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AJ & McCall 03/23/18

So in one last meeting to tie up the details for the birthday party we realized we didn't account for singing. Do you like to be sung to at your birthday? AJ hates it and McCall loves it. Speaking of events with cakes, AJ & McCall get asked all the time when they're getting married so we're gonna play a game. If you had to get married where you first met your significant other, would you? And where was it? Another question AJ & McCall get asked a lot is how far do they commute to the...

AJ & McCall 03/22/18

Yesterday AJ & McCall, and the rest of the building, had to sit through a health insurance meeting and it was enthralling. With it being the middle of tax season what's the worse adult responsibility you have to take care of; picking health insurance of filling taxes? We had a new guy start who will be called Adam from this point forward, and we want to know how you welcome the new people to your job? Of course we aren't talking about hazing, just traditions for the new employees in the...

AJ & McCall 03/21/18

Wednesday is Word of the Week Wednesday #WoWW and that means AJ & McCall add two new words to the #VFX dictionary. Can you use puncer (the mild annoyance of people not getting the hint) or sultine (that case of nervousness that comes with sending a risky message) in conversation? Yesterday it was pickle slushies and ketchup cake and today it's bacon and egg shampoo and conditioner. All of these seem unnecessary, so what smells do we actually need? What would you like to have your hair smell...

AJ & McCall 03/20/18

Bruce Wayne ate burritos for 500 days straight! A man in Ohio set a new record by eating at Chipotle for 500 straight days and that is #FeelGoodTuesday. How many times could you eat at the same restaurant, even ordering different things, before you were tired of it? There's a new slushie and cake out...but you aren't going to like it. Sonic is introducing a sweet pickle slushie this summer, and if you haven't seen it there's a video of a ketchup cake with mustard icing going around. AJ &...

AJ & McCall 03/19/18

It's finally our birthday week! Leading up to it we have a whole week's worth of events and that starts today with AJ & McCall at Macey's 3-5p with a food drive. VFX has been part of the community for 20 years and we're starting the whole party week by saying thanks and giving back. A question that comes up quite often for both AJ & McCall is that of the proposal. When are you getting married? Well if the new engagement trend catches on, never! Would you ever have a diamond pierced in to...

AJ & McCall Drop The Mic: AJ & McCall

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on AJ & McCall. Drop the Mic has seen a lot of episodes about AJ & McCall and their goals, careers and relationships, but what about the AJ & McCall show? They enlist Producer Butterz to tell the tale that he has seen as we approach 10 months of AJ & McCall together as a morning show team. Who got the owner's attention for a rough first day? Who didn't get to eat lunch their first day because they were rushed out? Lots of stories from the early days of AJ & McCall...


AJ & McCall 03/16/18

Yesterday we found out that a bunch of people have their summer vacations already planned, which is crazy, but what about those summer shows? What would you give up to get to your dream concert? Would you give up your car? A favorite food? And who would you go see? A lady 'threw away' over $100,000 in jewelry, though it sounds more and more like a botched burglary, but we're glad we didn't do that. What have you accidentally thrown away? McCall swears she needs a machete and that she would...

AJ & McCall 03/15/18

We're back to snow and cold weather after getting just a taste of spring. Apparently, and who can fault them with the snow, but a lot of people have their summer vacations already planned and taken care of. If you could anywhere for your summer vacation where would it be? We all know McCall is the queen of passive aggressive notes, but just how far would you go to get people out of your house? What do you do to get rid of unwanted household guests? There's a woman who makes ice cubes out of...

AJ & McCall 03/14/18

Wanting to prove they can make up better words than that dumb Australian Dictionary that picked milkshake duck as the Word of the Wear for 2017, it's Word of the Week Wednesday #WoWW! Can you use Howeventally (a classic case of a canker sore on your tongue you keep accidentally biting) or Dazzleanses (whenever you do something dumb, like stumble, and act like you meant to do it) in a sentence? As you're getting ready for your cereal today, what order do you pour it in? Is it milk or cereal...

AJ & McCall 03/13/18

What are you feeling good about, what has you excited? It's #FeelGoodTuesday and today's awesome story comes from Germany where a factory donated a bunch of overtime hours to send a coworker home to take care of his sick kid. Faith in humanity restored! What nice things have you done for your coworker because when AJ got everyone Christmas presents, McCall included, it was meant with 'Now I have to get you something jerk!' McCall has never picked a bracket before so we're going to help her...

AJ & McCall 03/12/18

How’s everyone dealing with Daylight Saving Time? AJ is doing meh, but McCall is dying and hates that the sun is up when she goes to bed. McCall is remodeling her house and trying to put new stuff in but has to be wary of her fur babies, and AJ has friends that are getting …

AJ & McCall Drop The Mic: Moving

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on moving. Both AJ & McCall have made big moves in their lives that they consider key to where they're at right now and the success they've had. One of the first Drop the Mic podcasts was on Taking Risks and this sort of a sequel. One of them even had a move 'blow it up' in their faces and still considered it an extremely memorable experience that was positive. Why do AJ & McCall think you should move and take those risks? Is their fluidity something common among...


AJ & McCall 03/09/18

AJ & McCall are granting wishes, but you're probably not gonna like it. We're playing Genie and granting your wish, but with a caveat that may make you pass on your wish. Did you see Nickelodeon is bring back Blue's Clues?! AND they're having auditions for a new host, which AJ & McCall both think they'd be great at! What was a childhood show you always wanted to be on? Producer Butterz got an Alexa for Christmas and reports are the smart speakers are laughing and even meowing on their own....

AJ & McCall 03/08/18

Yesterday was National Cereal Day and that has AJ & McCall thinking for breakfast today. What are your top five cereals AND the one you would keep if you could only eat one for the rest of your life? A lady in Shanghai had her phone locked for 48 YEARS because her toddler was playing …

AJ & McCall 03/08/18

Webster dictionary added new words, which will get to, but first AJ & McCall are adding two new ones to the VFX Dictionary. It's Word of the Week Wednesday and that means two nonsense words get definitions! Yesterday in McCall's 411 we heard the story of the moron who live streamed himself with an Oscar that of course wasn't his. If you could win an award (Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Tony or other) what award would you pick? What's the most prestigious one to you? A guy in Florida did some...

AJ & McCall 03/06/18

McCall has a #FeelGoodTuesday story for us that, surprise, is about dogs. A dog that had its favorite toy be discontinued was able to find some more. What's something that if it was discontinued you would be lost, unable to replace it? A new study officially defined the years that the Millennial and Generation Z are. From 1996-2011 what should those kids' cool nickname be? A new study said the most expensive year in life is 31. AJ & McCall think that's way too old, but both agree they...

AJ & McCall 03/05/18

What makes a great birthday party? Of course VFX has its 20th birthday coming up March 24, and McCall has her's this Saturday. What were some of the things that made your favorite birthday party the best? AJ & McCall Drop the Mic every Friday on their podcast about anything, and this week they vented. What are those minor things that you set you off, that send you straight to a 10?! Of course AJ & McCall spent PLENTY of time venting about driving. AJ & McCall both believe in doppelgangers,...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Makes Us 10

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on what makes them a 10. It's time to vent! Normally AJ & McCall are all about the good vibes and doing good, and #iPodIdol is part of another great cause, but this one takes the low road. What are those minor things that just set you off? Jeans, caring too much AND OF COURSE driving are featured in this venting podcast.


AJ & McCall 03/02/18

VFX turns 20 and we're throwing a birthday party! Big thanks to HR Block and today is your first chance to win tickets! We're having a show, cake, treats and prizes! AJ & McCall will be the first to admit that they were not the most open minded when they turned 20, and since VFX is now 20 we figured it could use some advice. What advice would you tell your younger self? AJ & McCall found out their good buddy Dom was on the Price is Right, and even though the video was 15 years ago they...

AJ & McCall 03/01/18

So yesterday AJ & McCall got in to alarms a bit with AJ's #WoWW, only to find out that McCall has a ton of preset alarms despite only using two each day. How many alarms do you set each day? Do you have a bunch preset but only use a few? Yesterday we found out that Producer Butterz REALLY doesn't like touching avocados. What are the things you don't like touching? Is it a texture or a germs thing? College players are getting ready to go through the NFL Draft process and list was released...

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