tiger Moth

How old is too old to ride a motorbike? And are the best riders always who you think they are... or even who THEY think they are...

Duration: 00:10:29

Amarpal Harrar, 'The Curry Tourist'. Black Dhall

Memories of childhood in the Punjab centred around the family cooking of Black Dhall. Visit here to see Amarpal in action : https://youtu.be/uS8rEpSFJZE and set your tastebuds tingling! Visit www.icookindian.co.uk for more free recipes etc.

Duration: 00:12:40

The Comer

Bill Allerton reading 'The Comer', from his CD 'The Train' published by Cybermouse MultiMedia Ltd.

Duration: 00:07:40