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VibrantHappyWomen is a podcast created for you, the woman who's striving to live happily, even when life gets hard. If you're looking for motivation, inspiration + positive thinking with a splash of heart and soul, join self-help guru Jen Riday as she chats with inspiring women, including stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, authors, and more. Learn how they use creativity, personal development and spirituality to successfully overcome challenges such as loneliness, depression, health problems, death, addiction, family conflict and abuse. Each guest shares her personal low point and her triumph over that difficult time. We end each episode with our guest's list of FAVORITE THINGS and her personal HAPPINESS FORMULA of habits and steps she follows to increase productivity, success and joy. Bonus: Jen's HAPPY BITS provide quick + easy tips on how you can feel happier each day.






81: How to Clean Out Your 'Thought Closet' So You Can Stay Positive More Easily (Jennifer Rothschild)

Do you ever catch yourself filled with poisonous thoughts about your worthiness or capability as a person, mom or employee? In this episode of Vibrant Happy Women Jennifer Rothschild shares how bad moments don't have to mean bad days filled with endless negativity and how she overcomes her own negative self talk by cleaning out her "thought closet." Free Kids Chore Chart: Get 20% off Organifi Complete Protein (get the chocolate!) by going to and...

Duration: 00:30:50

Happy Bit: You Are a Rockstar!

Now that school is started, you might like a copy of my Kids Chore Chart: And I share some words of gratitude and praise for ALL the amazing, good things you're doing in life. Thank you for being a rockstar!

Duration: 00:03:37

80: Love Your Marriage Again by Learning the Art of Letting Go of Expectations (Laura Doyle)

Laura Doyle struggled for years in her marriage until she finally learned the art of letting go of expectations. Learn how she did, how it helped her husband like being around her again, and how Laura is happier than she’s ever been in her relationship. You can explore more at Nuggets of Wisdom from Laura: "I stopped trying to control my husband and instead, I focused on my own happiness. And that, in turn improved what he sees. I suffered so much in my marriage. I...

Duration: 00:29:43

Happy Bit: The Think List

Have you ever had a problem that needed to be solved, but you just couldn't quite figure out the solution? Enter the THINK LIST. This tool will help you find solutions to those annoying problems that seem to have no answer, like how to get up earlier in the morning, how to improve a relationship with a teenager, or any other moment in life when you just need an inspired or creative solution.

Duration: 00:02:43

79: Planting the Energy of 'I'm Happy' Using the Law of Attraction (Rachael Pickworth)

Have you ever felt the deep inner calling of your soul to explore a new path, but your fears meant you ignored that voice inside? Rachael Pickworth of Woman on Purpose had always tried to deny her yearning to rise up, honor her truth and express herself authentically, but ultimately the pain of denying her inner truth led to her life and business crashing around her in what she calls a ‘dark night of the soul’. Rachael reached a point where she could no longer deny her higher calling and...

Duration: 00:41:58

Happy Bit: Celebrating Your Hard Work

Growing up on a farm taught me the value of hard work; however, I’ve worried life in suburbia hasn’t instilled the same work ethic in my kids. Life has converged to help me focus on work ethic, and I share our experience laboring on Labor Day as a family.

Duration: 00:04:47

78: Teaching Kids the Value of Work (PJ Jonas)

PJ Jonas is a business owner, goat-wrangler, entrepreneur, and mother. After getting goats to provide healthy milk for her eight children, she decided to put some excess milk into a batch of handmade soap. That decision was the beginning of Goat Milk Stuff, a growing goat milk products business that includes Goat Milk Soaps,cheeses, candies, fudge, gelato and more! PJ lives in Indiana with her husband, Jim and eight children. The entire family along with 6 full time employees work hard to...

Duration: 00:38:19

Happy Bit: How to Be Authentic (And Help Other Women Do the Same)

Did you ever stop to consider that authentic living requires listening to your intuition? Learn the best way to tap into your authentic voice and why it's CRITICAL that we not only stop "shoulding" all over ourselves, but especially all over other women. It's time to celebrate the authentic (and diverse) voice of every single woman's effort to live authentically. And to assume we're all doing the best we can.

Duration: 00:04:50

Happy Bit: What To Do When You Wake Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed

Have you ever woken up exhausted, grumpy or unready to face the day? In this Happy Bit I give you 3 strategies that will boost your mood, energy and focus on those really tough mornings.

Duration: 00:04:54

76: Living Fully Alive (Mary Hyatt)

Mary Hyatt was drowning in unhappiness after marrying very young and having no idea who she was; after years of numbing her unhappiness with food, Mary found herself 70 pounds overweight and needing to make a change. She decided to embark on a journey to find herself and to stop playing small; in the process she let go of the weight and the unhealthy marriage and today Mary is a strong advocate of living FULLY ALIVE through being authentic, loving yourself and loving your body. Mary Hyatt...

Duration: 00:42:04

Happy Bit: A Parenting Mantra to Create Happier Kids (and a Happier Mama)

Happy Bit: A Parenting Mantra to Create Happier Kids (and a Happier Mama) Parents and kids seem to do a lifelong dance - at least for the first 18 years - between control and freedom. In this Happy Bit I share a parenting mantra I created that helps me focus less on control (and criticism) and more on the positives like love, warmth, humor and praise. The Mantra: My only parenting tools are love, hugs, warmth, humor and compliments.

Duration: 00:05:10

75: Small & Steady Steps Are Where the Magic Happens (Anne Bogel)

Rather than always seeking the "grand gesture" or the next "big thing," Anne Bogel, blogger at Modern Mrs. Darcy and host of the What Should I Read Next? podcast reminds us that small and steady steps are where the magic happens. Anne Bogel is the creator of the popular blog Modern Mrs Darcy and the podcast What Should I Read Next?. Anne Bogel popular book lists and reading guides have established Bogel as a tastemaker among readers, authors, and publishers. Anne lives in Louisville,...

Duration: 00:27:31

Happy Bit: Vision Journaling

Journaling can be a powerful way to see the big picture of your life, to notice the trajectory you're on and to make needed adjustments. Whether you prefer gratitude journaling, writing your goals and intentions or recording a "diary" of your day, journaling is so helpful. One of the most powerful forms of journaling is vision journaling, which is writing down what you WANT your life to look like as if it's already the REALITY. Vision journaling not only creates energy, motivation and...

Duration: 00:03:31

74: Health and Fat Loss for Women (Beth Westie)

Women's and men's bodies are not the same. We try to assume men and women can lose fat int he same way, but it can be helpful to account for hormones, pregnancy, breastfeeding...all of those things that make women women. In this episode Dr. Beth Westie shares some hot fat loss and health tips just for women.

Duration: 00:42:45

Happy Bit: Be the Starter

Hear how mow my friend Chris "infected" everyone with the happiness bug at a recent BBQ and how you can do the same thing and be the STARTER.

Duration: 00:01:49

73: On Wholeness, Alignment and Sisterhood (Nisha Moodley)

Nisha Moodley shares how happy living and making a contribution to society are tied to understanding our personal wholeness and our “Big Why.”

Duration: 00:35:06

Happy Bit: How to Wake Up and SHINE

You are powerful beyond measure, and it's time to wake up and act accordingly- to play big and to SHINE.

Duration: 00:02:24

72: How to Flip Your Lifestyle So You Can Work Less and Live More (Joceyln Sams)

Ever wished you could work less so you could live more? After an incident with her son’s childcare provider, Jocelyn Sams realized she was giving too much control of her life to other people. She and her husband Shane decided to give up teaching and create an online business so they could have the flexibility and freedom they needed to spend more time with their kids - all while working only 10-15 hours/week. In this episode Jocelyn shares exactly how they did it. Today’s guest is Jocelyn...

Duration: 00:28:28

Happy Bit: Creating a Word Board

You've probably heard of a Vision Board before, but have you ever created a word board? In this episode I'll tell you how.

Duration: 00:03:00

71: How to Live Simply and Put People Before Stuff (Tsh Oxenreider)

Ever wish you had less stuff? Wanting more time for what's important? In this episode Tsh Oxenreider shares her story of learning to have less “stuff” so she could have more time for living her purpose, which includes helping people and traveling. Tsh Oxenreider is the author of several books, including her new one, At Home in the World. She's the founder of the community blog The Art of Simple and the top-ranked podcaster of The Simple Show, where she encourages big-hearted people to...

Duration: 00:29:38

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