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Ep. 11 (Sep. 2017) VIVA! Vegan Podcast

As a rainy Summer fades, we put away the umbrellas and pick up the microphones for our September episode. In show #11, host Kris Townsend brings you another selection of vegan exclusives from the top floor of VIVA! HQ in Bristol. Just some of what's coming up... VIVA! FESTIVALS. Share the vibes from some of our many vegan and food festivals across the UK this Summer THE ROAD TO WEMBLEY: we talk about the UK's biggest VIVA! Festival coming up this September at Wembley in London. THE MYTH OF...

Duration: 00:56:23

Ep. 10 (Aug. 2017) VIVA! Vegan Podcast

Podcast presenter Kris Townsend flings flings open the windows and fires up the microphone for another UK Summertime episode from the top floor of VIVA! HQ in Bristol. In addition to listener-submitted poems and music, he brings you another exclusive selection of vegan news, views and interviews, including: PIG FARM HORROR. VIVA founder Juliet Gellately goes undercover with her team to expose shocking conditions at an industrial-scale pig farm in Warwickshire . You'll hear audio excerpts...

Duration: 00:51:44

Ep. 09 (July 2017) VIVA! Vegan Podcast

KRIS TOWNSEND BRINGS YOU ANOTHER SUMMER EPISODE - WITH BLEEPING! From VIVA! HQ in Bristol, UK, here's another hour of vegan news, views and interviews including: meat-free beats from Liverpool vegan band Deliah undercover revelations as we take you behind the scenes of a chicken slaughterhouse with We Animals award-winning activist, humanitarian, presenter and VBites founder Heather Mills tells us why she supports VIVA! Kris chats to Leeds Rhinos rugby forward Anthony Mullally eye-opening...

Duration: 02:40:29

Ep. 08 (June 2017) VIVA! Vegan Podcast

VIVA'S KRIS TOWNSEND HAS OUR FIRST SUMMER EPISODE FULL OF EXCLUSIVE VEGAN LISTENING. From Bristol UK, the hometown of VIVA!, here's another hour's worth of exclusives, packed with vegan news, views and interviews including: US vegan rapper Grey talks to us about his "Vegan Thanksgiving" Simone Murphy is the only Scottish contestant to make the final 12 of TV series "Britain's Next Top Model" - and she's a vegan! VIVA! founder Juliet's recent radio interview about veganism Director Justin...

Duration: 01:17:19

Ep. 07 (May 2017) VIVA! Vegan Podcast

VIVA'S KRIS TOWNSEND HAS OUR SPRING EPISODE FULL OF EXCLUSIVE VEGAN LISTENING. From Bristol UK, the hometown of VIVA!, here's another hour's worth of exclusives, packed with vegan news, views and interviews including: Updates on our "Cracked" campaign, we take you along as we rescue Dotty, the 'loneliest sow in England', talk to festival organiser Victoria Bryceson hear from vegan musician Tally Spear it's Vegan up north as we hang out with the crowds at our Great Northern Vegan Festival...

Duration: 01:56:05

Ep.06 - April 2017

KRIS TOWNSEND BRINGS YOU OUR 6th EPISODE FULL OF EXCLUSIVE VEGAN SPRINGTIME LISTENING We're now available on Google Play as well as iTunes and lots of other places online. Hear our episodes and don't forget to share! GET THIS FREE PODCAST AUTOMATICALLY ON THE FIRST DAY OF EVERY MONTH. HERE’S HOW.

Duration: 01:54:12

Ep.05 - March 2017

KRIS TOWNSEND BRINGS YOU OUR 5th EPISODE FULL OF EXCLUSIVE VEGAN GOODNESS, INCLUDING: an interview with Melanie Light, director of acclaimed vegan, feminist horror THE HERD. Find out more.. ride along on a pig rescue with VIVA! founder Juliet and the Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary. Details are here... updates on our 30 Day Vegan programme and there's more on our website too. Have a look... and that's just the start! We're now available on Google Play as well as iTunes and lots of other places...

Duration: 02:37:15

Ep.04 - February 2017

HOST KRIS TOWNSEND BRINGS YOU A NEW EPISODE FULL OF VEGAN STORIES, INCLUDING: How VIVA saved 'Baloo'. Poland's only circus bear is now free, thanks to us. Film-maker and author Tony Wardle talks about VIVA's work in Poland Here's the story. Kris meets founder Felesha Papa, the designer behind vegan shoe retailer Collection & Co. Like the sound of their shoes? They look even better. Check them out Fancy a Pad Thai? We've more great food ideas. There's more foodie inspiration on our website....

Duration: 02:06:31

EP.03 - A New Year

PODCAST HOST KRIS TOWNSEND JOINS YOU FOR A NEW EPISODE AS WE START THE NEW YEAR WITH A SHOW PACKED FULL OF VEGAN EXCLUSIVES, INCLUDING: Viva founder Juliet Gellatley talks in depth from a qualified nutritional perspective about Why You Don’t Need Dairy. She invites you to take a deep breath, sit back and relax. What she has to share may shake a few entrenched beliefs but it’ll be worth it. (More…) Go behind the scenes in our regular ‘Meet The Team’ feature with film-maker and author Tony...

Duration: 02:18:19

EP.02 for December 2016

In this episode hosted by VIVA’s Kris Townsend: we make our Christmas preparations as the VIVA podcast lays out a rich tapestry of exclusive end-of-year listening goodness, including: Viva founder Juliet Gellatley meets Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity and chairman of the world’s first vegan football club. Forest Green Rovers, based in the town of Stroud north of Bristol. Kris talks to Brenden Fitzgerald, CEO and founder of Planet Protein, a vegan startup company committed to creating...

Duration: 02:34:01

Ep. 00 "Psst - VIVA Radio is coming soon"

VIVA! RADIO is a new series of free podcasts from Europe's largest vegan charity. Released on the first Tuesday of every month, the first full episode will be available online on World Vegan Day, Tuesday November 1st 2016. It is hosted by VIVA's Kris Townsend and recorded at VIVA 'central' in Bristol, UK. Viva! was founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, who is the charity’s director. “The most powerful action you can take to end animal suffering, improve your health, protect the environment...

Duration: 00:01:17