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A weekly conversation produced in cooperation with state medical societies and associations of America, Voices From American Medicine recognizes the unique accomplishments of healthcare professionals in a variety of practice environments.




The Affordable Care Act in Practice: Successes, Failures, and What Comes Next

Host: Matt Birnholz, MD The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 to provide more Americans access to affordable quality health insurance and to reduce health care spending. But have these goals actually been met, and if not, what will it take to get there? On this episode of Voices From American Medicine, Dr. Matt Birnholz speaks with James Capretta, a Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, studying health care, entitlement, and US budgetary policy, as well as global...

Duration: 00:17:30

All Things Educational: A Panel Discusses Independent CME, The Sunshine Act, and Reporting

Host: Frank Russomano There has been ongoing dialogue about the guidance needed to provide clarity on the reporting of indepedent medical education payments and the Sunshine Act. In this discussion, expert panelists analyze the definition of indirect payments and their exclusion as applied to CME-related payments and transfers of value. Additionally, they examine when payments to medical associations, physician speakers/lecturers, and related entities may or may not be reportable. Host...

Collaborative Projects and Future Directions for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

Host: Frank Russomano Host Frank Russomano welcomes Rhondell Domilici, Regional Director for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), to discuss the organization's humble origins in 1967 as a small physician-patient collaborative, its rapid growth on a national scale, and the enduring mission that connects all past and present members.

The Role of Technology in Precision Medicine

Host: Frank Russomano There are far too many diseases that do not have proven means of prevention or effective treatments. As such, health care providers must gain better insights into the biology of these diseases to make a difference for the millions of patients who suffer from them. Precision medicine is an emerging approach for treatment and prevention that accounts for individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle. Host Frank Russomano welcomes Brian Wells, Associate...

The Politics of CME: Perspectives from Andrew Rosenberg and Thomas Sullivan

Host: Frank Russomano The role of continuing medical education (CME) within government is an important and ever-changing area of high interest and scrutiny among many stakeholders. The CME Coalition is an advocacy group working directly with government officials, lobbyist and other healthcare interest groups to help define and refine what CME is, and the role supporters have in medical education. Host Frank Russomano, reporting from the floor of the Alliance for Continuing Education in...

Relocating a World Class Trauma Center: Perspectives from Penn Medicine's COO, Garry Scheib

Host: Frank Russomano Trauma care is one of the most complex health system infrastructures in the US. Depending on the type of injury sustained, a patient may require multidisciplinary intervention from any and/or every medical and surgical specialty, as well as all branches of allied health professionals, at a moment's notice. Given these requirements, the notion to physically move an entire trauma care center, from its staff and patient populations to its equipment, records, and...

"Overcoming Obamacare:" Health Policy Perspectives with Author Philip Klein

Host: Frank Russomano “One cannot understand policy without appreciating the philosophy that is driving it.” That’s a passage taken from author Philip Klein's book, Overcoming Obamacare: Three Approaches to Reversing the Government Takeover of Health Care. Mr. Klein is commentary editor of the Washington Examiner, where he writes about domestic politics and policy, and runs the opinion section. He joins host Frank Russomano to discuss strengths and limitations of the Affordable Health...

The Deadly Politicization of Ebola

Host: Frank Russomano "When political considerations trump basic medical strategies proven effective over centuries, the danger can be grave." That's a passage taken from a recent article called "The Deadly Politicization of Ebola," written by Dr. Richard Amerling, guest on this episode of Voices. Dr. Amerling is President of The Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons. He is Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and a renowned academic nephrologist at the Beth Israel Medical...