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Happy new year to all our listeners in voice of change Let us look to this year as the year in which we decide to be part of the solution. Fighting corruption in this great country Nigeria. We can change our image, but Nigeria is not just for one person. It starts with me and you. This year we must say no to corruption, you would not be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Realize that we cannot complain about corruption, we cannot point fingers if we are not doing anything to...


Women In Leadership - Part Two - 19th December 2017

Do you know that the average Nigerian does not demand good leadership? No, we don’t, when we say someone is a bad leader, we mean is that his leadership has not pay us personally, that’s all. The minute the man or the woman settles us it no longer matters that he has ignored the healthcare system, education, corruption is rife. No matter what, once he takes care of us personally, we are okay. This appals me, it gives me grief, how does anybody take even five thousand dollars in an envelope...


Thinking That Sets A Leader Apart - Part 2

The thinking that sets a leader apart. It is very important that in this generation you be set apart, why? There’s information everywhere, the mundane is everywhere, so the information I would need, a whole library of encyclopedias to access 30 years ago, I can now get at the touch of a button, is this good or bad? It’s good in that for those who really are diligent, they can press in and get the information they need; it’s bad in that everybody has access to the same thing. You know where...


Thinking Thats Sets A Leader Apart - November 28 2017

To rise above the crowd, you must be a leader and there are 3 spheres of obvious leadership. These days, to be a highly skilled worker or employee where you know you are just better than everybody else and your boss knows it, you’re the one given the opportunities and the challenging tasks and the rewards or you are a superstar and I’m not talking about the famous –for-being-media famous types who rise like meteorites and in a flash they are gone, because they really contribute nothing....


Education & The Thinking Of A Leader

It's been an interesting time in my country which is Nigeria in the last few weeks, a governor took upon himself, not the first time but he just happens to be one that's very media attractive should i say a media attractive governor decided to run a test for teachers to find out if they were capable of actually teaching. Like I said, it's not the first time it's been done, it was done in Ekiti state, it created a lot of problems for the governor why, because teachers form a huge chunk of...


Purpose & Vision 2

Genuine leadership starts with the discovery of one's purpose and assignments for life. Your purpose dictates your vision and your vision like we said is your picture of a desirable future. We talked about purpose last week and we said why we need to have a purpose, a reason for making the journey towards a preferred destination. Today we will look in detail at what purpose does for you. Purpose would keep you disciplined, without a vision, the people cast off restraint. That means without...


How To Discover Purpose, How To Discover And Plan A Personal Vision - November 7, 2017

Vision is the ability to see the future beforehand. And purpose Is our reason for being, why we’re here -our assignment. Myles Munroe defines leadership as the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by a passion generated by a vision, produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose. So we see that purpose is the ignition for leadership. It’s the reason for leadership, purpose has a conviction. Purpose creates a passion; purpose is what generates a vision. Vision is one...


What Happens When A Team - Leader Fails? - October 30th 2017

We discuss leadership on voice of change because we were all born to be leaders. We may not feel like we were born to be leaders, we may not feel like the seed of leadership is in us at all, but everyone of us is a leader in one sphere of life or another , or at one time in life or another. You look at yourself and wonder, me, a leader? Who is a leader? A leader is someone who can mobilize people, resources, material resources, financial resources, goodwill, favor towards achieving a...


The Vision of the Eagle October 24th 2017

I often find myself thinking about Nigeria, and about how great we would be if we were not as corrupt, as I hear we are, as Donald Trump says we are. Everybody has his own area of specialty, perhaps our president’s area of specialty is fighting corruption, but he has a point beyond that. I think truly if we do something about corruption, if we all begin to blow the whistle, things would change. I think a people get the government they deserve. Let us begin to demand a better government....


Ingredients of influence Pt. 2 October 17th 2017

We are concerned about how to broaden our influence, how to make sure that our influence is strengthened, that we become the leaders that we are meant to be. It has been said that if you think you are leading and nobody is following, you are just going for a walk. A lot of us are just going for a walk, because we have no influence, there’s nobody following us. We have a high title in the office and people just listen because they are forced to listen. We ourselves feel the tension, the...


The Beauty of Communication - 19th September, 2017

The beauty of communication is that it is light, that light disperses the darkness of gossip of rumors of misperceptions, it is worth it. To shine the light of the truth and bring to the open everything shrouded in secrecy. this is what kills rumors, this is what the approach of every leader should be. We expect equality, priority in the work place for both males and females by 2030. Even in the most advanced countries at this time, only 11% of members of corporate boards are female. Women...


What really makes a nation a nation 2 - Tuesday, September 5 2017

We live in an era where nations are actually been created. The Soviet Union broke up, while Eritrea, Southern Sudan, , and so many that never used to exist all of a sudden are in existence. Some are thriving and some are failing and what makes the difference? These are some of the things we’re looking at. Common history, A history that unites and does not divide, common enemies, common values, and common vision is the foundation of a people deciding to move together and be one. You might...


Leadership In Africa 4 - August 22 2017

What really causes African or sub-Saharan countries, in general to sort of not fulfill their potential because potentially we are some of the richest countries on earth. Naturally speaking endowed by the creator with all kinds of natural resources, starting from the people. The people are the chief natural resource of the country and then beneath the earth, we’re talking about different resources - gold diamond like no other continent on earth, just blessed beyond imagination, vegetation,...


Leadership In Africa 3 - August 15 2017

Why sub-Saharan African countries in general just don’t seem to fulfill potential. We’ve debunked some theories, it’s not because we have malaria, it’s not because the weather is hot, it’s not because our skin is black, we know that already but some people still say it. It’s not because were lazy and we let despots rule us, like the French philosopher Montesquieu said. It is not because we were ruled by colonials, other countries exist under these same conditions and they thrive....


Leadership In Africa 2 - AUG 8 2017

Why African countries don’t seem to fulfill their potential. I personally am passionate about my country, which happens to be Nigeria and I am passionate about Africa, I believe in mankind, I love humanity, but I believe in my continent and I believe in Nigeria. It is called patriotism, you should try it! it works! You should be proud of who you are and where you come from. I am a patriot, I’m happy to be a Nigerian, but I am sad that my country does not seem to fulfill its potential. And...


Leadership In Africa - AUG 1ST 2017

They say that wise people learn from other peoples mistakes, they do not wait to make their own mistakes. I've been pondering since i was a child , why a country like Nigeria with everything going for it was just not doing well. Not fulfilling potential, we have everything any nation can desire, from arable land for agriculture to natural resources, minerals and the people. The people of Nigeria are the real natural resources of Nigeria. As it is in every other sub-Saharan African...


Leadership Styles - July 25, 2017

Leadership styles help you to understand how you lead so that you can comprehend why people respond to you the way they do. We all have different leadership styles. Some are predominant and some are not. Our focuses today are two of these six styles of leaderships and they are: Coercive leadership style Authoritative leadership style Affiliative leadership style Democratic leadership style Pace-setting leadership style Coaching leadership style Coercive leadership style demands immediate...


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