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FBI Failure Results in Massacre, Immigration Plan to Nowhere & Russian Bingo Anyone? on VIEWPOINT

The SYSTEM Let Them Down - SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING and then what? Florida Governor Rick Scott calls for FBI Director Wray to resign. A systematic failure results in an unspeakable massacre and a collapse of public trust - now what? His mother repeatedly called police to their home due to his violent outbursts, threats. As recent as Sept 2016 incident reports describe the killer as suffering from mental illness and emotionally handicapped and on medication. More than 30 reports back to...

🎧 Democrats Cry Foul, GOP Sellout? Stock Market Volatility & White House Under Siege on VIEWPOINT

Democrats Cry Foul - Democrat operatives and politicians alike are out in full-force with a message for the Trump White House...'Release our Memo'. Representative Adam Schiff claims President Trump is blocking the memo because it refutes claim of ‘vindication’ in the mysterious Russia probe. Mark Warner, the leading democrat in charge of the Russian investigation and Clinton pal - texts have now emerged between him and a Russian oligarch, discussing a document. “This is just between us…” And...


🎧 The MEMO Explained, SOTU, 4 Pillars, California Dreaming NOT + More on VIEWPOINT

The MEMO Explained - Has the DOJ and FBI been weaponized for political purposes? That is the billion dollar question... here are the details - So the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign take phony opposition research (from British agent Christopher Steele) and create a dossier to bring to a FISA court along with some article on Yahoo that was created from this phony dossier to obtain a WARRANT to spy on the Trump Campaign. AND this did not happen in Venezuela, Havana, Moscow or even Istanbul -...


🎧 A Memo of Consequences, FBI Weaponization, SOTU Predictions + More on VIEWPOINT

A Memo of Consequences - House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes rocks the boat with the so called MEMO! It’s being labeled as “Watergate on steroids” by some - the dems say it is making mountains out of molehills - get over it! What is up with the liberal media? Have they completely lost their minds--provided they ever had one! Word has it, the CLASSIFIED House Intelligence committee report is a Russian plot to overthrow the government!?! Col Jim Waurishuk is retired from USAF,...


🎧 Shutdown Blame Game, Release The Memo Gains Steam & Historical Times on VIEWPOINT

Shutdown Blame Game - The Blame Game has begun. In the end they couldn't come together and get it done. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer insisted that DACA be part of the budget--a change of heart for the New York Senator from his previous position of a clean budget with no strings attached. America has been budget-less since 2007, so why the shutdown, why the drama? Many questions... Why is DACA the sticking point? What do most Americans really think of the shutdown? Who is being impacted by...


🎧 Immigration Truth, North Korea in Olympics, Iran Protests, FISA, Fusion & Twitter Uproar on VIEWPOINT

A jam-packed program on VIEWPOINT this week. The SUNDAY NEWS MAGAZINE continues to break new ground. Join us--Join the movement and share with your world of brilliant people out to save the nation! The Truth Behind Immigration - There is more to this story friends and we'll unveil some truths, as we reshape the talking points on Chain-Migration, the VISA Lottery, DACA and that elusive WALL. We've assembled the best minds to do what the politicians in D.C. never do - SOLVE THE IMMIGRATION...


🎧 Fire and Fury Consumes Media, Investigate the Investigators & Clinton Orange on VIEWPOINT

If you like some TRUTH with your news, you'll love this SUNDAY NEWS MAGAZINE that moves quick and gets to the point! A stellar panel of experts provide analysis and opinion on the top leading stories of the week. (For safety, wear a seatbelt while listening to prevent injury to head and body) Fire and Fury Consumes Media Oxygen - More FAKE NEWS or IS THIS THE REAL DEAL? So the White House gremlins invite the original WOLFF in to snoop around. The Wolff has access to all the pickings from...


🎧 Jihadi Camps In America? Marijuana 2018, Trump’s Deciding Moment on VIEWPOINT

Jihadi training camps in America may be one of the most underreported stories this past year. Is the threat real? Does Washington have a strategy in place to deal with this growing threat? Cannabis legalization takes center stage in California this week. Is it just a matter of time before we see the legalization nationwide? "The World is Watching" says President Trump. The President put Iran on notice in their response to protesters. In our final show for 2017, Ryan Mauro is in for Malcolm...


Tax Reform – Forecast 2018 & Santa Trump Panel Discussion on VIEWPOINT

Have the chickens come home to roost and/or are the wolves in the hen house? Whatever your favorite idiom is - you may just want to pour an extra glass of eggnog or indulge in that spiked punch that grandma drank before she got run over by those pesky Washington hooves! This episode begins our wind-down to 2017 as this spectacular new show of shows VIEWPOINT THIS SUNDAY climbs the charts in listenership. We thank you for your tremendous support and so look forward to reporting back to you...


🎧 NYC Terror, What Next? The Hush Fund & Sen Gillibrand. A Deeper Look on VIEWPOINT

Depending on how you look at it...the terror attacks are isolated and they'll never come to your city or town; or seems there is a complacent attitude amongst the political elite; or perhaps we need to step back and look at the root problem here, identify the evil and plan accordingly? The discretionary tax dollars being used for sexual exploitation for your esteemed political leaders - or as it is being called the HUSH FUND is front and center, along with Senator Gillibrand - is her...


Trump Recognizes Jerusalem. The Goal: Impeach President? Govt Shutdown, all on VIEWPOINT

Many are calling the move provocative, others say it was long overdue! What is behind the call to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? The situation with Special Counsel and the Russia Collusion storyline is taking shape as a dark Disney classic. We will answer the question you really want to know; how much longer? Threats of a shutdown of government services surfaces once again, and cities tell the feds that they will not follow laws on illegals but please send the check...


🎧 North Korea Stays The Course, Flynn Is Charged and Tax Cuts Under The Tree on VIEWPOINT

The defiant rogue state of North Korea continues their march forward to a nuclear power. Ryan Mauro has a different take on the situation. What is really behind the Flynn FBI lie; could it be strategic or did the General get caught in a political web? Congress smells their first big victory in the form of 'Tax Cuts' - the dems claim this is nothing more than a charade for the wealthy. North Korea Stays The Course - North Korea fired what appeared to be a new type of ICBM. North Korean...


Sex Allegations in the Press, Politics in the Big-City and Millennials Speak Out on VIEWPOINT

There is very little in the press on accomplishments from the Trump Economy. How is the Trump Economy working for you? How will the GOOD GUYS handle the fallout from the crazed media exposure of sexual allegations? Do millennials still believe in the American Dream? What is their perception of Washington - politics as usual? The Trump Economy - Now that it’s been one year since the election, what is the verdict of President Trump’s accomplishments? Not only has the stock market risen to...


Terrorism and Your Privacy, AG Sessions Under Fire & Kaepernick (citizen of the year) on VIEWPOINT

How do we define freedom in the 21st Century? Our privacy vs the mass dragnet atmosphere is put under the microscope. Is AG Jeff Sessions the right man for the job? And do we have the proper context with the football kneeling and what happened at Edina High School? VIEWPOINT THIS SUNDAY takes on the top news events of the week with panel discussions and in-depth, expert analysis. Terrorism & Your Privacy – With the recent Texas Church massacre and another shooting this past week at a...


🎧 The China Factor, Donna Brazile’s Bombshell & Terror In Church on VIEWPOINT

The President in Asia and the World takes notice; Donna Brazile's Bombshell book turns heads; and the Church Massacre fuels the big debate on a gun-free world! VIEWPOINT THIS SUNDAY takes on the top news events of the week with panel discussions and in-depth, expert analysis. THE CHINA FACTOR - Can Trump and Xi Jinping contain North Korea? How much of a factor will the massive trade deficit play into China's Commitment to restrain the rogue nation? Trump’s speeches on this trip letting...


🎧 Fighting Terrorism, America’s Culture War & In Search of Collusion on VIEWPOINT

Terrorism strikes New York City; the culture war takes a toll on the NFL; and the pendulum swings at both political parties. VIEWPOINT THIS SUNDAY takes on the top news events of the week with detail analysis, expert advice and panel discussions. Terrorism in NYC - Could we have prevented the terror attack last week in NYC? Are we at war? Do we classify an ACT of TERRORISM as an act of war? Many of these individuals have become radicalized--this guy supposedly was radicalized online while...


🎧 Uranium, Tax Reform & Trumpism on VIEWPOINT, THE PILOT

The Russia Scandal does a 180; Tax Cuts are on the horizon, but not everyone is on the same page; and Donald Trump breaks Ronald Reagan's GOLDEN RULE--Viewpoint This Sunday, The Pilot takes on these top news events of the week with detail analysis, expert advice and panel discussions. VIEWPOINT THIS SUNDAY, PILOT EPISODE URANIUM ONE - Did the Comey FBI use this phony Trump dossier, with alleged Russian ties to the President’s campaign associates, to convince a judge to grant them a FISA...