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Episode 5 - All About the Money

Utopia Dispatch talks cash with Fran Boait, Executive Director of Positive Money. She tells us how money is more complex than coins and paper, and that changing the way money is created could radically alter our economy and society.

Duration: 00:39:27

Episode 4 - It's All Quite Complicated

The team is back! After a summer hiatus, Utopia Dispatch shakes down the magic money tree after hearing a live dispatch from July's anti-austerity march in London. We also decide whether we would rather live in a world ruled by a dog or genetically enhanced human overlords.

Duration: 01:01:36

Epsiode 3 - Democracy 2.0

Utopia Dispatch dives into democracy, and looks at how it could be radically changed. We interview James Smith who shows us how technology could be used to provide new ways to participate in politics and government, and we test our skills in an epic head-to-head high school grade quiz on the defining points of democracy itself.

Duration: 00:54:24

Episode 2 - Universal Basic Income

In the second episode of Utopia Dispatch we look at our first potentially world-changing idea - universal basic income. It has been hailed as a possible means to reduce poverty, inequality, and increase freedom, but is it as utopian as it seems? We make an attempt to grasp both the mind-bogglingly far-reaching positive and negative impacts for a society with universal basic income.

Duration: 00:53:38

Episode 1 - Utopia or Dispatch

In the first episode of Utopia Dispatch we take a lighthearted tour of Thomas More's "Utopia", the book that coined the term 500 years ago. We see how the ideas hold up today and how it might set the direction for our search for the perfect world. We also bring you some good news, with The Best, The Best, and The Bestest.

Duration: 00:46:48