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A podcast about the science of art and the art of science

A podcast about the science of art and the art of science
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A podcast about the science of art and the art of science




Final girls

The end of headphones - 0:35 Horror movies — final girl trope - 3:21 Narrative psychology — how storytelling shapes our understanding of events - 21:44

Duration: 00:41:13

Let’s talk finance: drug prices and the money behind online streaming services

0:24 - Wilderness Week 4:22 - Epi-Pen/drug costs 18:11 - Frank Ocean and album releases 32:02 - Halt and Catch Fire

Duration: 00:43:48

Ryan Lochte, diversity in film, and the microbes among us featuring interview with science writer Ed Yong

0:18 - Ryan Lochte 3:54 - Arrival film 8:57 -Nate Park + Birth of a Nation 23:09 - Interview with Ed Yong

Duration: 00:49:42

Stranger Things, a scientist hit list, and more strange things

0:41 - Liz sees Suicide Squad 6:35 - Scientist hit list 10:14 - Flossing revisited 12:52 - Smithsonian misconduct 31:08 - Stranger Things

Duration: 00:58:10

Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad, and nature documentaries

0:33 - Ghostbusters 8:15 - Flossing 13:07 - Nature documentaries 23:21 - Suicide Squad

Duration: 00:33:04

Gotta catch ‘em all!

03:43 - biodiversity 07:32 - Pokémon GO 24:50 - Ohlala

Duration: 00:46:23

A Violent Purge

Liz and Emily discuss a disheartening week in national news, The Purge and violence in entertainment, and Beyonce’s very awesome headphones.

Duration: 00:48:35

The Season of the Shark: The Shallows, Game of Thrones, and Jupiter

The Season of the Shark: The Shallows, Game of Thrones, and Jupiter by The Verge

Duration: 00:45:31

Alternative weight loss, alternative music, and the best YouTube account ever

Alternative weight loss, alternative music, and the best YouTube account ever by The Verge

Ghostbusters Twitter, Brazil, and other failed states

Ghostbusters Twitter, Brazil, and other failed states by The Verge

Captain America Civil War, the genetics of education, and other disappointments

Captain America Civil War, the genetics of education, and other disappointments by The Verge

Genomes, Game of Thrones and Gawker

Time passes and the internet evolves — as everything does, really. ocial norms, minimal genomes, and the changing nature of celebrity

Buy the ticket, take the ride featuring interview with Juan Thompson

It's sort of a shame Kanye didn't name his album Waves after all — the same week that The Life of Pablo dropped, the LIGO group said they found gravitational waves. (Waves would also be thematically appropriate for Tidal, which is the only place where TLOP is legally available.) Today, Liz and Emily discuss them both, and bring on special guest Juan Thompson, to talk about Hunter Thompson, writing, and too much fun. First up, the ladies discuss gravitational waves, their significance for...

Badly behaved record execs, badly behaved scientists

We rarely go into this thing with a theme in mind, but an unfortunate (and all too common) one just fell in our laps this week: men doing bad things — and getting away with it. First we talk about the repeated reports of sexual harassment coming out of the science community, and why universities and organizations like the National Science Foundation aren't incentivized to do much about it. We also talk in a larger way about how important it is to recognize the fallibility of our heroes —...

Duration: 01:49:31

The 90s are coming!

Liz and Emily are back on their proper coasts — finally — and from this perspective, it becomes clear the 90s are back. Like, in a very serious way. Is it just part and parcel for the 20-year rehash cycle? Can it be attributed to the fact that all the #content is made by people who were young in the 90s and want to recapture their lost youth and innocence? Is Emily excited about the new Full House? How is the X-Files going? Why are all the children wearing crop tops? Will we ever see JNCOs...

Oscars, Sundance, and the Zika virus

Oscars, Sundance, and the Zika virus by The Verge

Duration: 01:00:42

I love sitting on the sidelines of a scientist fight

Liz has a cold, and Emily is in a cabin somewhere in the mountains of Utah, but the Verge ESP podcast must go on! This week, we're chatting about the return of The X Files to Fox — a show near to Liz's heart and dear to Emily's. Liz has seen the first episode of the miniseries reboot (you can read her spoiler-free review here) and more than anything else, it made us think about why the show was such a perfect mirror for the paranoid '90s. How that gets translated for 2016 is a whole other...

Duration: 00:49:44

Sound & Vision & Personal Fitness Trackers

Hello and welcome to the first Verge ESP episode of 2016! First of all, some good news: we're gonna be weekly this year. Second of all, some bad news: both Lemmy (of Motörhead fame) and David Bowie died. (Can someone please check on the rest of the iconic UK musicians?) We'll talk a little about how we were affected by their lives and careers — but that's hardly all. Did you notice all those health gizmos at CES this year? It's part of a weird trend, where tech companies can dodge FDA...

Duration: 00:49:33

Martian madness, Song Machines, and The Knick

Emily and Liz follow up on their experiences watching The Martian, talk about Elon Musk's bizarre cult of personality (and his dastardly plans for Mars), try to make sense of some questionable, high-tech psychosis pills currently being tested, and try not to faint while talking about how graphic the second season of The Knick is. Emily also interviews New Yorker music writer John Seabrook on his new book The Song Machine, where he delves into the intricate craft of the modern pop song and...

Duration: 00:50:51

Water on Mars, Matt Damon on Mars, and why Liz is so mad

Liz and Emily go to Mars on the ESP spaceship as they talk about NASA’s findings this week and the upcoming movie The Martian. And speaking of sustaining life, the British Medical Journal published an investigation on food that is seriously in error– Liz explains why, and checks the BMJ’s work.

Duration: 00:42:37

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