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VF007 | Trust Shift - with Rachel Botsman

Author and media commentator Rachel Botsman discusses trust, collaborative consumption, and innovative new uses for blockchain technology. Rachel is the leading global authority on an explosive new era of trust. She’s an award-winning author, speaker, university lecturer and media commentator. Her specialism is an engaging and intelligent long-view of how technology is transforming human relationships and what this means for life, work and and how we do business. Her upcoming book, Who...


VF004 | Emoji Delights - with Carla Gannis

Carla Gannis discusses emoji, using augmented reality for creativity and the current state of digital art in New York. Carla is an American artist and Assistant Chair of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. She identifies as a visual storyteller and with the use of 21st Century representational technologies she narrates through a “digital looking glass” where reflections on power, sexuality, marginalization, and agency emerge. She is fascinated by digital semiotics and the situation of...


VF003 | Transhumanism and Risk - with Professor Steve Fuller

On this episode we meet Professor Steve Fuller to discuss transhumanism, how scientists should approach risk, and what it means to be human in the 21st century. Steve is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick, his most recent work has been concerned with the future of humanity, or 'Humanity 2.0'. During the interview he discussed the ideas of transhumanism and posthumanism and explained the potential directions in which humanity may move. He also argued that we should...


VF002 | Cybersex - with Dr. Trudy Barber

On this episode we meet the UK’s leading cybersexpert Dr. Trudy Barber to speak about the history of cybersex, the future of teledildonics and the emerging field of sex robotics. For the past 20 years Trudy has been investigating how people become intimate with technology, and is credited with creating one of the first immersive virtual reality sex environments. She shares her experience of working with people who use technology to explore their sexual identities and explains her...


VF001 | Cyborg Experiments - with Professor Kevin Warwick

On this episode we meet professor of cybernetics Kevin Warwick to talk about augmenting human capabilities, the exciting field of robotics, and what it means to be a cyborg. His pioneering research into robots with biological brains and enhancing human physiological functioning with electronic devices has brought the science fiction future into the present. Kevin Warwick is no stranger to using himself as a guinea pig for his research. He describes an experiment, which previously had...


VF000 | Trailer - Virtual Futures Podcast

Trailer for the Virtual Futures Podcast which brings together artists, philosophers, cultural theorists, scientists, technologists and fiction writers to re-address the potential benefits of looking at our future through a techno-philosophical lens. Follow the conversation on Twitter using #VFPodcast Find out more: Support Virtual Futures on Patreon --- Credits Luke Robert MasonDeath Simstim0rphan Drift --- Follow Virtual Futures on Social...


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