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An ongoing tribute to the auditory glory that is videogame music.

An ongoing tribute to the auditory glory that is videogame music.
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An ongoing tribute to the auditory glory that is videogame music.






VGMpire 136 – Shadowrun Sessions

Firearms and fantasy collide in this early-90s cyberpunk RPG series. We begin with the SNES original and its Carpenter-meets-Smash-TV soundtrack, then listen to wildly different takes on the Genesis and Mega CD. Three platforms, three completely distinct games! Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Seattle 2050 (Shadowrun SNES) 0:12:54 – Morgue (SNES) 0:17:06 – Tenth Street [...]

Duration: 03:22:21

VGMpire 135 – Taito Two-fer

As the NES began its march into obscurity, Taito released two solid titles that didn’t get their due attention for several years – Little Samson and Panic Restaurant. Both have great soundtracks, but they’re also nifty little games! Download now SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Title Screen (Little Samson) 07:44 – Little Samson Theme (Little Samson) [...]

Duration: 01:39:21

VGMpire 134 – Donkey Kong 94

One of the absolute greatest games of all time also sports a peppy, anxious soundtrack. Listen as we gush over this 1994 re-imagining of Nintendo’s oldest rivalry. Download Now SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Title Screen 08:47 – Big City 11:00 – Desert 17:32 – Theme 2 19:08 – Theme 5 19:54 – Theme 6 [...]

Duration: 01:37:12

VGMpire 133 – Blaster Master Bonanza

Nearly 30 years old, the Blaster Master series peaked on the NES and spent decades trying to recapture the magic. And part of that game’s success was the incredible soundtrack! Let’s listen to some classic jams and then explore the series’ Sega, PlayStation and Switch sequels. Download Now SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Area 1 (Blaster [...]

Duration: 02:23:37

VGMpire 132 – Zero Escape Excellence

We discuss the music and mind-bending madness behind 999, Virtue’s Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma. Get ready for catchy dance tunes, light industrial clanging and trippy talks about time travel and morphic fields! Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Digital Root (999) 0:10:04 – Ternary Game (999) 0:15:15 – Extreme Extrication (999) 0:23:27 – [...]

Duration: 03:25:48

VGMpire 131 – Turok Turns Twenty

The Nintendo 64 didn’t have the third party support of the PlayStation, but Iguana’s Turok series ruled the FPS roost for the platform’s entire life cycle. The 1997 original turns 20 this month, so let’s examine the booming, epic scores of the four N64 hits. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Port of Adia (Seeds [...]

Duration: 03:23:05

VGMpire 130 – Kirby Classics

Before he was made of yarn or a stylus-guided sphere, Kirby ruled the original Game Boy and starred in several console classics. This week we examine Kirby’s pre-2000 era, which includes bubbly tunes from Adventure, Super Star and all three Dream Land titles. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Green Greens (Dream Land) 0:09:35 – [...]

Duration: 01:45:33

VGMpire 129 – Soul Blade Celebration

The Soul Calibur series kicked off 20 years ago with Soul Blade, the PS1 home conversion of arcade hit Soul Edge. This episode we look at Edge and Blade, which have no fewer than THREE official soundtracks to explore. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – The Edge of Soul (Soul Blade) 0:13:02 – Epic Calling [...]

Duration: 01:18:46

VGMpire 128 – 2016 Year in Review

While there was plenty to dislike about 2016, at least we got several top-notch game soundtracks! Let’s listen to numerous examples of modern VGM excellence, from Doom to Furi to Watch Dogs 2. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Rip & Tear (Doom) 0:11:07 – At Doom’s Gate (Doom) 0:12:16 – Flesh & Metal (Doom) 0:18:52 [...]

Duration: 01:47:43

VGMpire 127 – Shadow of ICO

The Last Guardian is FINALLY out, and its PS2 predecessors have cast a decade-long shadow over its development. Odds are LG will turn out fine, but as you’ll see from this selection of tunes from ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, it has some big shoes to fill! Download SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Castle in [...]

Duration: 02:41:48

VGMpire 126 – SMTober Part Four

Our final foray into the world of Shin Megami Tensei tackles the Devil Survivor sub series, then whirls through Last Bible, Jack Bros and Demi Kids before concluding the month with Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Opening (Devil Survivor 2) 0:10:02 – Action (Devil Survivor) 0:12:57 – Battle Beat (Devil Survivor) [...]

Duration: 01:00:50

VGMpire 125 – SMTober Part Three

With the numbered SMT titles handled, it’s time to examine its Devil Summoner spinoff series, which begins on the Sega Saturn and extends all the way to the PS2. We also briefly discuss Strange Journey, the spinoff that was almost a proper mainline sequel. Download Now SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Theme (SMT Devil Summoner: Raidou [...]

Duration: 02:37:00

VGMpire 123 – SMTober Part One

ROCKTOBER RETURNS with a month of sinisiter Shin Megami Tensei tunes! We begin with a trio of Super Famicom titles that laid the groundwork for an entire series and its numerous spinoffs, yet never really left Japan. That’s SMT I, II and the lesser known If… Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Dream (Shin Megami [...]

Duration: 02:48:24

VGMpire 122 – Tobal Tunes

Eclectic, uplifting tunes from two nearly forgotten PS1 fighting games. The first fizzled despite a cool quest mode and FFVII demo, while the second never made it stateside – so now’s your chance to hear their exceptional soundtracks! Download now SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Intro Cutscene (Tobal No 1) 10:18 – Cloud City (Tobal No [...]

Duration: 03:02:02

VGMpire 121 – Crash Courses

The Boundin’ Bandicoot turns 20 years old this month, so we’re looking back at his original PlayStation adventures. Thumping drums, twangy rock and tinkly xylophones provide a backdrop for this chart-topping trilogy. Download now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – N Sanity Beach (Crash Bandicoot) 0:12:57 – Hog Wild (Crash Bandicoot) 0:15:11 – Pinstripe (Crash Bandicoot) 0:17:21 [...]

Duration: 01:15:50

VGMpire 120 – Star Fox Salute

We take a tour through the first three Star Fox soundtracks and discuss the brand’s many unique selling points, from its muppet animal heroes to its gamey-orchestral jams. SNES and N64 tunes incoming! Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Main Theme (Star Fox) 0:18:25 – Emergency Call (Star Fox) 0:18:45 – Corneria (Star Fox) 0:25:21 [...]

Duration: 01:41:21

VGMpire 119 – Monster Hunter Mania

Celebrating over 10 years of incredible orchestral tunes, from the original PS2 title through the latest MH Generations. With guest Yuri Araujo! Download Now 0:00:00 – Main Theme (MH) 0:10:07 – Forest and Hills / Rathalos (MH) 0:11:46 – Yian Garuga (MH) 0:23:30 – Desert (MH Dos / Freedom 2 / Freedom Unite) 0:25:03 – [...]

Duration: 03:40:30

VGMpire 118 – Mario Madness

Look, we had to do a Super Mario episode at some point, and with Mario 64 turning 20 it seemed like a great time to look back on SMB1~64 and discuss its well-known (but still quite good) tunes. Download now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – File Select (Mario 64) 0:19:18 – Ground Theme (SMB2) 0:20:51 – [...]

Duration: 03:35:40

VGMpire 117 – Sonic CD with Spencer Nilsen

One great game, two great soundtracks. Composer Spencer Nilsen joins us to talk through both US and Japanese Sonic CD tunes, with emphasis on the present day tracks that anchor Sonics time-traveling adventure. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 Sonic Boom (Short Version) 0:12:39 Palmtree Panic (US) 0:14:28 Palmtree Panic (JP) 0:20:33 [...]

Duration: 01:14:28

VGMpire 116 – Sega CD with Spencer Nilsen

The composer of Batman Returns, Ecco the Dolphin and Spider-Man vs The Kingpin joins us LIVE to discuss the creation of three incredible Sega CD soundtracks. Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 Act 1 Driving (Batman Returns) 0:16:20 Platforming Area (Batman Returns) 0:18:50 Schrecks Wonderland (Batman Returns) 0:21:42 Act 2 Driving (Batman [...]

Duration: 03:46:24

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