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Not a Fan: Week 4

Living in community means letting others see where we are weak, where we are struggling. We all have to make a decision to try and do it all alone, or to let people in. In this week’s message, we learn how we not only need a community, but we also need the right community to […]

Duration: 00:38:59

Not A Fan: Week 3

Being a follower of God requires more than knowledge about God. He requires intimacy. Knowledge without intimacy creates the illusion of a relationship. Are you ready to get committed? Are you ready to follow?

Duration: 00:35:46

Chase the Lion: Week 3

We must fight for those who need hope. We must fight for our homes. We must fight for our kids. We must fight for our community. Chase the lion of God’s glory with us this week.

Duration: 00:36:41

Chase the Lion: Week 2

God wants us to chase the impossible, to challenge the dreams that hold on and to come to Him to see them fulfilled. In this week’s message, we learn that chasing the lion may may take a long and difficult road, but they leave ripple effects that shape the lives of those we encounter on […]

Duration: 00:33:58

Chase the Lion: Week 1

What dreams are calling for you and won’t let go? Chances are, God may be revealing a greater purpose to you there. In the first week of this new series, we learn about a warrior named Beniah who spent his entire life preparing to serve David and fulfill God’s promise for him. Chasing the Lion […]

Duration: 00:37:28

The Best is Yet to Come

The size of your vision reveals the depth of your faith. The depth of your faith determines the size of your God. Do you have a God-sized vision for 2017?

Duration: 00:35:48

Margin: Moral Margin

We all struggle making room in our lives for what matters. This week we discuss how to make room between us and temptation. How can we resist making decisions we regret?

Duration: 00:36:49

Margin: Money Margin

What’s got you stressed right now? Chances are money has something to do with it. This week we discuss how to make Margin in our finances by learning how to manage money God’s way. We can get there together.

Duration: 00:35:35

Time Margin

Culture is running at an unsustainable pace. We are all feeling the weight and frustration of excessive busyness. This week we discuss how to move from burnout to balance by living life in the margin.

Duration: 00:41:19

First Margin

How can we build space for what matters most? Culture is intoxicated by business. Christ calls us to live with radical intentionality. Let’s discuss how we can live lives shaped by the Gospel that makes space for what matters most.

Duration: 00:34:35

Out of the Shadows: Week 10

If we aren’t intentional in our walk, we can find ourselves drifting back into the shadows. In the conclusion of the series, Out of the Shadows, we learn the importance of demonstrating the gospel to others, and to seek moments rather than waste them.

Duration: 00:43:58

Out of the Shadows: Week 9

Our lives are defined by our relationships. Paul talks about this in his letter to Colossae. He talks about families should treat one another, and in doing so, how we serve God and build fellowship together.

Duration: 00:38:22

Out of the Shadows: Week 8

Mark Twain once said the clothes make the man. For Christians, that means we put off our old selves and embrace the new life that Christ has given us. In this week’s message, we learn that our approval is from God, not for HIm, and that no matter what we do, He will never stop […]

Duration: 00:34:20

Out of the Shadows: Week 7

Living for Christ means putting off our old selves and becoming someone new. In Colossians, Paul warns against falling to traditions and old ways, then goes on to share the ways in which our new selves should act. Some might call it legalistic, but living for a higher standard requires realistic sacrifice; and to focus […]

Duration: 00:23:43

Out of the Shadows: Week 6

Even in the darkest moments, there is still light, and even when we walk in the light, there are still shadows trailing behind us. In this week’s message, we learn how Paul warns against being drawn to shadows, as they are only illusions, falsely representing what is real.

Duration: 00:35:54

Out of the Shadows: Week 5

This week we look at Colossians as Paul reminds the believers at Colossae that God has fully satisfied our sin debt in Christ. Be encourages that the work of Christ is our hope.

Duration: 00:31:19

Out of the Shadows: Week 4

Christ is the light, and no one can receive the light, but through him. In today’s message, we learn just how much we long to have light in our lives, and how by having Jesus as our savior, we can shine that light on all those around us.

Duration: 00:35:04

Out of the Shadows: Week 3

In this week’s message, Pastor Mike continues on how nothing we hope for can satisfy us. Nothing we can hope for can deliver us. Nothing can truly bring us hope except Christ.

Duration: 00:34:25

Out of the Shadows: Week 2

Who is Jesus? To many, he’s the son of God and our hope for salvation. For others, he was a good man and a good teacher. Today, Pastor Mike shows how Jesus was those things, and how Jesus continues to give us hope in the second week of Out of the Shadows.

Duration: 00:41:55

Out of the Shadows: Week 1

What do you place your hope in? During the time when Paul wrote Colossians, those he wrote to believed in Jesus, but didn’t think he was enough. Today, Pastor Mike shares how only God can bring light to darkness, how only Jesus is enough to truly bring us hope.

Duration: 00:35:29

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