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Episode 45. All The Blessings

Episode 45. All The Blessings by Brittain Jackson


Episode 44. LIVE From The Black Arts Festival Ft. The Last Artful, Dogr, Brown Calculus, & Maarquii

Coming to you live from the Black Arts Festival at Reed College. VVP got an amazing opportunity to interview some serious heavy hitters on the music scene.


Episode 43. Guess Who's Guesting?

You'll never believe which guest we have returning to the show! Tune in to find out! #ItTakesAVillage


Episode 42. Wakandas Gay Escape

Hey Vibers! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Listen to this week's episode as Brittain and Kayla discuss the #metoo movement, the Roxane Gay snub, and Kayla's snitch-ass neighbors. We're also talking about superhero powers in our VillageThoughts! Big shout out this week to the beautiful and talented ladies Quinta B and Ruby White. Remember to like/share/subscribe/rate on ApplePodcasts. Check out our newest VillageThoughts question on Twitter, Facebook, and Insta and share your...


Episode 41. GIVE SZA HER AWARDS!!!

We have one question. WHERE. IS. THE. VOCAL. COACH!!!


Episode 40. But Aren't We All Immigrants?

This week we are back with our 40th episode! We reopen the conversation on Miguel, Congratulate some QUEENS on their success and birthdays, and ask the question of how immigration impacts you, your friends, or loved ones. As always, it takes a village and we thank you for your support! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Also check us out at


REWIND - A Best Of Mixtape Part 1.

So we admit it! We have been out of the loop for quite some time, but trust us when we tell you we are gearing up for new and exciting things in this 2018 year ya hear? So while we get our ish together, let's take a look back at the moments that have brought us to brilliant podcast force we are today!!! Starting with Part 1. of our Mixtape compilation series. Thank you for sticking with us and for continuing to support VillageVibesPodcast. It really does take a village.


Episode 39. That JAY - Z Concert Though!

Hey Vibers! On this week's episode, we're discussing the Jay-Z concert (and concert attire), celebrating the end of a 4-year (or 5-year) drought, and absolutely loving black voters in Alabama... before Doug Jones said that sexual assault was not a "serious" issue. Also get into VillageThoughts with us as we hear what celebrities you'd rather have for president. We don't quite understand the Ellen for president campaign, but anybody would be better than who we have now FOR REAL. We're also...


Episode 38. Grown Up Wishes & Childhood Dreams

This week on VILLAGEVIBESPODCAST: we’re letting Jesus take the wheel while we cruise along in Kayla’s car and talk about ALLLL the deep things! Yes, this episode is heavy shit with Kayla reflecting on her youthful dreams and Brittain reflecting on the importance of love and connection with those you hold close to you. There’s our usual bickering and Kayla’s questionable driving choices, but overall *really, it’s same me, it’s old me, you know, SAME SHIT*. We hope you all enjoy this short...



Ok... so... listen. We were lit for this episode, not even tryna lie. Please don't judge our messy tones and incomplete sentences and endless giggles too much. Kayla was mouth breathing and clicking and Brittain was... well, he was Brittain. This is a brief What We Learned This Week— we’re discussing Miguel’s new album, relationships, Super Mario music, how awful the world is, and SZA, just for good measure. We skipped a lotta shit from our new format buuuut we had a good time so enjoy...


Episode 36. Which Friend Are You?

Hey all you lovely vibers! It’s another week, another episode, and another chance for you all to contribute your voice to the Village! This week’s Village Thoughts: How do y’all feel about the evolution of the hashtag? Liiiike are bitches crazy out here, hashtaggin shit that doesn’t even matter or is it a *good* way to start discussions and create a sense of community in this hell hole of a world?? Comment here, on Insta/Twitter or email us! The rest of the episode is usual shit,...


Episode 35. When Will My Reflection Show?

*CALLING ALLLLL VIBERS* Our new segment, Village Thoughts, is in full swing and we need YOU to share your voice! Respond on our fb, Twitter, or Insta to be involved and be shout out on the podcast! This week’s question: Which friend archetype are you? Are you the busted friend? The funny one? The asshole? God forbid, the “Ross”?! (In my case, I’m the ball-busting Miranda Hobbs.) Also listen to this week’s episode for some insights to honest relationships, moving into a new home, and what K...


Episode 34. We Got A New Attitude!

Ayo vibers, WE BACK from yet another week off... forgive us as we had some equipment changes once again! Listen to our new segment, Village Thoughts, for new opportunities to be involved in our *village* and be mentioned on next week’s episode. We hope you enjoy our BS and our attempts at being more consistent and organized (which is hard for my guy B). Listen, like, share, subscribe, and follow us on Insta and TWITTERRRR BISH! Yes we be all up in that tweet game, talkin more real shit so...


Episode 33. What I Eat Don't Make You Sh*t ft. Courtney Lewis

Vibers— it’s Tuesday, so you already know what it is!! NEW EPISODE!! This week, we sat down with the brightest, the boldest, the baddest Ms. Courtney Lewis! She came through with several sermons, sharing her thoughts about New York, the current political climate, and overall being a bad ass bitch. Brit and Courtney reminisced the past, trifling in NY and ghoulish KKK members (just listen, you’ll understand). Check it out, laugh, share, and subscribe. Tell a neighbor! Slip a note to your...


Episode 32. Sit Up Mariah!

Hola Vibers! We are back in action this week with the podcast, getting real but keeping it funny as shit. Brittain reflects on his recent trip to Hawaii and Kayla reflects on her recent anger about everything. We’re discussing politics, social media campaigning, the best music of 2017... *SZA* ... and fallen heroes (looking at you Mariah Carey). Remember to like/share/subscribe and spread this shit because, even in our final days, it takes a village!!!!


Episode 31. Keeping up with the Youths!

Hey vibers! This week's episode is *short* due to the several complaints about length of the last episode so YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THAT. But we're kidding of course because we talk too much so cool your tits and take a listen to Things We Learned and a few interviews that Brit did at a retreat from the past week with some brilliant youth. These young kids are NOT PLAYIN GAMES WITH YOU HOES. They're smarter than us and we got A WHOLE ASS DECADE ON THEM!! Like/share/subscribe, write us, Tweet...


Episode 30. DOUBLE FEATURE Ft. Trish Jimmie & Tyquill Williams

The vibes are real this week everybody. We're hittin y'all with so much truth from a couple of incredible people that graciously stopped by the studio. We're getting into sensuality with our girl Trish and talking business with our mans Tyquil. It's EPISODE 30 SO WE BROUGHT IN THE BEST. Remember to like/share/subscribe and spread the vibes to help us celebrate 30 episodes!!!! IT TAKES A VILLAGE.


Episode 29. Rolling With The Punches Ft. Melodee Dudley & Ruby White

Friends/Fam/Vibers--- we want to let you know that we appreciate the love and support. This week tried us, but we made it out on the other side. PRAISE. We're here this week with our typical shit, with a special recorded conversation with incredibly intelligent young women that go by the names of Ruby and Mel (who y'all might know from past episodes). We get deep into our feelings and break down our own shit this week, all while addressing this world that's currently on fire, literally....


Episode 28. Nyucca's By The Riverside Ft. BZA

First and foremost: love to all those around the world being affected by natural disasters. We have you in our hearts and minds. Sooo this weekend was... windy. Vibes was out in nature, camping and enjoying Mother Nature before she decides to wipe us the hell out. Please excuse her windy interruptions and enjoy this week's episode! We had so much fun recording this one and can't wait for you all to hear it. Also, give us some points for showing up with the damn consistency! Never forget,...


Episode 27. Return From Hiatus Ft. Kai Davis

Guess who's back?! BACK AGAIN. VIBES ARE BACK. TELL A FRIEND. NO REALY TELL A FRIEND TO LIKE/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE! Yes, we took two weeks off but we're human so BACK OFF! We're coming at y'all with the comedy, all while being wonderfully offensive. And spoiler alert: do not listen if you stan for Taylor Swift. You will not like this *narrative*. (Or listen, whatever.) Check out our emotionally-charged WhatWeLearnedThisWeek and raw as hell interview with the living legend Kai Davis! Most...


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