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In conversation with Victoria’s distinguished alumni

Emeritus Professor Lydia Wevers led a conversation with business leaders Danny Chan and Chris Moller, former World Anti-Doping Agency Director-General David Howman, social justice champion Stephanie McIntyre and academic and women’s rights activist Professor Marilyn Waring. Five of Victoria’s latest distinguished alumni shared tales of their time at Victoria and how the University has shaped their lives and careers ahead of the official awards ceremony the following evening


Post-Election Wrap - What's Next?

The 2017 General Election will be remembered as one of the most surprising in recent New Zealand history with multiple leadership changes, surprise revelations, and personality and policy clashes. But what is in store for New Zealand once the dust of the election season has settled? Political commentator and Victoria academic Max Rashbrooke in conversation with Tim Murphy with offers their thoughts on the election campaign, and what is likely to happen next. How will the next Government...


Capital gains tax: Bogeyman or crucial reform?

Capital gains tax. It’s a topic that comes around every election year, and ¬2017 is no exception. Sometimes it’s a scaremongering tactic used to warn voters off considering rival parties. Sometimes it’s presented as a serious policy option that can, and should, be implemented. As always, the reality is probably somewhere in the middle. Victoria University academics Max Rashbrooke (Institute of Governance and Policy Studies) and Lisa Marriott (School of Accounting and Commercial Law)...


The Road Ahead Seminar Series—Teaching and Learning Difficult History

Dr Mark Sheehan from Victoria's School of Education speaks in the Faculty of Education and Stout Research Centre's The Road Ahead Seminar Series. The price of autonomy: teaching and learning difficult history in a high-autonomy curriculum environment. Teachers have the responsibility of choosing to engage young people with difficult history and while a number of innovative and intellectually confident teachers do so, they do not operate, as autonomous entities when it comes to curriculum...


Great Ideas—Darwin's Origin Of The Species

A series about the ideas that have shaped the world we live in, created in association with Victoria University of Wellington's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and RNZ. In 1859 Darwin published his monograph On the Origin of the Species by Natural Selection. That book articulated in great detail the very simple idea that species were not the product of intentional design but evolved as a consequence of scarce resources, variation in the species, and heritability of traits....


Great Ideas—Every Language Is A World

A series about the ideas that have shaped the world we live in, created in association with Victoria University of Wellington's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and RNZ. Arguably, one of the defining differences between humans and other animals is our ability to communicate to others using language. But language does not only help us pass on our ideas to others, it also shapes (and is shaped by) the way we understand the world we live in. In this episode, we look at the ways...


Te Whare Wānanga o te Ūpoko o te Ika a Māui – Living up to our name

Professor Charlotte Macdonald (School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations) and Dr Mike Ross (Te Kawa a Maui—School of Māori Studies) chair this forum as part of Victoria University of Wellington’s commitment to further develop ‘Enriching national culture’ as one of its areas of academic distinctiveness. Professor Susy Frankel (School of Law), Professor Jeff Tatum (School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies), Professor Yiyan Wang (School of...


Can anyone trump Trump?

How did Donald Trump become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee? It’s a question that’s baffling political pundits around the world. Victoria University academics Associate Professor Marc Wilson and Dr Claire Timperley offer their thoughts on the pending US election, discussing what is going on in the minds of voters, and what Donald Trump’s rise means for the Republican Party. This was part of the Victoria University Spotlight Lecture Series —an opportunity to sample the...


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