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Vicious Circle Podkast 2BDAY FINAL Showcase Fnoob Broadcast #20 & #21

PURE DRUGGED UP NOODLE SOUP... !!! :) Buckle up and strap everything down for the 2ND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FNOOB BROADCAST shows 20 & 21 !!!! ft. TONS OF FNOOD DIGITAL RELEASES .. GODSMACKED PROMO'S Johannes Heil .. Mario Ochoa .. Ansome .. Uvb .. Tuomas Rantanen .. Diarmaid O'meara .. to name just a few of the quality artists within .. !!! :) Love n Respect AS ALWAYS.. WE ALL SPEAK TECHNO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duration: 01:58:34

2ND B'DAY SHOWCASE #20/2 - History Class Bawn Trubble Blind Spot Podcast #141

SO FOR PART 2 OF THE 2ND BIRTHDAY EP# 20 SHOWCASE.. You will journey back through history to when first things really went OFF THE CHAIN regarding dj'n on a more professional and overseas status.. IT'S A DOOZY and seemingly unavailable anywhere else in digital land EXCEPT HERE at the home of VCP!!...: Having already featured on the NEW BREED OF BLIND SPOT PODCAST a bit earleir that year the reception was that good i was invited to do the main show pushing myself into the realms of laying...

Duration: 00:59:59

Vicious Circle Podkast Double Tap Release Ep# 18 & 19

OKAY SO HERE WE ARE AGAIN.. the Doublekast release of the VCP .. EPISODE 18 IS A LIVE RECORDING from condemned in manchester a bit back.. a walk down memory lane and.. EPISODE 19 IS THE NOT POODLE MIX [Teef & Bomato] recorded live in the studio at home and as always broadcast on the ONLY PROPER TECHNO STATION.. WWW.FNOOBTECHNO.COM .. Thanks for tuning in once again :) Must Love & Respect Bawn T

Duration: 01:59:57

Vicious Circle Podkast EP#17 - Amsterdamaged Goods

To Celebrate MY WEDDING TODAY .. i am happy to share the vibes of a new part of life in this early podkast release.. ENJOY !! :) I will update track listing after the festivities !!

Duration: 01:19:11

Vicious Circle Podkast Ep# 16 & 17 - Tribal Nick This Ones For You! FULL !

THE DOUBLE HEADER EPISODES 16&17 all in 1 MIX!~!!! A Dedication to a true techno soldier friend of mine - TRIBAL NICK - Using his most recent favorite selections: ENJOY :) Tracklist 01. Dj Hell & Klaus Nomi - Cold Song 2013 (Dj Hell Official Remix) 02. Perc - The Thought That Counts 03. Flug - Deep Whispers 04. Sian - 1950'S Talisman 05. AFTAHRS - Boa (Mario B Remix) 06. Velibor Miranovic - Submarine (Marino & Marko Finesse Remix) 07. Rob Hes - Embrace 08. Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of...

Duration: 02:12:54

Vicious Circle DOUBLEKAST Eps. #14 Pash Motato & #15 Mikka Tasala

BOOOOOM and another DOUBLEKAST of the VICIOUS CIRCLE PODKAST DROPS!! EP#14 - PASH MOTATO - a vibrant collection of some the most upfront and exclusive underground house and tech.. rollin basslines,hooks,loops and tribal rhythms keep this mix pumping from start to finish!!! EP#15 Mikka Tasala - WELL WHAT CAN I SAY.. this one's the damager,featuring works from UVB.. DJ EMERSON .. DIARMAID O MEARA.. ETHAN FAWKES.. ISRAEL TOLEDO to name just a few .. this set is relentless in the pursuit of...

Duration: 02:42:58

Vicious Circle DOUBLE TECHNO Podkast EP#12 - Chish & Fips & EP#13 Chubarb n Rustard FNOOBTECHNO.COM

THE FNOOB TECHNO VICIOUS CIRCLE PODKAST IS HERE AGAIN !! & ITS A DOUBLE YOLKER !! Both episode 12 & 13 are included in this power house showcase of pounding techno !! I have done this to give myself a small break as there wont be a tech mix for episode 13 and it will re-continue on EP# 14 :) Hope you enjoy the show !! :) Download from here or I-TUNES VIDEOS ARE AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE with dl links also :)

Duration: 01:33:55

Vicious Circle Podkast Ep#12 Pt.1 Beautiful Sound Of Tech Chish & Fips

SO HERE IT IS FINALLY PT 1 OF EPISODE 12 OF VCP!!!!! A beautiful progressive tech mix with superior vocal ANTHEMs and driving tech beats !! Vicious Circle Podkast @ THE FOREFRONT OF SOUND !! Enjoy :) THERE WILL BE NO MIX FOR EPISODE 13 AND THE TECH VCP WILL CONTINUE ON EP#14 ..Thanks :)

Duration: 00:59:55

Vicious Circle Podkast Ep #11 Fnoob 2 **TECHNO** COLLATERAL DAMAGE!

The podkast ain't called VICIOUS CIRCLE PODKAST for nothing..HERE'S WHY .. !! : 01. Daz Furey - Aptimilitant 02. The Yellowheads - Conquerors 03. Hertz - Recreate (Montana Re-Edit) 04. Hertz & Hardcell - Electrons 05. Hertz & Johan Bacto - Redworm (Hertz & Tobias Von Hofsten Remix) 06. Hertz & Hardcell - Protons 07. Hertz - Julia (Valentino Kanzyani Remix) 08. Hertz - Lucky 13 (Adam Beyer Remix) 09. Nihad Tule & Lasseman - Decimator 10. Hertz - The Coin 11. Hertz - Three times 8 is...

Duration: 00:59:59

Vicious Circle Podkast Episode 010 Fnoob 01 - Bring The NOIZE!!

BAMMMMM and we're here again.. Over 2 hours of pounding beats, live remixing, technical mixing and out & out forefront underground sounds: This was the first show to be aired now i'm back on my old homegrounds FNOOB TECHNO (next show 06.02.2017 10pm GMT) The first 1 hour 10 is jacking underground tech-house and the second hour is the FNOOB TECHNO broadcast:: Thanks and Enjoy :) Tech-House Set Track listing: 01. Bt's Who's Listening Intro 02. Bizen Lopez - Una Noche Sin...

Duration: 02:08:46

Vicious Circle Podkast #008 - Last Of Summer meets Winters Chill [ITUNES]

As winter creeps in and the summer closing parties wrap up episode 8 fills the gap perfectly.. With a new welcome to the VC for the oncoming winter this podcast moves from Deep underground house of the white isle kicking things off and as the show rolls on the vibe slips into the darker realm..! Vicious Circle Podkast - Finest in Underground.. /=] Tracklisting: 01. Oliver Giacomotto & Noir - Reste (Raxon Remix) 02. Ben Remember - Can't You See 03. Francis White - Stringside (Jey Kurmis...

Duration: 01:30:17

Vicious Circle Podkast #007 Classic Set Beatport Top Rated Bawn Trubble [I-TUNES]

Episode 007 here it is: a classic set that was top rated on beatport mixes.. sorry but due to work and holidays i've had to put this one in but have an amazing set of tracks for the next episode! This was first aired on fnoob radio which is why you will hear the odd fnoob sample dropping throughout. ENJOY!! Tracklisting: 01. Bt'z - K2dVC Fnoob Intro 02. Jamie Jones - 911 03. Panpot - White Fiction 04. Thomas P Heckmann - Bunkerslams [Dj Emerson Rmx] 05. Dense & Pika - Colt 06. Robert...

Duration: 01:55:22