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How to save more lives by augmenting 911/112 agents with AI

My guest on this weeks' podcast is Andreas Cleve, CEO of Corti.AI, a start-up from Copenhagen that delivers technology that enables humans to do more. Their mission is dear to my heart: They imagine a future where all medical professionals can be augmented by artificial intelligence to better diagnose patients, reduce uncertainty, and eliminate fatal errors. Andreas leads a team of multidisciplinary experts from organizations such as NASA, Apple, and IBM Watson to build powerful intelligence...


How PSOs can thrive when technology is used the right way

My guest on this weeks' podcast is David Hofferberth, Founder and Managing Director of Service Performance Insight. He is the founder and managing director of Service Performance Insight, a global research, consulting and training organization dedicated to helping professional service organizations (PSOs) make quantum improvements in productivity and profit. David has championed solutions for the professional services sector for over twenty years and provided guidance for hundreds of...


A different perspective on the future of Education

My guest on this week's podcast is Leif Anderson, Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer at Augsburg University He leads institutional planning and effectiveness at Augsburg University in order to realize the college's vision through the implementation of the Augsburg2019 strategic plan. The University is based in the heart of Minneapolis and has built a strong academic reputation in the liberal arts and professional studies since 1869. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to more...


Why a cocktail of technology and humans is required to make our life more interesting

My guest on this weeks' podcast is Holger Mueller - VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research In his day to day job as a VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research he is covering Next Generation Apps, Human Capital Management and the Future of work, and provides strategy and counsel to clients. Prior to joining Constellation Research, Holger was, amongst others, VP of Products for NorthgateArinso, and chief Application Architect with SAP where he worked on strategic projects...


How AI can help to boost project success

My guest on the podcast is John Heintz, CEO at Aptage. Aptage is a start-up from Austin Texas, that's building forecasting tools for agile teams by using past performance and team experience to understand and predict the likelihood of success. John has worked and led efforts to improve essential innovation in software management for over 20 years. He founded and successfully ran a consulting company providing cutting edge architecture, organizational design, and process control services....


An optimistic perspective on humans, machines, and jobs

My guest on the podcast is Vinnie Mirchandani He's the author of Silicon Collar, founder of Deal Architect, a former technology industry analyst (with Gartner) and outsourcing executive (with PwC), and last but not least entrepreneur. He is a thought leader on trends in software, outsourcing and offshoring. I talked with Vinnie on the way we should perceive technology impact on people in the foreseeable future. During this interview, you will learn three things: 1) Why it's better to start...


A different approach to innovation to accelerate change, action and impact

My guest on the podcast is Maurizio Vecchione, Executive Vice President for Global Good and Research at Intellectual Ventures.. In his day to day job he's working for Intellectual Ventures he's overseeing Global Good LLC, an evergreen fund created by Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures, The fund is focused on inventions and innovation for the millions of people in the developing world that suffer and die each year from causes that humanity has the scientific and technical ability to...


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