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Chronic diseases are becoming the norm of our society. Dr. Lu will discuss in lay terms how stress and toxins influence the function of the whole body, mechanisms our body has adapted to meet the demands of this new environment, and essential strategies that can save our lives and help our bodies return to vibrant living. Once we discover the root sources of disease and health, we can follow a simple path towards abundant health, peace, and clarity.






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Putting it all together: 7 steps to a younger, healthier, lighter and more

Join Dr. Lu medical doctor and doctor of philosophy and Dr. Carter naturopathic physician and chiropractor for the final 2 episodes of “Vibrant Life”

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Vibrant Life


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One day my patient handed me a book titled “Hypothyroid TYPE 2” – It saved

“A young housewife who feels rundown, tires easily, is sleepy much of the time, and is strangely oversensitive to cold weather….A victim of recurrent severe headaches… A barren couple ...A child or adult unusually prone to infections…A sufferer from severe rheumatic pain and a potential heart attack victim … At least one man or woman in a severe mental state of depression … These are a few people who will pass through my waiting room on almost any routine day. There is one striking common...

Duration: 00:45:30

Sleepless and Overweight: are these two modern life trends interrelated? Ho

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, or you wake up feeling unrefreshed, you may be suffering from insomnia. As many as 75% of Americans have reported that they have trouble sleeping. At the same time, more than 61% of Americans are now considered overweight or obese. Recent studies have shown that there may in fact be a strong link between the two. Join Dr. Lu and Dr. Carter in this episode as they discuss how to sleep like baby again and wake up refreshed, with great metabolism...

Duration: 00:56:18

Let's talk about Sex Hormones and how it affects Your summer of Love

Estrogen- is the molecule of Love and the Queen of Seduction Progesterone- is the valium for the brain and the peace maker Testosterone- is the control/reward molecule, motivation, desire and addiction Cortisol- is the molecule that gets you out of bed but can make you frizzled and frazzled Is your stress ruining your bedroom life? Is stress taking the fun out of summer? Find out how you can re-juice your life with Dr. Lu and Vibrant Life!

Duration: 00:57:16

Chemical, Electrical, Genetic, Modern Radiation Revolution- We no longer li

Everyone recognizes stress is a modern life challenge and yet many people avoid learning or talking about what ever-increasing environmental alterations and advances we face today are doing to our cells, organs and our body and mind. Surely many advances at some point seemed to serve a purpose to a degree and many even have made our world a much easier place to live and to enjoy. But as a medical doctor, Dr. Lu reluctantly started to look at many diseases and their associations to these...

Duration: 00:55:44

Celebration of Our Independence From Sickness and Accelerated Aging.

Is this philosophy working for you: every time we do not feel well and something has been bothering us, we are told to take a pill or see a surgeon as if we have too many organs or not enough drugs. Just about everyone knows that America's health care system is approaching economic disaster. Our sickness focused system and philosophy -"Waiting for my doctor to heal me" - has now become the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. Tomorrow is our nation’s independent day, let each one of us...

Duration: 00:57:14

Liberation from the Five Burdens of Modern Life and Autism: It’s Not Just i

True wellness is not a state of lack of symptoms or diagnosis of diseases. In order to build a strong foundation for vibrant and abundant health, we must strive to liberate ourselves the five burdens of modern life: (1) Stress induced brain-endocrine dysfunction (2) Stress and pollution related Immune system imbalance (3) Stress and Toxins related overworking detox organs - exhausted liver and kidneys and skin (4) Chemical Food Burden (including GMO) on our stressed GUT (5) Stress-Toxic...

Duration: 00:56:09

Empowered to live a vibrant life in the increasingly challenging environmen

The inconvenient truth is we live in a much more toxic environment today than our ancestors. The satisfying result is that advanced integrative medicine strategies have found simple solutions that can save your life. My intention in the coming episode is not to scare you, but to raise the awareness about the environmental pollutions. No more confusion on how to detox! We are going to focus on the simple solutions that everyone can start to feel great again. Come to discover with Dr. Lu why...

Duration: 00:54:43

Live with Ease Under Daily Stress Attacks: Hormonal Chaos and What We Can D

Are you always on the run? Feeling like stress is causing chaos and miscommunications? Do you know hormones do not work smoothly together when survival is the only instinct in charge? If you want to feel ease instead of overwhelming stress, you’ll want to hear Dr. Lu as she discusses the role of the adrenal glands in our survival instinct and its affect on how we push through, or relax and enjoy, each and every day. She will also talk about the critical thyroid gland and why nearly 80% of...

Duration: 00:52:28

Life Under Stress and the Opportunities for Anti-Aging Medicine

Chronic stress can accelerate brain and thymus aging and decline, with the rest of our vital body functions following the downhill curve. Dr. Lu will discuss the effects of a stressed digestive system, including the loss of integrity in the gut and the devastating effects of leaky gut syndrome. She will also introduce phenomena of the aging heart and issues surrounding the loss of rhythm and strength. Have you heard of shrinking lung syndrome, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain? How about the...

Duration: 00:49:42

Two Inconvenient Truths of Modern Life Living: Stress and Toxins

Have you ever wonder if indeed we are supposed to live well under everyday stress and unrelenting environmental pollutions? Are you concerned about your changing hormones and neuroendocrine system? Maybe in our brain, there is a slowdown mechanism inherited during these turbulent times, yet we cannot slowdown in reality. Then what happens when we silently go our daily ways without ever thinking of this physical wonder machine might have very few days left to run at optimal level? Will it...

Duration: 00:54:58