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Episode 22 – Louis C.K., The Punisher, Vice Principals

Episode 22 - Swimsuit Edition! Moustache, or mustache? Bonding over a rousing game of Dicks Off. Oprah’s minions are celebrity revelation experts. Let’s expose predators to the world!!! Just not the way Louis CK did. Do-nut be lazy with your spelling. Mixing different cereals is an experience, best served leisurely, mid-afternoon. Curb Your Enthusiasm is hilarious, and JB Smoove is one of the funniest humans on the planet. The Daily Show isn’t the same without Jon Stewart. I Dare(devil) you...

Duration: 00:40:11

Episode 21 – Shameless, SMILF, Momma Trish Returns!

Episode 21 - CongratuLAtion! Old-head hip hop > Young-kid hip hop. Nothing says “face tattoo” quite like Anne Frank. What is an iPhone without the “i”? Just so you know, go grow your mo: it’s November. Movember. Grow-vember? Baptism finally allows Vic to walk on water. And you get balloons!!! Jesus is the reason for the (Philadelphia Eagles’) season. Magic roses and moldy cupcakes keep hope alive. Uncle Eddie makes me get the beer. Electric slide into our DMs. Livin’ in sin at the Holiday...

Duration: 00:41:56

Episode 20 – iPhone X, Stranger Things, Beetlejuice

Episode 20 - Been a long time! Victor marries his brother, Brian. Just doin’ it for the booze. iPhone X-tasy spreads like wildfire. Shizzle goes down in Starbucks parking lots. Irish Breakfast Tea: malarkey, or not malarkey? Examining infertility issues of the Wicked. Get your cray on with some crayons. Beetlejuice doth not a groomsman make. Randall Cunningham is larger than life, while Big Pussy is simply large. Smoothies make the beets go on, but beware of a surprise exit. Stranger...

Duration: 00:37:16

Episode 19 – Chantilly, Handmaid’s Tale, The Gifted

Episode 19 - So hard to find good help these days. Old is the new New... like Chantilly lace, perhaps. The Sandlot boys take Virginia by storm. Vic in a Box branding gets a lift (in pricing). Go Big & Go Home. Palm Springs is a great place to celebrate life, but have a back-up plan for football. The Slingbox is the answer for out-of-town sports. L.A. fandom is frivolous. Meanwhile in Philly, sports are life. Just don’t miss practice. The Handmaid’s Tale is fantastically freaky, and full of...

Duration: 00:38:52

Episode 18 – Blade Runner, Star Trek (Track?), Propagandhi

Episode 18 - Livin’!!! Pumpkin, pumpkin, everywhere. Costco is communist, and other political thoughts for half a second. Speaking of pumpkins, Reesee Cup Pumpkins are incredible. Dishwashing tips: Hot water burn baby. Propagandhi friggin’ rocks. What is Grateful Dead may never die. Big Baller pricing for our T-shirts. Misconceptions of SMH. Star Trek/Track Discovery has Sasha from The Walking Dead. Lens flares illuminate Hollywood’s best. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Jessica Biel...

Duration: 00:33:54

Episode 17 – Romeo + Juliet, Stephen King’s It, Baby Driver

Episode 17 - Crazy insane! Oh, to be a hype man... Flu season has arrived, and we are sick of it. To vacc, or not to vacc? Romeo + Juliet is full of itself. Differing opinions on Stephen King’s It. Some say Excitement, some say Excrement. Beatriz at Dinner is an artsy-fartsy pass, but Salma Hayek was amazing in From Dusk Till Dawn. Harold Perrineau is a great actor, but his roles get lost in the Matrix. Baby Driver is flashy, cool, & stylized, and Ryan Gosling is not in it. Odd couples be...

Duration: 00:31:53

Episode 16, Momma Trish, Narcos, Oreos

Episode 16 - Oops, pow, surprise! We welcome Whitney's mom, Trish, as our special guest! Girls' Trip/Night/Night Out is well written, and may or may not contain pineapples & grapefruit. Neither dinosaurs, nor Trish, washed their hands after the bathroom. The Glass Castle features Woody Harrelson as a squatting moocher. Keith took a 22-pound watermelon on an airplane. Crystal Pepsi is not meth, but it is refreshing. The enormity of the Oreo Universe does not disappoint. Narcos is a...

Duration: 00:37:47

Episode 15 – Heat Wave, Black Mirror, The Walking Dead

Episode 15 - That fantasy football life, tho. Hell comes to the City of Angels... who's moving to Alaska? Fire on the mountain is a pain in the ash. HBO is all about the tease. Black Mirror is Twilight Zone like a mofo; beware of watching with significant others. Thinking average is average thinking. And now a P.S.A. on brain usage. Jessica Biel is a Sinner; catch her (and Mr. Robot) in the act on USA. "Put The Walking Dead DOWN, Carl!!" The Beautiful Sport ain't so pretty to some. Paying...

Duration: 00:34:34

Episode 14 – The Defenders, Ozark, Fake Meat

Episode 14 - It's goin' down! Rush out to see Reservoir Dogs... 20 years later. Talkin' 'bout the Game of Thrones finale. Jacque doesn't answer her phone. The Simpsons are everywhere. Food documentaries ruin junk food for us. Fake-meat corn dogs are awesome, but avoid the breakfast sausages. The Japanese aim to be 85% full. Ozark is way dark. The Sopranos has bad nudity. We break bro code when it comes to ogling. The Defenders is an awesome binge-watch, we need more of The Tick, and...

Duration: 00:35:00

Episode 13 – Hollow Earth Hollowpalooza!

Episode 13 - The Hollow Earth Extravaganza! Admiral Byrd flies into a giant hole, escorted by aliens, and visits a civilization no one's ever seen. No, seriously. A smaller Earth inside our own? With it's own sun?? Edmond Halley discovered a comet, cool... Should've quit while he was ahead. Cow flatulence will be our undoing. Sanjaya still has the power to mesmerize. Liquid hot magma just has to move! Richard Shaver (Dick Shaver?) heard voices: not schizophrenic. And Kennedy assassination...

Duration: 00:41:03

Episode 12 – American Horror Story, Sneaky Pete, No Filler Fantasy

Episode 12 - School's back for summer? The No Filler Fantasy podcast will set the world on fire! 🔥 Wally attacks a Pitbull Mastiff, but his real pain comes from watching ESPN. The wives love the YouTube vlogs: make-up distractions while we make up excuses (to watch football). Regrumble? American Horror Story scares some, scares away others. Halloween vs. Christmas. Haunted maze love & hate. Don't fake a handicap for a fast pass. Don't cry for missing Aladdin. Don't talk about Game of...

Duration: 00:40:25

Episode 11 – The Ataris, The Queers and Dead Kennedys, Also Moana

Episode 11 - Brian visits L.A., interrupts a woman's reading, and pushes a dead car. Oh, and The Ataris rock out The Viper Room. Y'all know about the Moon City though, right?? Assmaster Bob gets a deer dick in the tailpipe. Vic & Brian do Trivia with Budds. Chip bites a Dead Kennedy. "Kk" is cray cray, K? Rush to see Moana-- before Disney creates their own Netflix. Julia eats hot dogs when she's sober. Twin Peaks returns... with nudity! Reese's cups vs. "Reesees" cups. Reverse-osmosis...

Duration: 00:44:52

Episode 10 – Spider-Man, Twin Peaks, George R.R. Martin?

Episode 10 - Welcome Back! Working out is B.S. ...but necessary. Boot camp is 6 a.m. masochism. Spider-Man is good this time, but know your history. Tom Cruise punched a horse. Twin Peaks is a 35-hour dream sequence. Partying in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride; mind the bronchitis. Eastbound & Down brings out the real laughs. Dark chocolates be good: be Twixt and between. AND good FOR you! 5 o'clock shadow makes kids look old. Almost geeking out on George R.R. Martin. And Taco Bell takes...

Duration: 00:36:17

Episode 9 – Flat Earth Theory, Game of Thrones, Prius Drivers

Episode 9 - Hate reigns supreme, especially if you're Ed Sheeran... and yet Rihanna has a chance to spread the love. Right back to the hate: Prius drivers. Ugggghhh. And finally! What you've ALL been waiting your entire lives for!!! The Flat-Earth-a-Ganza!!! Is the Earth flat or round??? The "experts" weigh in. Science vs. skepticism. Einstein vs. Tesla. Neil DeGrasse Tyson vs. Kyrie Irving. Inspiration meets perspiration, for a greater understanding of our world. From quantum physics to...

Duration: 00:45:18

Episode 8 – Vaquitas, Supergirl, Silicon Valley

Episode 8 - Independence Day come & gone; The Sandlot @ Street Food Cinema was a rousing success. Meesta Meesta, try a mixta! Your pizza frita is NOT a funnel cake, but Oh Canada, try the poutine. Sandlot boys sign some autographs, unlike Dak & Eli. Vic's sister Jacque can't survive off granola alone, but she will take a pie in the face for a vaquita. Jim unleashes his lengthy fire-orange locks. Silicon Valley, Supergirl, and Sopranos. Does the end justify the means? To the ends of the...

Duration: 00:38:47

Episode 7 – Hercules, Twin Peaks, JFK

Episode 7 - Hold your horses, Hercules! Milking bulls, Whitney stops in for a "spray", and other Mormon cuss-words. Street. Food. Cinema. Sandlot at dusk, Glendale, CA. Sat., 7/1/17. Timmy Timmons is bae. Chicken spaghetti, crab fries, and heavenly Scrapple. BC Powder is not crack. Watching rom-coms on social media, as per yo momma. True Detective & GLOW. Vic's sister Julia is a vegetarian, but eats hot dogs when drunk. Talking Twin Peaks, and young Max conspires to uncover JFK & Marilyn....

Duration: 00:43:21

Episode 6 – Wonder Woman, Packers vs. Bears, Emojis

Episode 6 - Let us praise Grandma Lynam & Steve's Pop-pop: 90 is the new 20... Five Be-low, me down! Packers fans try to get the better of Da Bears, whilst bare hands be a'fixin' things around the house. Is an emoji worth a thousand words??? Cartoons that adults can groove to, PeeWee's playing to the house, and who's the Guardian of your Galaxy (vol. 2)? Uncle Vic takes his nephew to see a Wonder-ful Woman. Skippy Peanut butter balls in Cowtown. Where to cut your toe-nails. E=MC...

Duration: 00:35:19

Episode 5 – Sherlock, House of Cards, NBA Finals

Episode 5: Shih tzu songs in the key of Life. (Good luck getting them in the bath...) Using doorknobs as clotheslines, and other charming occurrences when you're happy in love. The "slap-pound" vs. the slapped ass. Sherlock, I presume? Subtitles, I digress. And Cliffhanger! The podcast collapses like a House of Cards, as the tv junkies discuss the NBA Finals. The Website - iTunes - Stitcher - Google...

Duration: 00:29:26

Episode 4 – 3D Movies, LaVar Ball, Trump

Episode 4: Talkin' 'bout weddings, speeches, anniversaries, Joe Walsh, Led Zeppelin and even more day-drinking... "Gimme that D" deserves a laugh, Los Pollos Hermanos pops up (minus the pollo). Tots and Shots, sure, but Irish Breakfast has no whiskey? Shenanigans. Lavar Ball, Donald Trump, and reality makes HBO rethink their jokes... as should we. The Website - iTunes - Stitcher - Google Play -...

Duration: 00:28:18

Extra Vic: The Lost Episode 3 – Day-Drinking, Marriage, Shih Tzus

Bonus Episode 2.5(?): Steve returns from the motherland, day-drinking hurts, and Jim's Steaks on South Street is still the BEST! The boys talk NFL Draft crowds, then Victor declares for the NBA Draft and tells us the best thing about being married... This week's edition of "Whatcha Watchin'?", ¡Guacamole!, Sandlot misquoted, schizophrenia, and know your Shih-Tzus. The website - iTunes - Stitcher -

Duration: 00:34:25

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