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Verbal Ham Radio (VHR) was launched in 2014 and is recorded every couple weeks. This San Diego Podcast is hosted by Boice, who is San Diego's latest shock-jock. You'll hear him spewing out verbal ham on everything music, sports, video games, entertainment, politics, comedy and producing parody bits; or just touching on pop culture and current events. From time to time there will be games and trivia that may include small cash/giftcard and sticker prize packages for winners. So listen and email your answers to VHR is excited to be bringing you a show that is going to touch on local San Diego musicians or any indie band and artist really that might be looking for a platform to be heard and promoted. Subscribe to us in iTunes, Google Play podcasts and Stitcher. Follow #VHR on Twitter and Instagram @verbalhamradio and like us on Facebook






Instead of Having Unity...

It's Show 60! Boice and Keyser are back at it again. They both cant understand why we as people dont seem to want unity. Join them as they discuss the NFL, the Miami Dolphins, the Hurricanes that hit Florida and Texas, a Chicano Park Counter protest with 5 people who weren't protesting, the iPhone 8+ and X and its price, Apple watch 3 and Stephen Kings IT. We introduce the 'Dont touch your cell phone challenge.' We wrap up McGreggor vs. Mayweather and touch on the Differed Action for...

Duration: 01:15:54

McGregor Vs Mayweather Fight Companion

We discuss the upcoming Mayweather MCGregor bout and touch on the hate going on in the country.

Duration: 00:46:34

Ultra Progressive or White guilt...

Boice and Keyser are back, minus VHR_Girl. They get into the start of the NFL season. Jay Cutler being signed out of retirement, transgender people within the military and how a big platform in politics now. Videos online of racial beat downs are becoming a regular thing. Don't resist a cop or they will taze, beat or even shoot you. A bunch of Verbal Ham for your listening pleasure. Join us wont you?

Duration: 01:44:10