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VFTPB 16: Top 5 Toughest Players Cam Connor Has Fought

We're back from the holiday break. In this episode, Cam Connor lists the top 5 fighters he has ever fought and shares some stories of these players and the fights that happened. Stories include: -What was it like to play hockey outside in a Winnipeg winter? -Remembering hockey legend Johnny Bower, including a hilarious story of why Eddie Shack would only sign Johnny Bower's name when giving autographs and not his own name -Playing road games in Indianapolis, including when Cam was eating...

Duration: 00:45:20

VFTPB 15: Best of Cam Connor's stories in 2017

As we take a break for the holidays, we're leaving you with some of Cam's best stories from 2017. Where else can you find stories on: -John Cena, John Gotti, Wayne Gretzky, Montreal Canadiens, winning the Stanley Cup, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ken Dryden, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, bench brawls, Slapshot, playing in the WHA and NHL, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers and the controversy about having Cam Connor's name on the Stanley Cup, and more! We'd love to read your emails...

Duration: 00:39:04

VFTPB 14: Cam Connor Answers Listener Questions

We've received a lot of questions, so episode 15 is dedicated to answering some of these questions. Topics include: -Cam recounts a fight where he ended up getting chased by a guy carrying a double-bladed axe! -Cam is asked about an epic fight he witnessed between Kim Clackson and Dave Semenko (who was defending Wayne Gretzky's honor) -A Paul Baxter story that Cam regrets to this day, and what may have been the first ever incident of a lawsuit based on "assault on the ice" -How Cam felt...

Duration: 00:41:02

VFTPB 13: Saying Goodbye to Hockey (Why Cam Retired)

Cam Connor discusses why he ended his hockey career and the injuries surrounding that decision, which included a broken back. Questions and topics include: -Why did it take two years for Cam's broken back to be diagnosed by team doctors? -What happens when a player retires? -What, if any, player reached out to him once he left the game. -The transition from professional hockey to the 'real world' and the lack of services and support for players making that transition back then. -Why can't...

Duration: 00:31:04

VFTPB 12: WHA (PART 2) & Gordie Howe

Finishing up Cam Connor's thoughts on the WHA - the once 'rival league' of the NHL. Episode highlights include: -Playing with the legendary Gordie Howe & his two sons, Mark and Marty -Question about infamous hockey agent Alan Eagleson -Question about hockey great Don Cherry -Cam doesn't hold back when talking about a coach he didn't enjoy playing for, Sandy Hucul. -Cam shares his thoughts on a lesser known player that he encourages everyone to google: Howie Young -Memories about playing...

Duration: 00:40:15

VFTPB 11: WHA - World Hockey Association (Part 1)

A must listen episode where Cam Connor shares his thoughts on what was the NHL's rival league - the World Hockey Association (WHA). Was it really a rival league, what made the WHA work and what led to it's downfall. This episode includes what may be Cam's best story yet - a story of an epic bench brawl involving the Hanson Brothers (from the movie Slapshot), Barry Dean, Paul Holmgren, and Curt Brackenbury. Yes, the WHA was really that tough of a league. Cam answers questions about...

Duration: 00:38:21

VFTPB 10: Edmonton Oilers (Part 2)

Finishing up Cam Connor's time with the Edmonton Oilers, Cam talks about some of the players he played with from Mark Messier to Kevin Lowe to Wayne Gretzky and Lee Fogolin. Cam also discusses his coach, Glen Sather, as well as the eccentric owner of the Oilers - Peter Pocklington, including the advice a psychic gave him to stay away from Pocklington. We finish up the podcast with thoughts on the current Edmonton Oilers team including Connor McDavid. Email:

Duration: 00:32:29

VFTPB 9: Edmonton Oilers (Part 1)

Cam Connor also played for the Edmonton Oilers during their rookie NHL year and with a team of future all stars. The episode starts with reading some feedback from listeners and answering listener questions, including tips on fighting and how Cam became an Assistant Coach for the New Haven Nighthawks. Other topics include: -The importance of media training and public speaking for the top hockey stars -Cam's multiple injuries playing for the Edmonton Oilers -What got Cam in hot water during...

Duration: 00:35:44

VFTPB 8: New York Rangers (Part 2)

Finishing up Cam's time with the New York Rangers. Cam shares stories about: -Phil Esposito and what he learned from playing with him -A hilarious story about calling the wrong number (don't want to give away the story) -Thoughts on John Davidson and the pranks Cam would play on him -Cam's memories of the NY Rangers, New York fans and playing in Madison Square Gardens -Why he got sent to the minors and how he dealt with it -Playing for the New Haven Nighthawks and why he rejected being the...

Duration: 00:34:03

VFTPB 7: New York Rangers (Part 1)

Cam talks about his time playing for the New York Rangers and what is was like to live in New York in 1980s (including meeting Madonna and another mafia run in). Topics include: -Finding out he was traded to New York (over the radio!) -Telling Glen Sather the last place he wanted to play was in New York -How wrong he was about New York and how it was an amazing place to live -Cam finding out that coach Fred Shero actually meant to trade for Colin Campbell not Cam Connor! -What it was like...

Duration: 00:35:55

VFTPB 6: Montreal Canadiens (Part 2)

Part 2 of discusses Cam's time with the Montreal Canadiens. We cover some fascinating topics including: -Pranks while in the lockerroom and who was the prankster of the Canadiens? -What cringeworthy thing did Cam do to former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, after the Habs won the Cup? -What's it like to win the Cup, especially in Montreal? -Cam discusses his well-known double OT goal in the Stanley Cup playoffs (over the Toronto Maple Leafs) -The controversy of Cam's name not...

Duration: 00:25:59

VFTPB 5: Montreal Canadiens (Part 1)

Cam discusses what it was like to play for the Montreal Canadiens during their dynasty years and with 9 legendary hockey players that ended up making the Hockey Hall of Fame. -What was it like to play in Montreal? -How did Cam end up back in Montreal after choosing to play in the WHA? -What were the fans like? -Was it intimidating to play next to such legends? -Stories about Guy Lafleur, Scotty Bowman, Ken Dryden and most of the 1978-79 Habs roster. Cam also shares stories of his friend...

Duration: 00:42:16

VFTPB 4: Rowdy Roddy Piper (Part 2: Saying Goodbye)

Cam first answers some questions from the listeners: -Who is the best enforcer/fighter past or present in the NHL? -What was it like hanging out with Andre the Giant? Cam then continues his remembrance of his friendship with Roddy Piper, including: -How they lost touch and reconnected. -What did Cam think of Pipers Pit? -What did Cam think of Rod pursuing acting and They Live? -The time when John Cena threatened to kick Cam's ass and what did Cam end up doing? -The last time Cam spoke with...

Duration: 00:47:30

VFTPB 2: Cam Connor shares his best Wayne Gretzky stories & why Cam took figuring skating lessons

Cam shares some behind the scene stories of his time with Wayne Gretzky, including the time Glen Sather asked him to take a young Gretzky out for drinks. He also mixes in a great Kevin Lowe story as well and comments on how impressive the new Rogers Place arena is in Edmonton. Cam discusses why he took figure skating lessons and he reflects on what the city and people of Houston mean to him.

Duration: 00:41:44

VFTPB 1: Cam Connor Discusses the Biggest Regret of his Career: Choosing the WHA over the NHL

Welcome to the first episode of the View from the Penalty Box with former NHL hockey player Cam Connor. This episode is a quick introduction of what the View from the Penalty Box with Cam Connor is all about. Cam discusses the recent passing of Dave Semenko; why Cam chose the WHA over the NHL/Montreal Canadiens; and talks about playing junior hockey in Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Duration: 00:22:43