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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.

Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.
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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.






Verbal Shenanigans Episode 170-Halloween Cast Part 1-Exorcist Bishop Ouellette

It’s that time of year, where we break out all things Halloween. And this year is no different. Today, we are joined by exorcist bishop, metaphysician, and esotericist, Bishop Bryan Ouellette. Bryan was extremely informative, interesting, and able to share several personal experiences involving spirts, demons, the paranormal, and the act of performing exorcisms. This was a ton of fun, and extremely deep and through. To get more info on Bishop Bryan and his religion, check out...

Duration: 01:47:33

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 169-Lucky Chops, Moral Dilemas, and Tecmo Super Bowl

This was definitely one of the more fun episode to date. First, Josh Holcomb, trombone extraordinaire of the red hot band, Lucky Chops joins us to discuss his career in music, the band’s recent success, educating music students, and playing music in subways and on street corners. If you have not checked out Lucky Chops, you should definitely commence googling immediately. Check out Josh and co at Later, a man by the name of Dave Murray, hops on the show to discuss the...

Duration: 02:02:32

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 168-Ruizy Like Sunjay Morning

Back at it! Today we are joined by two unique and interesting guests. First, Sunjay Nath, a successful motivational speaker, author, and human performance expert joins us to talk about his career, his 10-80-10 Principle, and more. Then, Rene Ruiz, joins us to talk about her work with various unions, her thoughts on protests, and the problems with today’s health care. We also talk about Tom Petty, the Las Vegas shootings, and play a game that involves choosing a celebrity parent. Just...

Duration: 02:13:01

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 167-Ben Weinman and Punkin Chunkin

If you listen to metal or heavy music, you have heard of Dillinger Escape Plan. You have also probably heard of Ben Weinman, their guitarist. Ben, recently named one of Spin Magaine’s Top 100 Guitarists, joins us on the cast to talk about the formation of Dillinger, his career in music, the music industry, and the soon to be end of the band. Ben is laid back, smart, and extremely talented. Make sure to check out Dillinger on this tour, because this is it! Next, we have Steve Pierce, of...

Duration: 01:54:45

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 166-Marc Summers

What would you do if I double dared you to listen to this episode? Sorry for the awful pun, but this week we are truly excited to have the one and only, Marc Summers on the podcast! Marc’s career is exstensive and is completely humble and open about all of it. We talk about his early life in standup, working as a magician, his battle with OCD, and his work on his various shows including “Double Dare” , “What Would You Do?”, and “Unwrapped.” Such a fun interview to be part of and to listen...

Duration: 01:06:23

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 165-Commuter Cars and BarkBQ’s

Hey everybody! Back again with another unique episode for those ears. Today, Rick Woodbury,of Commuter Cars, joins us to discuss his line of ultra narrow, electric sports cars, that attempt to solve the traffic problem in not only LA, but the world. He must be on to something because George Clooney owns his first production car. Rick is super intelligent and has a distinct vision for his cars. Check them out at We have a lot of fun talk about Mike’s lovely trip to...

Duration: 01:46:33

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 164-Man Pup Mondays

Another unique edition of the show is at your disposal. First, Kazuki James, or Kaz Pup, joins us once again to discuss his life as a Man Pup. You read that correctly. Kaz even recently released a book on how to train your pup. Kaz is actually a fascinating guy, who is very open and honest about his lifestyle. This will also soon be Mike’s lifestyle once he finds the courage. Then, Kevin Gootee, creator of “Comics Watching Comics”, joins us to tell us big news about the show. Make sure...

Duration: 01:46:13

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 163-38 Minutes with Matt Pinfield

Another week goes by, and another amazing guest joins us on the show. The one and only, Matt Pinfield, joins us for an entertaining, casual, informative hang. Matt is a wealth of musical knowledge, with an insane amount of experience. You may recognize Matt from his various shows on MTV, “120 Minutes”, his podcast, or his plethora of work throughout the world of music. Make sure to check out Matt and all his work by following him on twitter @mattpinfield What a fun interview! We also...

Duration: 01:23:39

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 162-Zane Lamprey and the Bug Chef

Two awesome guests join us today. First, from “Chug”, “3 Sheets”, and “Drinking Made Easy”, Zane Lamprey joins us to talk about his career, booze, production, and his experiences on his different shows. Zane’s shows are entertaining, creative, and booze filled. Zane is a very laid back, funny guy who was a real pleasure to talk to. Then, David George Gordon, aka the Bug Chef, joins us on the show. We talk eating and preparing bugs, deep fried tarantula, his cookbooks, and even...

Duration: 01:43:37

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 161-Chipps Cooney Part 2

We are back from a week off with another fun installment of Verbal Shenanigans. Chipps Cooney has been around comedy for decades, but there is way more to him than just that. Aside from making people laugh for over 40 years, Chipps is also a jazz drummer, was a soldier, and even a minor league baseball player. You may recognize Chipps from “America’s Got Talent.” Recently, Chipps appeared on Steve Harvey’s show, “Little Big Shots” twice. We also talk vacation, riding an inflatable...

Duration: 01:25:05

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 160-The Wild World of Lenny Dykstra

Strap yourselves in for our most outrageous episode to date. The one and only, Lenny Dykstra, joins us to discuss just about everything and everything, from baseball to his love of women. Lenny holds absolutely nothing back. Brace yourself! Make sure to check out Lenny’s new book, “House of Nails.” Keep sharing and listening to the podcast. A review on iTunes goes a long way. Follow us on twitter @VScomedy and on instagram at @verbalshenanigans

Duration: 01:33:06

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 158-Tom Verni and David Meltzer

We are back with another unique and entertaining episode. First, former NYPD detective and LGBT activist,Tom Verni, returns to the show to talk the current administration, police training, his 9/11 related medical issues, his recent TV appearances, and much more. Tom is a very important voice that should be heard by all. Make sure to follow Tom on twitter @tomverni Then, David Meltzer, CEO of Sports1marketing, joins us to discuss his business with Warren Moon, his involvement in the...

Duration: 01:57:35

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 157-The “I Did That” Show

This week, we are the guests on Mark Riccadonna and Jesse Thomas’s podcast, the “I Did That” show. Each week, the guys take a topic and talk about what it was like when they were younger and see if it still holds up today. Recorded at the Comic Strip, we talk America’s pastime, baseball. We had an absolute blast. Make sure to check out the “I Did That” Show. Keep sharing and subscribing! Follow Verbal Shenanigans on all social media platforms!

Duration: 01:11:39

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 156-Marcelo Balboa and Sharran Alexander

We are back again and super excited to have two of our all time favorite guests return to the show. First, USA soccer great, Marcelo Balboa returns to talk all things US soccer, the World Cup, his work as analyst, and even recent bicycle kick attempts. Marcelo is super laid back, intelligent, and has an awesome sense of humor. Make sure to check out Marcelo on Univision! Then, the world’s heaviest sportswoman, and Scott’s secret crush, Sharran Alexander returns in another hilarious...

Duration: 02:01:26

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 155-Dan Gutman

Today, children’s author, Dan Gutman, joins us to discuss writing stories for kids, the writing process, and his future projects. We also talk baseball, comedy, and the appearance of his book on John Oliver. Dan was a very fun interview! Make sure to check out Dan and hsi work at Later, our good pal, director, AJ Mattioli, joins us to discuss his transition, Pride month, and changes to the pride flag. We wrap it up by talking about some really embarrassing stories of...

Duration: 01:56:42

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 154-Life After Hate with Chris Picciolini

Today’s episode is quite powerful. Former skinhead and a leader of the American white power movement, Christian Picciolini, joins us to discuss his dark past, his reformation and change, and his current work to help people disengage from hate and violent extremism. Christian was extremely honest, open, and sincere. An absolutely fascinating interview. Make sure to check out Christians’s book, “Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead.” We also share some some bizarre stories...

Duration: 02:05:49

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 153-Shipwrecks and Tag Your It

Episode 153 is once again tons of fun. First, John Chatterton, an American wreck diver, joins us to talk treaure hunting, a career in diving, and his show on History Channel. John brings a tons of unique experiences and has found some truly amazing things. Later, the Devaux brothers, join us from across the pond in England, to discuss the creaiton of their new sports, World Chase Tag. That’s correct. Tag is now a sport! Listen to the unique story of how the sport of tag is being...

Duration: 01:49:36

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 152-Coheed Cast

What a special episode of the podcast! We are joined by both Josh Eppard and Travis Stever of the ridiculously talented band, Coheed and Cambria. Both guys gave us fantastic, open interviews as they prepare to leave for their European tour. We talk touring, family life, working in a conceptual band, and much more. It is a real honor to speak to both members of such an amazing band. Make sure to check out the band at Please keep subscribing and sharing. Follow us...

Duration: 01:24:04

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 151-Steve ‘N’ Seagulls

151 of these things and counting! And, today is another fun one. Acrosss the pond from Finland, we are joined by Remmel, Herman, Hitunen, Pukki and Puikkonen of the amazing bluegrass, hard rock influenced cover band, Steve ‘N” Seagulls! We talk music, hockey, beer, and some funny alternative names for the band. If you have never heard of the Seagulls, you must go check them out immediately. You will not regret it. Make sure to check them out at We also have some...

Duration: 01:19:24

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 149-Big Dudes and Battle Rappers

Wow. What a unique episode we have for you today. First, the tallest man in America, Igor Vovkovinskiy, joins us in an open and honest interview about some great experiences he’s had, but also reveals some of the hardships he endured along the way. We really enjoyed our time speaking with Igor. make sure to check him out on on twitter @Igor2tall Next, we have a transgender battle rapper by the name of NoShame join is what was a very funny, intelligent, and eye opening interview. Check...

Duration: 01:56:31

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