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What's Up Pizza's? Videogame BANG! Is a Videogame, Technology, and Entertainment Podcast hosted by Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter! New episodes updated weekly. Fill up your Mountain Dew and grab your Doritos, its time for Videogame BANG!

What's Up Pizza's? Videogame BANG! Is a Videogame, Technology, and Entertainment Podcast hosted by Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter! New episodes updated weekly. Fill up your Mountain Dew and grab your Doritos, its time for Videogame BANG!
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Sacramento, CA


What's Up Pizza's? Videogame BANG! Is a Videogame, Technology, and Entertainment Podcast hosted by Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter! New episodes updated weekly. Fill up your Mountain Dew and grab your Doritos, its time for Videogame BANG!




VGB! Quickies: TwitchCon w/ Alex Myers, Cory Butler, and MORE!

Buh-Buh-Buh BONUS episode of the Videogame BANG! This episode features our interviews from this year's TwitchCon. We are talking to Pro Street Fighter IV player Alex Myers, as well as long time producer at Bioware Cory Butler! If that wasn't enough we have interviews with Jonno and Matt from Jagex and rounding out the show we talked to the Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void story writer and campaign director. So Buckle up and enjoy this week's special quickies edition of the show! For more...

Duration: 00:51:37

Videogame BANG! Episode 103: #PodcastDay w/ Gamertag Radio's Danny Peña

What's Up Pizzas'?! Episode 103 is here and it is a podcasters dream, because we have the "Podfather" of video game podcasting Danny Peña AKA Godfree from the Gamertag Radio Podcast. Danny hangs out with the BANG GANG! for the entire show and he is talking about what it's like to be podcasting for 10 years. He is dropping, dropping, dropping podcast science, and dropping history with a whole leap of of style and intelligency. Also on the show is Steven Goots, David Webb, Aaron Carter and...

Duration: 01:04:36

VGB LIVE Episode 21: Apocalyptic Disaster

What's going on everyone?! VGB LIVE is back - ish. If you watched our live stream you know that we had some technical difficulties and we are sorry about that. We are still in our B studio until the new and improved studio is ready to go. Despite the technical glitches we push on and are ready to bring you a great show this week. This week we have Cory, Aaron, Steven and David bringing you the latest and greatest in nerd culture and news. We talk about EVO, X-Men Apocalypse, Ant-Man, and...

Duration: 01:00:49

VGB LIVE Episode 20: SDCC Recap!

What's going on everyone! VGB LIVE is back in your ear drums bringing you some SDCC recap old school VGB Weekend style. Cory is back from San Diego Comic Con and fills David and Aaron in on everything he got to experience. We go into overtime talking about the trailers for "The Suicide Squad" and "Batman vs. Superman" as well as some "Green Lantern" rumors and the new Green Arrow suite for Season 4 of "Arrow". Follow us on Twitter @VideogameBANG Support the Show on Patreon:...

Duration: 01:21:41

Episode 91: No Man Sky RAGE!

What’s going on everyone? VGB, Sacramento’s number 1 video game podcast, is back and this week we have another long show for you. Cory is at San Diego Comic Con so the three amigos are back - that’s Aaron, Steven and David. We talk about some No Man Sky, Heroes Reborn and more. We even play “Whatcha playin?” and go over some bang bites. Follow us on Twitter @VideogameBANG Support the Show on Patreon: Like us on Facebook: Watch...

Duration: 01:22:44

Videogame BANG! Episode 89: What was Bungie thinking?

What is up pizzas? VGB is back and we are talking about the mess Bungie has gotten themseleves into. This show we have Aaron, Steven, and David and they bring you the latest and greatest in video game news. We talk about The Taken King DLC for Destiny, Splatoon hitting one million copies sold, what we are looking forward the most: Tom Clancy's The Division or Ghost Recon: Wildlands. All that and more on this weeks Videogame BANG! Follow us on Twitter @VideogameBANG Support the Show on...

Duration: 01:13:50

Videogame BANG! Quickies: E3 2015 w/ Laura and Jada

Videogame BANG! and Nerd Reactor are doing E3 big this year and there is a lot to discuss in this quickies edition of the podcast. Cory, Laura and Jada (kinda) are going to break down our experience from the first two days and let you know, what's hot and what's not. For a more in depth look at the games that we covered and breaking news from E3 check out

Duration: 00:38:42

Videogame BANG! Episode 88: Eric 'The Smoke' Moran

HAPPY E3 WEEK! Since the crew is split up taking care of VGBusiness in Sacramento and Los Angeles we have something special for this weeks show! We had the pleasure of speaking this last week to cosplay superstar, and creative force: Eric 'The Smoke' Moran! We met Smoke last year at Sacramento Wizard World and he truly is an inspiring person in the geek culture industry. We talk about his journey in cosplay, becoming an official DC comic book character (Freight Train) and his epic star...

Duration: 00:49:14

Videogame BANG! LIVE! Episode 17: Hoes Love Emojis

VGB is back and LIVE'er than ever and proving the Trolls right because we are recording in Cory's moms basement! We are talking about EVERYTHING! We are talking E3, Our Panel at Sacramento Wizard World, Fallout 4, Steam Machines, Dungeons and Dragons, Soccer, and oh so much MOAR!! -- Watch live at

Duration: 00:57:36

Videogame BANG! Episode 86: Genese Davis & Flying Helmet Games

This week we have for you guys what can only be described as a SUPERSHOW! We have nearly two hours of show jam-packed with guest interviews, starting with VGB favorite Genese Davis. Genese is back and dropping bombs about a sequel to Holders Dominion and working with E3 this year for the E3 Takeover. Second part of the show we have Indie Game devs from Flying Helmet Games. These guys have done the unthinkable and created a game that has Aaron Carter very excited named EON ALTAR. Find out...

Duration: 01:39:31

Videogame BANG! Episode 85: Who Should Play Elektra?

This weeks show the VGB Crew is coming at you from the BRAND NEW phone booth studio AKA Cory's Mom's house. As VGB continues to move around we are out of Cory's echoey kitchen and into a nicely insulated soundproof spare office room. This week Cory and Aaron are joined by David Webb and Eddie Villanueva Jr. We talk to Eddie about his latest venture in writing for We also play a riveting round of Whattcha Playin'?! Where we absolutley demolish Destiny: The...

Duration: 01:17:13

Videogame BANG! LIVE Episode 16: A Quiet Google Ride.

The Videogame BANG! Live is in the building and we can barely fit the whole show in. Sir Aaron Carter , Cory Vincent, The Real David Webb, and The Dragon Charmer herself Lareesa all are on the show bringing the mass knowledge of the gaming world right to your ears. As always the Chat room shows up full of hopes, dreams, and courage as the face off against a troll invasion, and I must say the trolls came prepared. The BANG! Gang start off the show with a whole lot of BANGing around the web,...

Duration: 01:59:10

Videogame BANG! Episode 83: Midriff or Not Midriff

What's Up Pizza's?! Midriff or not Midriff... that is the question that I ask of thee... We have a jam packed show with two very special guests on the BANG! Couch this week. Alexander Baggswaggarcorgiton returns and is ready to drop some 'Classic Baggs', also returning from the native american spirit world and touting some new stickers we have Lareesa back! Cory and Aaron are talking this week about the announced E3 conference schedule, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and multiplayer, and...

Duration: 01:17:14

Videogame BANG! LIVE Episode 15: Mass of Duty

VGB Live id here in full effect, with a show chock full of gaming geek goodness. Sir Aaron Carter has assembled a ragtag team of Cory Vincent, The real David Webb, and Jake Points, who makes his first 2015 debut. And as always the fifth member of the show the chat room brings all the knowledge of the internet, or a bunch of 3rd graders. the latter is probably right. The BANG! crew goes banging around the web with a small twist to the format, a timer is implemented. Can the crew crank out...

Duration: 02:00:17

Videogame BANG! Episode 82: Mortal Kombat X on Trial

The VGB is here with a debate filled episode as we take in the review of Mortal Kombat X and find out if it should rise to the top of the fighting pyramid, or fall victim to a brutal fatality. Cory, Sir Aaron Carter, Jada, and The Real David Webb are all on giving you the latest in gaming news and the little morsels of new known as the bang bites. The VGB is also here to go over the comic world and the latest happenings in Marvel and its less popular competitor DC. Can Jada defend her 4...

Duration: 01:21:38

Videogame BANG! Live Episode 14: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

This is the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!! Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages Videogame BANG! is here and Live once again on the "moon landing' of boxing. Aaron Carter is hosting this week with Cory Vincent and David Webb. Lareesa is slightly off camera the whole time monitoring chat. We are talking Avengers Age of Ultron, Hololens, real life force fields, and the FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY. VGB is taking a trip to the future in this weeks Videogame BANG! Follow us on Twitter...

Duration: 01:33:04

VGB Quickies: Avengers Age of Ultron *SPOILERS*

*MAJOR SPOILER WARNING IN THIS EPISODE* What is this??!?! VGB Quickies edition is back and with purpose because we all just saw the Avengers: Age of Ultron and we can't wait to talk all about it!! We are holding no details back so we are discussing it all, from which characters die to surprise credit scenes we are holding nothing back as far as spoilers go. We have an Avengers size cast on this quickie, Cory is here with Aaron, Eddie Villanueva, David Ng and the Real David Webb. We heavily...

Duration: 00:57:06

Videogame BANG! Episode 81: Colin Cowherd Hates E-sports

What's Up Pizza's?! Happy Avengers Day! We know you are probably listening to this show while you are waiting in line to get your seats to see Age of Ultron so we are going to hit you in the face with podcast comedy gold and a brand new game we introduce this week that has been sweeping the nation: Videogame BANG! BRANG BRANG (Name Subject to Change) We have the real David Webb, and Steven 'the gootz' Gutierrez on the show, joining the Toejam and Earl of video game podcasts: Cory Vincent and...

Duration: 01:17:15

Videogame BANG! LIVE Episode 13: Coming Soon to ESPN 2

Videogame BANG! live is here, and we’re live on ESPN2. Finally we made it to the big leagues and we've got one fantastic show for you. Sir Aaron Carter takes camera one as we go banging around the web and talk about everything from the CIA to World of Warcraft in this week's episode and along for the ride Cory Vincent The Real David Webb and the dragon charmer herself Lareesa all get live in front of the television for your entertainment. A major sports event is going down this weekend and...

Duration: 02:00:52

Videogame BANG! Episode 80: Sith You Guessed it!

A Long time ago in galaxy far far away, O.G. Maco and Cory Vincent invented the most fun trivia game competition the world has ever seen... Sith You Guessed it! Slaughter your younglings and slice open your tauntauns because this week we have a Star Wars themed show that that will leave Bantha poodoo in your Jedi pants.. Cory Vincent, Aaron Carter, Steven Gootz, and Alex Baggsinski here and ready to fill you in on all things video game news. We have an intense rage filled whattcha playin?!...

Duration: 01:17:23

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