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The election of Donald Trump came as a shock to the country and to the world. As his first Presidential moves shake the political order to its core, two longtime friends and rapidly-developing activists seek to find a path of sanity through a hyper-polarized country. Vigilant Radio was born as a kind of immune response to the chaos and uncertainty gripping the nation, and will do its best to break down what’s going on for other new or aspiring activists. We seek the unsure and the undecided, the confused and the cynical, and all those seeking a fresh start in 2018. We are Vigilant Radio.




S2E3: Education and Student Debt

While Tony is out of town, Marty, Nick and I hold down the fort and talk about education! Is it a right? Is education a commodity? Does capitalism have the solutions for a modern American education system? Tune in and find out! Marty tweets @officergleason Nick tweets @nickdiulio Tony FINALLY HAS A TWITTER, and he's tweeted (once) @PhillyLawyer85

Duration: 01:00:44

Healthcare - Is it a right and who should pay for it?

Healthcare - Is it a right and who should pay for it? by Vigilant Radio!

Duration: 01:01:10

S2E1: Under Better Circumstances

We recorded tonight for season 2 not because of disdain for Trump or disdain for Comey. This recording has nothing to do with Party or Politics. We are here because our country have given power to one man who sees fit to wield this power for the sole purpose of progressing his personal agenda. For those of you who haven't heard, for those of you who have and are outraged, and for those of you who think something wonderful has happened, this message is for you. Just a few hours ago,...

Duration: 00:20:34

Episode 10: First 100 Days

Today in our 10th episode, we talk about the best and worst things about Trump's first 100 days! So what if it hasn't been 100 days yet? We're breaking this story to yall 20 days early because that's how we roll! ...Also because I'm getting wisdom teeth pulled and I'm not gonna want to talk next week. #womp

Duration: 00:45:55

The Power of Activism

A discussion of how activism has effected the Trump presidency and how you can get involved.

Duration: 00:27:59

Episode 8: Trump's Budget

The episode is back up after some technical difficulties! We have two guests tonight: teacher and musician Jon Lucas, and child advocacy lawyer Alexandra Adams! We get their takes on the budget that just came out, since they're both on the ground level working with the people it would impact the most. Curious about the budget? Read it yourself! We can be found at and we tweet...

Duration: 00:51:13

Episode 7: Stephen Smith And The Trumpcare Debate

In tonight's episode, we're joined by Stephen Smith, who helps us break down what the healthcare debate seems like to a political newcomer! We talk Trumpcare, Obamacare, Single Payer- you name it, we've got it! Check out our website at Follow us on twitter @Vigilant_Radio Dan tweets @Dispatchula Tony still doesn't tweet because he is The Worst

Duration: 01:01:49

Minisode 1: [Dan] Paul Ryan's Beef with Obamacare

We're trying out a new format! In our mini-sodes, we'll get to talk about things that're on our minds that we may not have time to say in the full weekly episode. Dan's up to bat first, and talks about why Paul Ryan doesn't get what insurance is supposed to be. Link to the quote mentioned: Dan tweets @Dispatchula

Duration: 00:05:46

Episode 6: Marty Gleason, Organize for America and the Sessions Kerfuffle

On today's episode, our very own producer Marty Gleason steps in front of the mic for a discussion about Organize for America. Also, we dish about the recent drama surrounding AG Jeff Sessions and Trump's claims of Obama wiretapping him! Marty tweets @officergleason and @Marty_Politics. You can find OFA at Dan tweets @Dispatchula. Tony doesn't tweet because he is Bad At Social Media.

Duration: 00:50:22

Episode 5: Time to Challenge What You Hear

Regardless of whether or not you lean left or lean right, are a member of the tea party or a democratic socialist, you need to challenge what you are hearing. You cannot accept what someone says as the truth unless they can back that up. This episode explores the recent events in the media, focusing on President Trump's war with the media and what that should mean to everyone, regardless of party. FROM OUR GUEST: Nick DiUlio —Here’s a great checklist from NPR on how everyday citizens can...

Duration: 00:53:48

Vigilant Radio's Debate Night I: Dan vs. Matt Uncensored

In what turned out to be a departure from our standard formatting, Tony and Dan invite Matt Uncensored onto the show to talk about all things Environmental. Check out this master list of environmental and ecological groups that need all the help they can get: You can find Matt at

Duration: 00:51:29

Episode 4: Kat Sylwester And The Political Revolution

Kat Slywester, Writing Team Lead for The Political Revolution, joins us tonight to talk about how she got involved in activism, how others can as well (its easier than you think!), and what it means to be a Progressive in today's America. You can find TPR and its blog here:

Duration: 00:49:38

Episode 2: Trump And The Media

On today's episode, we have long-time freelance journalist, 8-year Professor of Journalism at Rowan University, and Tony's brother Nick Diulio swing by the station to discuss Donald Trump's tumultuous relationship with the media. Nick can be found at and

Duration: 01:05:34

Episode 1: The First Ten Days

In our first episode, the guys get together and process just what the hell has happened in the first 10 days of Trump's America. Follow us on Twitter @Vigilant_Radio !

Duration: 00:48:23