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View from the Cheap Seats with the Sklar Brothers

Starburns Audio

In a fresh iteration of a classic formula, comedians Jason and Randy Sklar share their unique comedic takes on an assortment of sporting issues and chat with an amazing array of guests.

In a fresh iteration of a classic formula, comedians Jason and Randy Sklar share their unique comedic takes on an assortment of sporting issues and chat with an amazing array of guests.
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Santa Monica, CA


In a fresh iteration of a classic formula, comedians Jason and Randy Sklar share their unique comedic takes on an assortment of sporting issues and chat with an amazing array of guests.




Los Angeles, CA 90078


Bob Costas

This week, the Sklars discuss the fights breaking out at basketball games before being joined by legendary sportscaster Bob Costas! They talk about eulogizing Stan Musial, reporting during the O.J. Simpson car chase, the joy of interviewing, and more! During Quick Hits: pondering the possibility of an NBA franchise in St. Louis, the Olympics with no Russians, and representation of the steroid era in the Baseball Hall of Fame. To wrap up the show, Steven Seagal calls in to share his thoughts...

Duration: 00:55:25

Jake Weisman

This week, the Sklars cover Alabama’s victory at the College Football Playoff National Championship, before being joined by Jake Wiesman (Comedy Central’s Corporate)! They talk about Jake’s pain as a New York sports fan, what Eli Manning means to Giants fans, homophobia in the NFL and more! On Quick Hits: Kohl’s misspelling of a team name on a t-shirt, players’ wives going into labor during games, and Margaret Court being a professional bigot. To wrap up the show, Dennis Rodman calls in to...

Duration: 01:13:10

The 2017 Character Episode

It's time to ring in the new year with all the celebrities that come hang with us at View From the Cheap Seats! Randy and Jason welcome special guests Nicholas Cage, Jerry Jones, Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Dr. Phil, Michael Caine, Jesse Ventura, Vin Scully, Gary Busey, Mark Wahlberg and so many more!

Duration: 01:04:15

The Music Episode: VFTCS Mixtape 2017

It's the holiday season once more, and time for the Sklar Brothers to pass the cord! Good music, good vibes, and plenty of holiday cheer with guests Matt Price, Jonah Ray, and J-Logic. Happy Holidays!

Duration: 01:02:07

Patrick Meagher

This week, the Sklars tackle the topic of college football stars sitting out of bowl games, before being joined by Patrick Meagher (The Wrap)! The three discuss: the Giants, Baker Mayfield, Alabama, an 8-team college football playoffs, and more! On Quick Hits: Lil B takes credit for the Celtics' success, sports gambling, and the NFL's "bribe" to players. To wrap up the show, Manny Pacquiao leaves a voicemail reminding the Sklars to come play basketball.

Duration: 00:58:04

Adam Ray & Brad Williams

This week, the Sklars tackle the Russian ban in the Winter Olympics, before being joined by comedians Adam Ray & Brad Williams of the podcast About Last Night! The four discuss the innate coolness of Ichiro Suzuki, how the Yankees should stack their lineup, Adam & Brad's Super Bowl XLVIII experience with Oprah's Gayle & lost Jesse Jackson, and more! In Quick Hits: Oscar Pistorius gets in a prison fight over a phone, Fox hires extras at a Rams game, and a college women's basketball team's...

Duration: 00:54:58

Max Greenfield

This week, the Sklars tackle some questionable recent suspensions, before being joined by actor and hardcore Giants fan, Max Greenfield (New Girl)! The three discuss the tumultuous state of the New York Football Giants and what led to it, including: the end of Coughlin, Geno Smith, recent drafts, the fall of McAdoo & Reese, who Max wants to be the next coach, and more. In Quick Hits: the SEC fining Auburn for fans storming the field, Ray Allen gets catfished, and the Silverdome's failure...

Duration: 00:55:06

Daniel Van Kirk

This week, the Sklars tackle the college basketball landscape and how to deal with the current scandal before being joined by old friend, comedian, and Dumb People Town co-host Daniel Van Kirk (Hindsight)! The three discuss: being a Cubs fan post-championship, Dan's 2016 World Series Game 7 viewing story, the deeper significance behind enjoying sports, an intense Clippers near-comeback, the future of the Bears, Bears vs Bulls, and more. In Quick Hits: Adrien Broner's battery charges,...

Duration: 01:14:29

Ian Karmel

This week, the Sklars tackle the Duke "white villain" trope before being joined by comedian Ian Karmel (The Late Late Show with James Corden, All Fantasy Everything)! The three discuss Ian's sports pilot, Ian's Trailblazers love, the Sklars' Juwan Howard connection, NBA predictions, and Ian shares his incredible Shaq bit. In Quick Hits: the Jameis Winston controversy, Jerry Jones, and alleged misconduct by the Arizona Coyotes. To wrap up the show, Christoph Waltz talks some Knicks.

Duration: 01:12:06

Dave Dameshek

This week, the Sklars give their take on the UCLA basketball controversy in China, and then they're joined by writer/podcaster Dave Dameshek (, The Dave Dameshek Football Program)! The three talk best/worst team names, the Steelers, the Zeke Elliott suspension, Kaepernick, the amazing athleticism in pro sports, and Superbowl picks! In Quick Hits: a USC fan's Instagram debacle, a racist golf coach, and should Greg Olsen be in the booth? To wrap up the show, Bill Walton chimes in on...

Duration: 01:21:23

Nick Swardson

This week, the Sklars ask: What the hell is going on with the NFL? Then Jason and Randy are joined by comedian/actor Nick Swardson! The three discuss the Minnesota Vikings, Blair Walsh, the Timberwolves, Fantasy Football and more! In Quick Hits: the Browns' failed trade, Scottish Rugby shenanigans, and Lamar Odom. To wrap up the show, Vin Scully jumps on the horn!

Duration: 00:57:06

Rory Scovel

This week on View from the Cheap Seats the Sklars discuss the wild World Series before comedian Rory Scovel joins the show! The Sklars and Rory talk all about golf: the Masters, golf lessons, the nitty-gritty of playing the game and how it relates to the show biz world, the charm of David Feherty, and more! In Quick Hits: Bruce Maxwell, a crowded Taco Bell, and Joel Berry's hand. To wrap up the episode, the Sklars talk to Rich Phillips, the host of "Heritage Road," about the fascinating...

Duration: 01:18:41

Mike Lawrence

This week, the Sklars tackle the topic of dealing with sports losses, before bringing on comedian, writer, and Roast Battle superstar: Mike Lawrence! The three talk about all things Roast Battle, as well as Mike's famous takedown of the late, great Ralphie May. The three reminisce about Ralphie, discuss accepting the freedom of consequence, and ponder the wisdom that comes with aging. In Quick Hits: a world record set in high heels, Justin Timberlake as this year's Superbowl halftime show,...

Duration: 01:06:56

Thomas Q. Jones

This week, the Sklars are joined by actor and former NFL running back Thomas Q. Jones (Luke Cage, #25 on the all-time career rushing list). The three guys talk twins, the origin of Thomas wearing #20, paying NCAA players, and humble beginnings. After the first break, topics include a difficult college recruitment decision, Charlottesville, the day-to-day uncertainty of playing in the NFL, and the Kaepernick/kneeling controversy. After the second break, Thomas discusses his acting career,...

Duration: 01:16:10

Jonah Keri

The Sklars take on the US Men's Soccer team woes, before joining baseball writer Jonah Keri (CBS Sports, The Jonah Keri Podcast) at his home in Denver! The three discuss which baseball player has blocked Jonah on Twitter, the age curve in baseball, Mark McGwire and juicing, the sports escape bubble, and all things baseball. Scott Rogowsky jumps in for Quick Hits to tackle the Alex Morgan Disney World fiasco, a Tee Ball finger disaster, and George Foreman vs Steven Seagal. To wrap up the...

Duration: 01:25:46

13 - LIVE from Tulsa with Kyle Kinane & Scott Rogowsky

This week, the Sklars take on the issue of fan safety in baseball, and what needs to be done to address it. Then we jump into a live episode from Tulsa, OK! Randy and Jason do some Cheap Seat-ing over some videos from the internet, including "professional" cornhole, backyard wrestling, and absurd sports! (You can find the links to the videos below.) Next, a voicemail from Nic Cage about his love for Tulsa! Then, the Sklars are joined by comedian and actor Kyle Kinane (Those Who Can't)! The...

Duration: 01:12:13

12 - Dave Smith

The Sklars tackle the bombshell college basketball corruption controversy and how they see the story unfolding before diving into a discussion with comedian and libertarian, Dave Smith. The three chat about Dave's new special "Dave Smith: Libertas," politics in the Trump era, the future of American tennis, the recent ramp-up of the debate about politics in sports, the war on drugs, and more. In Quick Hits: NFL Sunday Ticket refunds, the greatest version of our national anthem, some...

Duration: 01:16:45

11 - Will Leitch

The Sklars tackle the Jemele Hill situation, before Deadspin founding editor Will Leitch joins in to talk steroids in sports, how Deadspin came to be, Kaepernick, Curt Schilling, the state of the St. Louis Cardinals, and more! Will discusses his book, "Are We Winning?" and how families connect through sports. In Quick Hits: a really bad pimple, T.O., Pete Rose's case for the Hall, and the controversy over Russell Wilson's balls. To wrap things up, Kris Kristofferson calls in from a bench,...

Duration: 01:26:56

10 - Dan Soder

This week, the Sklars tackle the current situation for US soccer, and how to make us more competitive. Then Dan Soder (The Bonfire) joins Randy and Jason to discuss the perfect beginner Philly accent sentence, Tom Brady's future law firm, Dan's NFL coach buddy, Dan's love for the Niners, and debating Montana vs Brady with a Pats fan. In Quick Hits, Pinocchio Lonzo Ball on Fuller House, Ronda Rousey, and the Kaepernick situation. To wrap up the episode, Michael Caine calls in to talk...

Duration: 01:26:11

9 - Dan Cummins

The Sklars tackle the Red Sox sign-stealing-Apple-watch controversy. Then hilarious comedian Dan Cummins joins the show and discusses his podcast Timesuck, in which he deep-dives into whatever topic he's currently obsessing about. The three guys chat about the difficulties that athletes often have in handling money and fame, Houdini, and everything from Isaiah Thomas to Tim Tebow. Dan talks about the rise of Gonzaga basketball before the Sklars jump into Quick Hits to take on a Leeds...

Duration: 01:22:34

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