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VeloNews is a pro cycling magazine with over 1 million unique visits per month.

VeloNews is a pro cycling magazine with over 1 million unique visits per month.
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VeloNews is a pro cycling magazine with over 1 million unique visits per month.




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Fast Talk, ep. 38: Why fatigue may be all in your mind

It's time to unlock the mysteries of fatigue. Is it just lactic acid pooling in your legs, as your high school coach probably told you? No, that’s not it. The answer is actually a lot more complex than you'd think. In fact, some of the most exciting theories have only recently been proposed. This episode reveals those exciting revelations and explores the foundations of fatigue. First, we’ll discuss the many different physiological causes of fatigue, including muscle damage, glycogen...


VN Pod, ep. 70: What scares pro cyclists? Early season racing roundup

They might look like skinny superheroes, but pro cyclists grapple with fear just like the rest of us. In this podcast, we talk to Andrew Hood about his recent article in VeloNews magazine, "Fear Factor." He explains why the pros are afraid of some unexpected things. (Hint: Crashing isn't one of them.) But before that, we analyze scads of early season bike races from Dubai to Colombia to this week's action across Europe. What can we tell about the sprinters and their teams? Are the GC guys...


Fast Talk live! Nutrition, compression apparel, the placebo effect

This week, the Fast Talk podcast went live! Hosts Trevor Connor and Chris Case fielded questions on Facebook from podcast listeners like you. Here are a few (of the many) topics we covered: - How does oatmeal compare to other grains? - What type of riding should I do to prepare for a gran fondo with 7,400 meters of climbing? - Is compression clothing beneficial? When and for how long should I use it? - What's the difference between the inflammation caused by training and that caused by...


Interviews pod: Winder steps up to Sunweb, remembers Olympics

American Olympian Ruth Winder is headed to the Netherlands to race for Team Sunweb. We talk to the up-and-comer about what it's like to make the big move to one of Europe's top teams. Also, Winder talks about her experience as an alternate on the U.S. team pursuit squad at the Rio Olympics. Did she snag selfies with sports celebs? Do alternates win medals too? Why does track cycling make you so good at road racing? All of that and much more in this week's interview.


VN Pod, ep. 69: CX worlds recap; Froome's gonna race?!

With brutal mud on a gnarly course, 'cross worlds didn't disappoint... and neither did the U.S. women's team. We recap and analyze the battle between Sanne Cant and Katie Compton. Then, we try to make sense of why the tables turned in the ongoing rivalry between Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert. Of course, the podcast wouldn't be complete without an update on Chris Froome. Turns out, he's going to race in a week or so, despite the Salbutamol scandal. We debate whether this is the...


Fast Talk, ep. 37: Sugar, wheat, paleo, and performance nutrition

NOTE: This is an updated version of episode 37. We apologize for uploading the previous, rough cut of this podcast. This is the one you want ... Thanks for listening! We take on the always-controversial subject of nutrition. Why is it so controversial? First, it’s very personal: Many people, trained or untrained, have strong opinions on the subject, and a lot of heated debate revolves around what is healthy and what is best for performance. We’ve had a few prominent guests on Fast Talk...


VN pod, ep. 68: CX worlds preview; Toms Skujins interview

Rainbow jerseys are on the line this weekend at cyclocross worlds in the Netherlands. We consider the top favorites and look back at the treacherous final round of the World Cup last Sunday in Hoogerheide. Road season is also underway with early season races in Argentina, Mallorca, and Australia. Trek-Segafredo came out swinging this week with five wins worldwide. One of the men to raise his arms was Toms Skujins, a newcomer to the American team. Spencer interviews him to talk about the...


VN pod, ep. 67: U.S. women flying in CX World Cup; Down Under wrap

Compton and Keough went one-two in the Nommay 'cross World Cup. We look back on a memorable race for the Americans and puzzle over Mathieu van der Poel's seemingly nonchalant approach to winning. Then, Fred Dreier calls up Andrew Hood for the inside line on Tour Down Under. From the heat to the surprise winner, to the cuddly critters, Hoody gets us up to speed. Plus we consider who was off the front and who was off the back in the past week of bike racing.


Fast Talk, ep. 36: Inside the new science of climbing

Is climbing as simple as power-to-weight ratios? Not so much. In the January/February issue of VeloNews magazine, we dug into the rarely explored science of climbing. This episode is devoted to the findings of that article. Tune in, and learn how to climb like an angel.


VN pod, ep. 66: CX Nats rundown; will Boels keep winning?

With Compton crushing her 14th title and Hyde battling Powers for his second title, CX Nats was an instant classic. We look back on the key races, and what's ahead for the best American cyclocross racers. Also in this show, we discuss the 2018 Women's WorldTour. Some key riders have moved to new teams, but will that stop Boels-Dolmans from winning nearly any race? The Dutch powerhouse team looks as good as ever.


Interviews pod: Holloway on World Cup win; Red Hook Crit

Daniel Holloway burst onto the track World Cup this year winning an omnium event in Chile. First of all, he explains what the omnium event is all about. Then, we discuss his role on the new USA Cycling National Team and his diverse background as a pro cyclist. He's done everything from European racing to Red Hook Crits.


VN pod, ep. 65: Can Porte win the Tour? CX Nats preview

Expectations are high for Richie Porte to podium (or win!?) the Tour de France. The trouble is, his past performances have been patchy. We debate the Australian's talents and weaknesses in the first half of this podcast. There are some reasons to be bullish and others to be skeptical of Porte's potential. Then, we look ahead to this weekend's USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Reno! Will Katie Compton get lost in a casino and open the door for a rival to break her streak of...


Fast Talk pod, ep. 35: How to train in the cold

Are you getting out to ride this winter? This podcast covers the physiological effects of training in the cold, from muscle damage to the increased caloric demands. We also discuss tips and tricks to set up your bike, stay warm, and even keep your bottles from freezing. And if it's too damn cold, we explain the best way to balance time indoors on the trainer with outdoor rides. We speak with Dr. Stephen Cheung, Dr. Inigo San Millan, Trek-Segafredo pro rider Kiel Reijnen, and former...


VN pod, ep. 64: The big stories of 2018; religion in cycling

To kick off the new year, we examine the key stories to watch in 2018: Sagan vs. Van Avermaet, Froome's Salbutamol scandal, and much more. We are joined by our new reporter, Dane Cash of VeloHuman and the Recon Ride podcast to look ahead to the coming cycling season. Later in the show, Fred Dreier talks about a story he wrote for the January/February issue of VeloNews magazine about religion and cycling. Lots of top professionals are religious, but they often feel compelled to keep their...


Podcast: Rally riders prep for 2018... no bikes needed

Rally Cycling's pro riders put their bikes away for this off-season team camp. Instead, they hiked, skied, played basketball, and bonded with teammates new and old. The team-building may prove to be an essential ingredient if they hope to succeed in 2018 because the team is moving up to the Pro Continental level of racing. This should mean harder races, more European racing, and higher expectations. Editor in chief Fred Dreier caught up with Rally staff and riders in Winter Park, Colorado...


Fast Talk pod, ep. 34: Become a climber (even if you live in a flat place)

In this episode of Fast Talk, we tackle the always-popular topic of climbing. A listener in Iowa asked if he could become a better climber. Not only will we answer his question, we’ll describe ways in which anyone can improve their technique, efficiency, and power to refine their climbing. Surprisingly, climbing isn't as simple as dropping a few pounds or spending your days riding in the Rockies. We look at the question from a few angles: First, does dropping weight make you a better...


VN pod, ep. 63: What doctors are saying about Froome case

Chris Froome's Vuelta anti-doping test has thrown the 2018 cycling season into limbo. No one knows if he'll be allowed to race the Giro d'Italia as planned. It also remains to be seen if he'll have his 2017 Vuelta title stripped. We discuss. Also, Chris Case summarizes a conversation he had with an asthma doctor that tested Chris Froome. How could the Tour champ have gone so far over the limit for Salubutamol? What's the difference between exercise-induced asthma and regular asthma? Want...


Emergency podcast: Froome fiasco!

We break down the key storylines behind Chris Froome's doping test from the Vuelta. He went over the limit for Salbutamol. Now, Froome and Sky have a chance to explain themselves, but a pall of doubt has been cast over his four Tour wins and that Vuelta victory. We speak with Andrew Hood who has insider knowledge from an anti-doping expert and a lawyer. This is cycling's biggest story in years — stay tuned as new developments come to light. Want to win a smart trainer? Enter Bkool's winter...


VN pod, ep. 62: Jeremy Whittle on how UCI catches cheaters

How will the UCI crack down on motor cheating? Why did it settle the case with Sagan over his Tour de France disqualification? Our special guest Jeremy Whittle just got back from an interview with new UCI president David Lappartient. He'll help us understand a few of the hot-button issues facing cycling. Plus, Whittle gives us an insider's perspective on how the British cycling fans are reacting to UKAD's inconclusive ending to the Wiggins/Sky "jiffy bag" investigation.


Fast Talk, ep. 33: Is FTP dead?

Recently, a big debate kicked up on the Internet. Some cycling experts were saying that Functional Threshold Power (FTP) was dead. Others were defending the measurement. So, we got a number of top coaches into a room together to hash it out. More importantly, we talked about the best ways for cyclists to develop their individual profiles to guide their training efforts.


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