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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.

Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.
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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.






Verbal Shenanigans Episode 184-Beakman’s World and the Dig Inn

2018 is looking to be another great year for the show. First, from Beakman’s World, Paul Zaloom joins us for a funny, interesting, and open interview. We discuss the creation of Beakman’s World, puppeteering, college, his unusual success in Mexico, and more. Paul was an excellent interview. Next, Matt Weingarten, the Culinary Director of Dig Inn, joins us to discuss his successful business, the creation of the restaurant, andf the future of the Dig Inn. Also, Scott fails miserably at a...

Duration: 02:15:02

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 183-Pixar and the Jane Goodall Insitute

Woo! 2018 is off to a great start. Today we are joined by two amazing guests. First, Pixar animator, Mike Stern joins us talk about his career in animation. Mike has worked on amazing movies like Bee Movie, How to Train Your Dragon, Coco, Cars 3, Coco, and now the Incredibles 2. Mike is a very smart guy who is able to break down the job of a Pixar animator quite clearly. Makle sure to check out Mike and his work. Next, Shawn Sweeney, Senior Director of Community Engagement for the Jane...

Duration: 01:56:18

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 182-Gift of Gab

Happy New Year everybody! After an amazing 2017, we are excited to bring you more unique episodes weekly for that sensual listening experience you’ve gotten used to. We start the year with a bang. One of half of hip hop’s, Blackalicious, Gift of Gab joins us on the cast this week. Gab is a very intelligent, unique, and passionate rapper who has had a great career. We discuss Gab’s early days, his influences, his struggles with dialysis, and his current projects. make sure to check out his...

Duration: 01:28:05

Verbal Shenanigans episode 181-Christmas Spectacular Part 2-Santa Claus

It’s part 2 of 2017’s Christmas Spectacular and we are joined by the one and only, Santa Clause. Ok, it is Joseph Pridgen, a Santa out of Atlanta, who spends his time mastering the art of being St. Nick. Joseph runs workshops, schools,and even has a PHD in Santa Clausology. Check out Joe and his work at We also talk creepy Christmas song lyrics, cheering up Burlew, and Mike’s mom playing nonstop Christmas music. Please continue to share, follow, comment, and...

Duration: 01:05:17

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 180-Christmas Spectacular Part 1-The Tree Men

Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to part one of our Holiday Spectacular, or something like that. Today, we are joined by both the directors, Brad Rothschild and Jon Reiner, and Francois, the star of “Tree Man”, a fantastic documentary detailing the life of a Christmas tree salesman in New York City. Tree Man is a very interesting, unique, and fun film that can be seen on Netflix today. Hear all about how the film was made, the life of Francois, and the sotry of the production of “Tree Man....

Duration: 01:24:05

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 179-Stolar the Magnificent

Back again! Today, we are joined by Stolar, a very talented, unique, and dedicated musician out of New York City. Stolar is a fascinating guy as we disuss his writing process, his catalog of over a 1000 songs, and his battle with bipolar disorder. Stolar is a great advocate for mental health and his music is introsepctive and catchy. Makesure to check him out at We also talk about Keaton Jones and bullying, drunk seagulls and other crazy news stories, and Scott and...

Duration: 01:30:49

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 178-Ajay Naidu

We are back with a very fun episode. You may recognize him as Samir from Office Space. The one and only, Ajay Naidu, joins us on the cast. Ajay is a very open, funny, and intelligent student of acting and film. Ajay has been in numerous cult movies, shows, and still works tirelessly at his craft. We talk about acting, Office Space, opportunities for Indian actors, and more. Make sure to check out Ajay’s upcoming projects. We also discuss Burlew’s one eyed ex co worker, Scott’s...

Duration: 01:38:06

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 177-Mo Vaughn

If you are a fan of baseball, you probably remember the power bat of Mo Vaughn. Mo joins us to tak about his career, the state of baseball, and his many successful business ventures. Mo is a very smart, honest, and entertaining guy. Make sure to check out Mo and his clothing line We also talk about Mike’s car accident and the numerous things college student’s have been offended by over the last year. Please continue to listen, share, comment, and...

Duration: 01:17:53

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 176-The Onion’s, Scott Dikkers

While Uncle Larry screams at Lions for not covering the spread, hang out in the kitchen and check out our latest episode with one of the founders of The Onion, Scott Dikkers. Scott is very intelligent, funny, and has loads of insight into the world of comedy. Hear all about the humble beginnings of The Onion, to it’s global success. Make sure to check out Scott and his podcast at We also talk about creativity, being your own boss, and look at some of the world’s...

Duration: 01:28:57

Verbal Shenanigans-Arlette Roxburgh and C Duncan

Alright Devils fans. This one is for you. If you have been to a Devils game and have heard the Star Spangled Banner, you have probably heard the soothing voice of today’s guest. Today, on the show, Arlette Roxburgh joins us to talk about her exstensive career singing the National Anthem for the New Jersey Devils. Hear all about Arlette’s journey from Trinidad, to being discovered by Lou Lamoriello, and experiences becoming of a staple of New Jersey Devils’ fandom. Arlette was warm, friendly,...

Duration: 01:50:33

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 174-Trent Dilfer

We are back and honored to have Superbowl Champion and well known analyst, Trent Dilfer, join us on the show. Trent was a fantastic guest. He was very well thought out, funny, and honest. Listen as we discuss everything from Trent’s career, the 2000 Ravens, the state of the NFL, and Trent’s future endeavours. This was a great episode! We also talk new jobs for Burlew, our reactions to yet another fatal shooting, and more. Please keep listening, subscribing, commenting, and...

Duration: 01:27:39

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 173-The Ballerina and the RIngmaster

Today, we are joined by two very unique guests who are passioante about the arts. First, Aesha Ash, former professional ballerina and head of the Swan Dreams Project, joins us talk about her career in ballet, being accepted by the School of American Ballet, and her work to bring ballet to urban areas and to children who have no access to it. Aesha was a great interview and is definitely a great rolemodel. Check out Aesha’s work at Then, we are join by...

Duration: 02:25:26

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 172-John Lehr, Geico Caveman, Lewis Watson, Sexy Englishman

We are back with the variety you’ve come to expect. First, actor, comedian, and original Geico Caveman, John Lehr ,joins us to discuss his life in acting, improv, and comedy. John was very funny and shared several great stories about playing the Caveman, his time on Hulu’s hit show, Quickdraw, and his various other roles in television and film. Make sure to check out John and his work at Then, English born singer, songwriter,Lewis Watson joins us for a very fun,...

Duration: 01:40:38

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 171-Halloween Cast Part 2- T-Dog and the Museum of Crime

We are thrilled to bring you Part 2 of our Halloween Podcast. Today, we are joined by IronE Singleton, aka T-Dog in The Walking Dead! IronE was hilarious, smart, and most certainly humble, yet passionate about his career and life. We discuss his time on the Walking Dead, the Blindside, and even as a player for the Georgia Bulldogs. IronE has a brand new one man show entitled, “Blindsided by the Walking Dead” that is a must see, in which he is asking fans to help his Kickstarter campaign....

Duration: 01:51:39

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 170-Halloween Cast Part 1-Exorcist Bishop Ouellette

It’s that time of year, where we break out all things Halloween. And this year is no different. Today, we are joined by exorcist bishop, metaphysician, and esotericist, Bishop Bryan Ouellette. Bryan was extremely informative, interesting, and able to share several personal experiences involving spirts, demons, the paranormal, and the act of performing exorcisms. This was a ton of fun, and extremely deep and through. To get more info on Bishop Bryan and his religion, check out...

Duration: 01:47:33

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 169-Lucky Chops, Moral Dilemas, and Tecmo Super Bowl

This was definitely one of the more fun episode to date. First, Josh Holcomb, trombone extraordinaire of the red hot band, Lucky Chops joins us to discuss his career in music, the band’s recent success, educating music students, and playing music in subways and on street corners. If you have not checked out Lucky Chops, you should definitely commence googling immediately. Check out Josh and co at Later, a man by the name of Dave Murray, hops on the show to discuss the...

Duration: 02:02:32

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 168-Ruizy Like Sunjay Morning

Back at it! Today we are joined by two unique and interesting guests. First, Sunjay Nath, a successful motivational speaker, author, and human performance expert joins us to talk about his career, his 10-80-10 Principle, and more. Then, Rene Ruiz, joins us to talk about her work with various unions, her thoughts on protests, and the problems with today’s health care. We also talk about Tom Petty, the Las Vegas shootings, and play a game that involves choosing a celebrity parent. Just...

Duration: 02:13:01

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 167-Ben Weinman and Punkin Chunkin

If you listen to metal or heavy music, you have heard of Dillinger Escape Plan. You have also probably heard of Ben Weinman, their guitarist. Ben, recently named one of Spin Magaine’s Top 100 Guitarists, joins us on the cast to talk about the formation of Dillinger, his career in music, the music industry, and the soon to be end of the band. Ben is laid back, smart, and extremely talented. Make sure to check out Dillinger on this tour, because this is it! Next, we have Steve Pierce, of...

Duration: 01:54:45

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 166-Marc Summers

What would you do if I double dared you to listen to this episode? Sorry for the awful pun, but this week we are truly excited to have the one and only, Marc Summers on the podcast! Marc’s career is exstensive and is completely humble and open about all of it. We talk about his early life in standup, working as a magician, his battle with OCD, and his work on his various shows including “Double Dare” , “What Would You Do?”, and “Unwrapped.” Such a fun interview to be part of and to listen...

Duration: 01:06:23

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 165-Commuter Cars and BarkBQ’s

Hey everybody! Back again with another unique episode for those ears. Today, Rick Woodbury,of Commuter Cars, joins us to discuss his line of ultra narrow, electric sports cars, that attempt to solve the traffic problem in not only LA, but the world. He must be on to something because George Clooney owns his first production car. Rick is super intelligent and has a distinct vision for his cars. Check them out at We have a lot of fun talk about Mike’s lovely trip to...

Duration: 01:46:33

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