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Taking Profits ....AGAIN

PODOMATIC Before I start the show, you may know, we use for our podcasting service. has decided to put a bandwidth limitation on our podcast feed (this makes our show unavailable for listening or downloading sometimes) because we're their #1 business show and we're draining their bandwidth, so if you can't listen to this show, you can either: (1) try back in a week when the limit gets reset, or; (2) sign-up for a premium account at and get full...

Duration: 00:23:16

2005 Year in Review

In this podcast, we review some of the Marketocracy tests we ran this year that didn't work. Companies in trouble (via high levels of shorting - SEC's Regulation SHO, class action lawsuits), pump and dump candidates, and previous losers, were the tests which had the worst performance compared to S&P for 2005. The lesson? Don't buy losers. Buy winners! Some of this year's winners: ET +93.28% BZH +60..32% TM +44.02% KRB +36.01% (we sold after BAC bought them out) DVN +35.5% (we took the...

Duration: 00:19:25

Moneycentral and Marketocracy

WE ARE RE-RELEASING THIS PODCAST AFTER FIXING A TECHNICAL AUDIO GLITCH. Today, we combine the free MSN Moneycentral Stock Screening feature at with the free Marketocracy fund management feature at . CORRECTIONS: We said "it's gone up $3.68. Divide that by $39, is 9.4% profit". We intended to say, "it's gone up $3.68. Divide that by $36, is 9.4% profit". We said our email address is, "mike at". We intended to say,...

Duration: 00:13:12

NEW - New Century Financial Corp

2005-12-10 NEW is trading at $36.00 right now. This upcoming Friday is options expiration day and the maximum pain is $35.00, which means, the stock is probably going to drop a buck between now and December 16, 2005. However, the January max pain is around $45 and falling. With new contracts being added every day, perhaps, It'll fall all the way down to $35 again. I dunno. Perhaps you can make some money between this differential. It'll also be paying a dividend for those who hold the...

Duration: 00:32:51