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You're heard of sitting down to coffee, well this is "Virtual Coffee"! Dropping the small talk and bringing you the "large talk" from game-changing pioneers and awesome people from around the world that are creating remarkable results and impact in the NEW economy. It's about extraordinary likeability without compromising. Join this "get real" conversation.




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Duration: 00:00:02

From "Owned" to "Owner": How I've Created My Dream Life

With all the fallout of moving from the "old economy" to the "new economy", it's always fascinating when I come across the stories like Angela Leavitt that walked through the fear of an ordinary corporate life to truly manifest their dream life. Join this real talk episode where I get full disclosure about lessons she's learned moving from being "owned" to being the "owner" of her life. When doors open, you MUST RUN through them. Even if you feel you aren't ready, if you wait, the door may...

The Man Behind Inner Fire, Dan Boe - Jun 30,2010

You've seen him on Ellen, Deal or No Deal, MTV, and many other venues. Dan Boe, the founder of Inner Fire Presentations joins us today to talk about how he rekindled the "inner fire" and how you can too. He doesn't simply use "inner fire" as a metaphor, he literally uses fire! Reigniting this passion is especially relevant right now. small business marketing | dan boe | thomas mangum | motivational speaker | personal development

Duration: 00:30:06

Purposeful, passionate, personal branding, Lethia Owens - Jun 09,2010

Lethia Owens is a branding powerhouse. As soon as you head over to or Irresistible Brand Tour you see that this woman means business. In my experience from start to finish she has a powerful, purposeful brand. Well what better person to learn from than someone that is modeling it?! Lethia Owens is the CEO of Lethia Owens International, Inc., a Personal Branding & Social Media Consulting Firm and the Founder/CEO of CallKayla, a Social Media Virtual Assistant Agency. With...

Duration: 00:30:03

Success In Sweatpants - Trish Lambert - May 13,2010

You have no excuse not to build the business and life that you want and Trish has and continues to prove it. Eavesdrop as Trish & I skip the small talk and get to what's working and what's not. Trish Lambert’s shortest bio is on Twitter, where she is billed as “Fervent champion of solo biz owners who want to stay solo and successful, woman of high, unmodulated energy, sometime couch potato.” Trish started 4R Marketing (, a home-base marketing and copy writing...

Duration: 00:30:14

Mastermind Group Fix It Clinic - Apr 21,2010

Today Thomas Mangum, the Mastermind Master and the mind behind several successful mastermind groups out there, is answering some of the top questions that have come in about tweaking a mastermind group so there is more power/leverage/"magic" if you will. If Mastermind Groups and Masterminding is new to you or you're looking to go through and make sure you have all the components, then go to to download your Mastermind Mastery guide. Send in your questions...

Duration: 00:29:48

Are You Willing To Do What It Takes? Jennifer L Horton - Mar 03,2010

You know what you're ABLE to do. What are you WILLING to do that's going to change the results you're getting? Only you can answer these questions & ANY answer is an EXCELLENT start. Join Thomas Mangum & Jennifer L Horton as they break it down & share how they've let go of the illusion & distraction to become SMART-er business owners. Connect w/ Jennifer L Horton at www.XpressXcellence.comJennifer L Horton | Thomas Mangum | Small Business Marketing | Mastery | Smart Business Stupid Business

Duration: 00:30:00

1 of the 10 most influential people in San Diego, Clara Jaramillo - Feb 17,

In 12 short years, Clara Jaramillo of has gone from Colombian immigrant to helping over 3000 families become debt free, find their home and achieve their dreams. Her secret? Finding a need and filling it all the while doing it with passion and heart. Meeting Clara, it's no surprise she is regularly called on by television networks like NBC, Univision and Telemundo as a financial expert, speaking around San Diego and the world in places like Mexico City, Colombia,...

Duration: 00:29:59

Put A Little Adventure In Your Life, Matt Walker - Jan 13,2010

Helping us literally put little adventure into our life is Matt Walker, leader at Inner Passage, The mission of Inner Passage is to provide once-in-a-lifetime adventures for individuals to reconnect with their personal and professional leadership potential. He's been published in Climbing, Rock and Ice and Yoga Journal. As a leader in outdoor adventures and leadership development Matt and his team is for the high performers in all walks of life. Matt is a an international mountain guide...

Duration: 00:29:58

Is Living A Life From Passion & Purpose A Fantasy For Men? - Jan 06,2010

Men: Tired of working just to make a buck? Of putting up with abusive environments? Of coming home drained and disgruntled? Or maybe you still long for that 'something more' but have started to wonder if it's an impossible fantasy? Kirk Hoffman's mission is to inspire and empower men to live their dreams by harnessing passion and purpose. What's key is the LIVE part. He'll share this overlooked part by using his own personal & professional life journey as an example. Kirk is one of the few...

Duration: 00:30:14

You Too Can Be Great, Harold Fox - Dec 30,2009

From engineer, successful real estate investor to health and wellness champion, this regular guy has created an extraordinary life doing what most people can (but won't ever) do. And the best part, it's being the change that he wants to see in the world. Join me for Virtual Coffee with Harold Fox, one of a silent few that took back their life AND is part of the solution. Harold Fox | Thomas Mangum | Virtual Coffee | acai | Mona Vie

Duration: 00:29:55

Awaking The Sleeping Wizard, Paul Jalbert - Dec 16,2009

Paul Jalbert, the former racecar driver, pilot & actor says---I’d like to ask you if you are living the best version of your life? I want to know if you are living at least part of the dream you dreamed when you were a kid. Are you living into that legend even just a little bit? Are you creating your life into something extraordinary? At the very least in some small satisfying way everyday? And if not, instead of asking you why not, I’m going to ask you if you’d like to get started....

Duration: 00:30:22

Lessons from Jennifer Horton on Surviving & Thriving through Divorce - Dec

Not your run of the mill coach, Jennifer Horton is a High performance success coach with uncommon experiences in an uncommon world. Today, I'm getting to know Jennifer and specifically looking for her to share her top 3 best tips on not only Surviving divorce but Thriving divorce. Jennifer’s mission in life is to expand each client’s own awareness so that they ultimately realize a deep connection to their own wisdom and inner knowing. She acts as a catalyst for her clients to remember...

Duration: 00:30:53

Dace Price - Emotional, Mental & Physical Fitness - Dec 02,2009

Dace Price passionately leads others into taking their lives to a new level of health, happiness and intentional living. He is a keynote speaker and life coach as well as an EFT practitioner. His training comes from the Creative Living Institute, Peak Potentials Train the Trainer 1, and he has also spent the last 6 years working as a health advocate for boys and their families through Youth and Family Services. In another arena dace's talent is training horses and as a musician . dace...

Duration: 00:30:32

9 Fundamentals of TRUE Life Design - Nov 25,2009

"Life Design" is a buzzword making the rounds. Do you know the TRUE fundamentals? Do know anyone that is a successful model? You do now! This inspirational influencer is Greg Hartle and he doesn't just use the word, he is a successful example of the concept being one of the few people I know that is modeling it every single moment. His background in the corporate business world, over a decade of entrepreneurship and his relentless quest for maximum human achievement give him a unique and...

Duration: 00:30:05

Cut The Crap & Dare To Be Yourself w/ Annie Hart - Nov 18,2009

True to the "large talk" motto of Virtual Coffee Radio, Annie Hart definitely embodies that theme. What is most appealing about Annie Hart isn't just that she is inspiring change through storytelling, it's her mantra "Cut the Crap & Dare To Be Yourself". Annie has spent her lifetime traveling around the world, gathering great stories, meeting and studying with wonderful mentors and ignoring as many rules as she possibly can! She has brought the power of storytelling to the fields of...

Duration: 00:30:04

Simple Ways To Influence & Inspire-Sharon Sayler - Nov 11,2009

What do you offer the world? Stop giving lip service to everything you want changed in the world. Be bold. Take action. SPEAK UP! Influential & persuasive communication is vital. You know what you want to say now learn to speak and present to be remembered...with your WHOLE body! The most important way to be remembered is to make sure your body language is saying the same message as your mouth. Sharon Sayler, MBA, business consultant & a highly accomplished expert in marketing,...

Duration: 00:30:13

Syndicating Your Passionate Message Globally, Debra Simpson - Nov 04,2009

Debra Simpson understands what business owners need today! She is passionate about doing whatever it takes to help business owners attract & BRING more business in the door. Debra is a an example of an authentic & conscious leader in the community that is standing for change. In this episode, we'll get to know how Debra is syndicating her message locally AND globally. Debra, owner of Syndicating Your Content and publisher of North San Diego Business, began her career in publishing in 1990 as...

Duration: 00:30:05

Using NLP & Hypnosis to Influence - Oct 21,2009

Christian Wasinger knows the deliberate use of words is potent and combined with tone and body language (the way they are delivered) he is able to demonstrate the power of influence. A Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitoner by training, he helps businesses use Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) to improve communication and teamwork, plus combined with conversational hypnosis it radically improves team and client loyalty. More loyalty = increases in revenue. As with any powerful...

Duration: 00:30:11

Increasing response rates by up to 600% - Oct 14,2009

authentically, honestly and without all the sneaky sales tactics. Lou Bortone specializes in helping entrepreneurs build breakthrough brands leveraging the power of online video. Did you know the Wharton School of Business discovered response rates can be 600% better than print? This online video branding guy is full-service. With a background as a television executive who worked for E! Entertainment Television and later served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Advertising for...

Duration: 00:30:10

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