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Ep. 124: Newsjacking: How Marketers Can Capitalize On Breaking News

What if you could create a surge of new website traffic and brand awareness just by piggybacking off of breaking news stories? It’s called newsjacking. If you haven’t heard of it before, newsjacking is when you leverage trending news to elevate your brand’s message. And it doesn’t always have to be news specific to your industry — it can be local and world news, too. It’s a marketing strategy that celebrities, politicians, authority figures and brands of all sizes can (and do)...

Duration: 00:43:01

Marketing Lessons Learned From Hugh Hefner

In light of Hugh Hefner’s recent passing, I wanted to share a few marketing lessons I learned from him as a 9-years old kid. At the time, my grandpa was a member of the Playboy club. And occasionally, he’d bring me along (he’d pay the doorman to let me in). As I’m sure you can imagine, the whole experience was fascinating, but what I really remember are the marketing lessons I learned along the way. If you want to hear exactly what those lessons were, how I’ve used them to build a...

Duration: 00:28:23

Ep. 122: Discover Who Your Biggest Competitor Is (It’s Not Who You Think)

Almost every business has misidentified who their real competition is, and yours is no different. Contrary to what most businesses think, your biggest competitor isn’t the business down the street or the company who recently stole work from you. No, no, no. Your biggest competitor… is your customer’s ATTENTION SPAN. It’s the most scarce and valuable resource today. Digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to 4,000 - 10,000 brand advertisements each...

Duration: 00:32:43

Ep. 121: Why Digital Agencies Struggle with Video

ideo marketing is a whole ‘nother beast compared to its counterparts. Unlike your day-to-day content marketing efforts, a great video that generates ROI requires the right equipment, a video production team, scriptwriters and funnel experts. And considering most digital marketers are first generation search marketing and web development specialists, it’s easy to see why agencies struggle with video — it’s a new paradigm. But anyone with a daily commitment to educate themselves and stay...

Duration: 00:37:12

Ep. 120: How Chobani Used Video Ads To Generate 21.9 Million Views

Let’s face it. Running a video ad campaign can feel scary, especially if you’ve never done it before. You’re hoping to find that winning ad, but results aren’t guaranteed. So, is there a smart way to approach it? Well, there are a few lessons we can learn from the Greek yogurt brand, Chobani, who achieved viral success with their recent video ad — amassing 21.9 million views and 400,000 engagements. Here’s what they did… Instead of playing it slow and testing one ad at a time, they ran...

Duration: 00:43:29

Ep. 119: How Shorter Attention Spans Are Changing The Music Industry (And What Digital Marketers Can Learn)

In the mid 1980s, the average time that passed before you would hear the vocals on any radio song was 23 seconds. Today, that number has dropped to just 5 seconds. The music industry is adapting to our shorter attention span, which averages 1 second less than a goldfish. They understand that attention is a scarce commodity, and you have to get to the goods quickly if you want people to hear your message. The same goes for digital marketers who want to capture their audience’s attention...

Duration: 00:48:03

Ep. 118: How to Use Facebook Ads in Different Stages of the Buying Process, with Steve Hetrick

Looking to use Facebook Ads to generate more targeted leads for your business? With over 1.71 billion monthly active users, it’s a utopia for virtually any business that wants more traffic. But the Facebook gold rush has spread like wildfire, and our newsfeeds are saturated with more ads than ever before. Marketing experts see the trends — people are becoming more immune to ads and costs are rising due to increased competition. After all, no one wakes up and thinks, “I can’t wait...

Duration: 01:05:05

Ep. 117: How Video Content Amplification & Paid Media Work Together

It’s one of the greatest challenges for any business: Just how do you personalize the buyer’s journey to deliver the right content at the right time to get the result you want? Consumers have higher expectations today than they did a few years ago. Spraying the same message to your entire audience not only lowers conversions, but it annoys your potential customers. Today, I’m going to share actionable techniques to amplify the right piece of content to different segments of your...

Duration: 00:41:19

Ep. 116: The Three Building Blocks of a Successful Video

Looking to create a super successful video? These three building blocks will give you the guidance needed to create a high-performing video, the first time. Maybe you’re creating an explainer video [interlink] that educates visitors on your product or service and sits at the top of your homepage. Or, perhaps you need a testimonial video to help move prospects closer to making a purchase by building trust and overcoming common objections. In any case, you can follow these three...

Duration: 00:41:22

Ep. 115: Why Most Business Videos Fail, and How To Ensure Yours Succeed

Just because little Timmy has a camera and plays 6 hours of Starcraft everyday on his computer doesn’t qualify him as the best video production partner for your online business video. Nor is the wedding videographer who did a fantastic job capturing the bride and groom’s sentimental moments. As ridiculous as this sounds, I see marketers make this mistake all the time when their boss tasks them with creating a business video. They start by asking, “Who do I know that has a camera?” My...

Duration: 00:30:51

Ep. 114: How Long Does It Take To Make a Video

If you want to get married, you can run down to the courthouse and tie the knot with your lover in an hour, or you can spend 6 months pre-planning the perfect destination wedding at your favorite tropical paradise. The point being, not all weddings are created equal. The same goes for creating a professionally produced video — some are more complex than others. In some cases, your video requires multiple interviews, with different people, in different locations. Other videos need...

Duration: 00:43:35

Ep. 113: Why Amazon Might Expand Their Services (And How to Know If You Should Too)

Are there additional services you could provide to offer a more complete experience for your customers?” Before you answer, let me give you an example… After working with dozens of clients, we noticed a recurring speed bump that was delaying our video marketing projects. Often times, the client needed their web developer to add critical components to their website in order for the video to perform successfully. And in some cases, they needed to create a brand new site. As...

Duration: 00:20:38

Ep. 112: How To Use Video In Each Stage of The Buyer’s Journey

Did you know that 80% of the buyer’s journey happens before someone reaches out to your sales team? Consumers are different today. They want to be independent of the sales person. With all these changes in consumer behavior, you have to ask… “How do you move people towards a buying decision without a sales person?” The short answer: by using video at each stage of the buyer’s journey. But if you really want to understand how to use video throughout the buyer’s journey, we need to go...

Duration: 00:57:26

Ep. 111: How to Optimize The Most Important Pages of Your Website With Video

You’re leaving money on the table. That’s the bad news. The good news: it’s easy to fix this problem with video. You just need to understand the importance of adding high ROI videos on the highest trafficked pages of your website… the “Homepage,” “Product” page, and “About Us” page. I call these, “Non-Perishable” videos because 90% of your audience will see these. But here’s the thing… Attention spans are shorter than ever, so you’ll need videos that are...

Duration: 00:20:00

Ep. 110: How Green Screens Hurt Your Overall Production Value (And What To Do Instead)

Way too often, businesses reach out to the WireBuzz team with a request that makes me cringe… They want to create a green screen video. But here’s the thing.. Green screen videos are rarely appropriate for their business objective. In fact, the majority of video projects we complete for our clients would perform worse if we implemented green screen technology. There are several reasons for this. So as you listen to today’s podcast, you’ll learn when to use green screen for your...

Duration: 00:47:29

Google vs. YouTube: How to Maximize Video Rankings On Each, with Eric Enge (Ep. 109)

What makes videos rank on Google compared to YouTube? Google owns YouTube, so it would make sense if they used the same algorithm, right? But that’s not the case. Savvy video marketers understand that the purpose of Google and YouTube is, first and foremost, to deliver revenue. Thus, each platform has different algorithms to maximize that objective. Then, you have to consider user intent (clue: people go to Google to find quick answers, but they’re likely to spend more time on YouTube...

Duration: 00:23:18

Ep. 108: Three Daily Success Rituals That Create Video Marketing Masters

You don’t have to be the smartest or brightest person in your field to become an expert. That’s a birth-blessing that only happens to a lucky few in every industry, and luck didn’t strike me. In spite of that, I learned how to be resourceful and it made up the difference. So tune into this week’s podcast because I’m going to share three daily success rituals that have transformed me into a video marketing master. It’s how I stay cutting-edge… It’s how I’m able to share relevant and...

Duration: 00:52:38

Ep. 107: The 7 Most Significant Social Platforms for Video Marketers

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram… Most of us are familiar with the big 3 social platforms for video marketers. However, they’re not the only ones catering their focus to video to meet consumer preferences. Twitch is the world’s leading video platform for gamers, and is a platform for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos. Each community has over 10 million daily active users and they’re growing fast. But there’s more… Inside of this fast-and-fun podcast...

Duration: 00:39:36

Ep. 106: Selecting the Right Key Performance Indicators for Your Online Video

I see businesses make the same mistake far too often with their videos… They define how successful their video is by views… and that’s it. Unfortunately, views don’t tell paint the entire picture. Sure, views definitely don’t hurt. You want a lot of people to watch your video, right? But if you want to track the true success of your video — and measure ROI — you have to look beyond how many people viewed it. Having a clearly defined set of goals is one of the most important steps in...

Duration: 00:39:56

Ep. 105: Talk Triggers: How to Turn Your Customers into Raving Advocates for Your Business, with Jay Baer

Standing out in today’s world isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s noisier than ever, and customers are inundated with information. Social media feeds, emails, TV commercials, online ads… it seems nearly impossible to stand out and grab someone’s attention (and even harder to hold it). It feels like the more we try to communicate, the more our customers ignore it. It sounds counterintuitive, but the most successful businesses aren’t spending more on marketing and advertising — they’re...

Duration: 00:26:39

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