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Diversifying DevOps; fostering innovation in your tech team - Gabriel Cismondi

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Gabriel Cismondi, Head of DevOps and architectures at Fuse Universal. They discuss company culture and how best to employ it. They also touch on the advantages of having a diverse DevOps team and balancing people skills with technical know-how. Show Notes: 1.06 Talking about cultural change. 3.51 Aligning your culture with your team. 6.04 The challenges associated with challenging people. 8.00 The enjoyment in researching things to invest your time in....

Duration: 00:24:15

How can Big Data solve your business problem - Steve Davis

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Steve Davis, Co-founder & C.T.O at Signafire. They discuss marrying the buzz around B.I. with the practical applications of data in the office. They also chat about the pitfalls of trying to use Big Data as a one stop shop to solve all a company’s problems. Show Notes: 1.05 Talking about the success at Signafire & Start-ups. 1.42 How does your idea process work when thinking of a product for your start-up. 2.57Did you use a lot of lean and agile...

Duration: 00:23:58

Managing global infrastructure - Ayotunde Obasanya

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Ayotunde Obasanya, the head of global infrastructure at funding circle UK. They discuss leadership styles, funding circles success and the importance of infrastructure. Show Notes: 1.06 When did you first become interested in technology. 4.29 The desire to learn how things work in infrastructure. 7.20 Managing what you need to invest your time into next. 11.24 How did you form your leadership styles. 15.51 The requirement for technical people to have a...

Duration: 00:24:01

Talking Tech Projects: Why you should work in different sized teams – Tayo Olatunde

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Tayo Olatunde, Business transformation and currently working on GDPR compliance. They discuss working on different sized tech projects, the workplaces continual struggle to keep up with technological innovation and they talk about the impact Big Data is having on our lives. Show Notes: 1.06 The excitement around Big Data. 3.58 Were you an analytical thinker? Do you think you were always inclined to go into Data? 7.02 What are the differences between...

Duration: 00:25:57

The changing face of the tech world - Ron Feldman

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Ron Feldman, VP of product management at GameChanger Media Inc. They chat about the changes that have happened over the past decade in the tech world and what changes are coming on the horizon. They also touch on the impact of the financial crash and building a team of contractors. Show Notes: 1.06 Was there always a plan for you getting started in your career? 2.21 What are your motivations. 3.33 Building your own team of contractors. 5.22 The...

Duration: 00:22:23

Digital Transformation - David Biden

In this episode Andy Davis talks to David Biden, Delivery Director at Not Binary, about the challenges of digitally transforming a business. They also discuss fusing the business and digital strategies of a company and the role A.I and automation will have on business. Show Notes: 1.06 How are things going in your new venture? 4.00 What are you taking on in terms of your company’s Digital transformation? 7.21 Digitally transforming traditional sectors and facing the digital challenge. 9.09...

Duration: 00:27:58

Navigating the new world of Business Intelligence - Sabahe Mrizag

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Sabahe Mrizag, head of B.I at Clear Channel Outdoor Global. They discuss balancing technological know-how and people skills, workplace inspirations, living and working in the US. Show Notes: 1.15 Which came first for you the people or the technology and which do you prefer? 5.00 Would you say it was more important to understand what you’re trying to achieve as opposed to having the technological know-how? 7.00 How Sabahe evolved into her current role....

Duration: 00:22:04

Human Resources: Approaches that drive team cohesion - Mathew Davies

In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Mathew Davies, human resources Director at Addison Lee about his responsibilities and KPI's in human resources. They also discuss championing your company, helping people find their creative side and advice to his younger self. Show notes: 2.01 Mathews responsibilities and KPI's. 4.45 Changing people's lives. 6.31 Finding creativity in HR. 9.09 Do you need experience or training to work in HR? 13.22 Finding candidates that fit with the company culture....

Duration: 00:23:05

Marketing Technology: Promoting you company in the tech sphere - Bill Bauman

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Bill Bauman, Evangelist and product strategist at Ops-view. The chat about the role of marketing and promotions in the technology sphere and how tech specialists are skilling up in both fields. They also touch on how innovation can be a tool to drive industry and business forward. Show Notes: 1.06 Bills background. 5.43 Bills thoughts on the changing role of technical people. 10.30 The need to enjoy what you do and avoiding getting burnt out. 11.45...

Duration: 00:33:53

Business Intelligence in der Digitalen Transformation - Wolfram Greiner

Heute sprechen wir mit Wolfram Greiner, Geschäftsführer der Digital Ratio in Eschborn, über Business Intelligence in der Digitalen Transformation. Wie sich Deutschland im Bereich BI entwickelt, welche Chancen und Möglichkeiten bestehen und welche Fehler gemacht werden können, hört Ihr im Gespräch

Duration: 00:30:47

Data, strategy and the British Army - Tim Carmichael

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Tim Carmichael, Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer at the British Army, about the different concepts for successful outcomes. They also discuss hiring people who are different to you, the shortcomings of data and analytics and effective forms of leadership.

Duration: 00:42:04

The impact of technology on insurance - Karen Graves

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Karen Graves, Head of Operations EMEA Hub, about using technology to create change in a company. They also discuss managing remote workers, tech as a creative industry and changing your company to accommodate the new talent pipeline.

Duration: 01:02:28

Educating Software Engineers & Functional Programming - John Pavley

In this episode, Andy Davis talks to John Pavley, Senior Vice President of software engineering at Viacom, about how to get more young people into software engineering. They also discuss the best ways to network at large conferences, functional programming and finding a job that helps you learn while you work.

Duration: 00:49:36

Working as a CIO - Ian Turfrey

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Ian Turfrey, CIO at the BMA, about working as a CIO and the importance of CSR. They also discuss innovation in medical technology, improving office efficiency and safety issues surrounding personal data.

Duration: 00:30:03

Alex Bierhaus

Alex Bierhaus by Venturi Group: CTO, Data, Development, Cyber Security, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure, Cloud

Duration: 00:42:59

Thinking independently and making decisions - Avi Marco

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Avi Marco, an independent consultant who specialises in articulation and delivery of contemporary and impactful data solutions, They discuss how to move away from group-think and make independent decisions, moving into the world of technology from law and delivering projects on time.

Duration: 00:37:51

Head of Technology - Kristian Keep

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Kristian Keep, Head of Technology at Acrotrend, about the importance of soft skills when hiring someone new. They discuss what Kristian looks for when hiring, how to show your job potential and learning by making mistakes.

Duration: 00:38:48

The GDPR Rules - Ian Bourne

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Ian Bourne from the Information Commissioners Office about the new GDPR rules. They also discuss the press and publicity about these new rules, what constitutes a breach in security and what companies can do to implement the rules.

Duration: 00:39:59

Working in data science - Jason Prestinario

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Jason Prestinario, Head of Data Science at Komodo Health, about his work in the data science field. They also discuss Jason's move from mechanical engineering and how that helps him visualise abstract concepts, what he looks for in new candidates and motivating yourself with goals.

Duration: 00:31:31

From the Army to Head of HR - Stuart Boyne

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Stuart Boyne, global head of HR at Argo Group International Holdings, about moving from the army to the corporate world. They discuss the possible differences in working culture, the need for strong leadership and the importance of being allowed to make mistakes.

Duration: 00:35:14

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