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Sports >'s Chris Lee brings Commodore fans up to date on all the latest happenings with Vanderbilt sports.'s Chris Lee brings Commodore fans up to date on all the latest happenings with Vanderbilt sports.
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Nashville , TN

Description:'s Chris Lee brings Commodore fans up to date on all the latest happenings with Vanderbilt sports.




Romeo comes to town, baseball begins

Vanderbilt Hustler sports editor Cutler Klein joins the podcast to talk about the significance of Romeo Langford's visit for the Florida game, and what students may have planned for that. The two also discuss the baseball team and its brutal schedule, and some things to watch for as the season begins.


LaChance comes up big late, with Tim Thompson

Vanderbilt's Riley LaChance hit a last-second 3-pointer to lead the Commodores past Mississippi State. Vanderbilt radio color commentator Tim Thompson joins the podcast to talk about it. Topics include a wild last eight seconds that included a number of controversial calls, great play off the bench from Payton Willis and Joe Toye, the usual great game from Jeff Roberson, and a big game against Florida with an important recruit in town.


Baseball coach Tim Corbin previews the season to come

Vanderbilt baseball coach Tim Corbin joins the podcast for nearly an hour to preview the season and answer listener questions. Corbin gives a good run-down of his roster and who may play where, talks about the schedule, answers questions relating to on-field and recruiting strategy, and a whole lot more.


Hoops, baseball talk, with Mitch Light

Mitch Light joins the podcast to talk Vandy hoops and baseball. Topics include the Georgia win and the Arkansas loss, the role of officiating in style of play, whether the FBI scandal will deepen with in the SEC, some preseason baseball talk, and more.


Tim Thompson discusses the win over Georgia, and more

Vanderbilt hoops color commentator Tim Thompson joins the podcast to talk about VU's 81-66 win over Georgia. Topics include how Payton Willis and Joe Toye elevated their games on Wednesday, what coach Bryce Drew has done to help things (and his rebuttal to a few criticisms of Drew) on offense, defending Georgia's Yante Maten, playing for SEC Tournament seeding, future SEC Tournament locations, and more.


Two good performances, two bad results

Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk about Vanderbilt's road loss at Auburn, and briefly touch on the road defeat at Kentucky. Topics include putting the schedule in perspective, what kind of record VU would have in a more normal year, another great game from Jeff Roberson, the question as to who VU's fourth-best player is, and much more.


Football staff changes, recruiting talk, with Seabass

Seabass joins the podcast for a variety of topics. The two start with stories from Chris’s radio days of doing Vanderbilt postgame shows, a couple of stats on Vanderbilt’s recent basketball dominance over Auburn, the basketball recruiting outlook, then move into football coaching staff discussion, local 2019 football prospects, and closing the 2018 football class.


Two questions that chancellor Zeppos must answer, soon

Vanderbilt Hustler sports editor Cutler Klein joins the podcast.Topics include the Vandy-Kentucky game, some statistical evidence that the Southeastern Conference has a serious officiating bias problem, why it might be best to start preparing for the SEC Tournament now. The two then get into topics related to the future of Vanderbilt sports and raise two questions that Zeppos needs to answer soon, with an athletics director hire potentially on the horizon. Plus, who the heck of these...


Tim Thompson talks about where VU can upgrade its hoops facilities

Vanderbilt has landed two McDonald's All-Americans in its 2018 recruiting class, and is chasing two more. Vanderbilt basketball color commentator Tim Thompson, a Nike rep who spends time touring facilities across the country in his day job, spends much of the podcast talking about what VU should do to give coach Bryce Drew a better recruiting sell, and also to improve the fan experience. Tim and host Chris Lee also discuss Vanderbilt's overtime loss at Kentucky.


The under-appreciated Riley LaChance and Jeff Roberson

Vanderbilt upset TCU on Sunday, and once again, Riley LaChance and Jeff Roberson came up big. Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk about those two, and then get into a broader discussion over roster development that includes a comparison of talent level on this team with some of Kevin Stallings' best players. The one-hour podcast ends with Mitch making a draft projection on Kyle Shurmur.


Cutler Klein talks about his interview with AD David Williams

Vanderbilt Hustler sports editor Cutler Klein discusses his interview with athletic director David Williams. Topics include whether Vanderbilt will ever get hockey, potential renovations to Memorial Gym, Vanderbilt putting its money towards capital projects in things other than sports, how VU wants to endow its sports scholarships, and speculation as to Vanderbilt's motivations for not spending more on sports.


What to expect if there's an athletic director vacancy at Vanderbilt

Chris Lee and Seabass discuss the Baseball Hall of Fame elections for the first 15 minutes or so, then, begin a very interesting discussion on what Vanderbilt can expect if David Williams were to step down. The answers on whether that may happen soon, and what the pool of candidates could look like, may surprise you. The two also talk about players they have a particular interest in following on next year's football team, and have a lengthy discussion about where Kyle Shurmur could go in...


Making better use of Riley LaChance and the rotation

Vanderbilt fell 67-62 to Tennessee on Tuesday, but it was no fault of Riley LaChance, who had 25 second-half points. Vanderbilt hoops color commentator offers insights on how VU can better utilize its senior guard, plus, has thoughts on structuring the rotation and what reserves play when. That, and Tim taking listener questions, are all in our latest episode.


Mitch Light discusses a win over LSU

Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vanderbilt's win over LSU. Topics include how Chris's computer would have been to blame if Vanderbilt lost, the great games from Saben Lee and Riley LaChance, and whether Bryce Drew can trust his bench and how much starters may need to play from here on. The two then switch to baseball, and talk about the pitching rotation for this year, and then share a few anecdotes about covering sports from their years in the sports media business.


Hoops, baseball and football thoughts, with Seabass

Chris Lee and Seabass hit all kinds of topics in a podcast that lasts just over an hour. Topics include the Bryan Reynolds trade to Pittsburgh, Zach Cunningham's rookie year with the Texans (and where he'd go if they held the 2017 NFL Draft again), the odd statement that Miles Jones released when de-committing from Vanderbilt, thoughts on football recruiting targets with the second signing period a couple weeks away, Super Bowl talk, and thoughts on whether the Kevin Stallings staff would...


Help is coming, says Tim Thompson

Vanderbilt's dismal 6-12 basketball season has left fans depressed. But this week, a reminder of the bright future just around the corner came when commitments Darius Garland and Simi Shittu were named to the McDonald's All-American team (as was VU target Romeo Langford). VU hoops color commentator Tim talks about how those players, as well as transfers Yanni Wetzell and Matt Ryan, can change the future of the program. Tim also addresses some of the issues with this year's team.


Talking hoops, with Mitch Light

Chris Lee and Mitch Light have an extensive conversation about Vanderbilt hoops following a three-game losing streak that included a seven-point home loss to Kentucky. The two start the podcast with their reaction to Minnesota's miracle win over New Orleans in the NFL playoffs, which had happened just before they recorded the show.


Football and baseball recruiting, and hoops talk, with Seabass

Surprise! Chris Lee and Seabass fail again in an attempt to generate a short podcast. Topics include Vanderbilt and the upcoming MLB Draft, the issues with the hoops roster and whether the current players bear responsibility for what looks like a leadership void, who Vanderbilt may (or may not) land to fill out its football signing class, some interesting dynamics among SEC fan bases in terms of whether they were pulling for Alabama or Georgia to win the national title, and a spirited...


D1 Baseball's Aaron Fitt talks Vanderbilt baseball

D1 Baseball's Aaron Fitt joins the podcast to discuss Vanderbilt baseball. He and Chris Lee talk about nearly everything you'll want to know about this year's team, including which freshmen and upperclassmen will surprise, how the lineup and pitching rotation will take shape, and so much more.


Resolving defensive issues, and more, with Tim Thompson

Vanderbilt had a massive defensive fail on Tuesday night, as Tennessee's Grant Williams scored 37 in Vanderbilt's 92-84 loss to the Vols. Hoops color commentator Tim Thompson talks about that, as well as why Ejike Obinna isn't playing, and also, some thoughts on Payton Willis, Max Evans and Saben Lee.


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