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20171002 VOCE Series 1 Explainer 3 - Blockchain With LO3

Our second 'explainer' into blockchain technology - we travel to New York to hear Scott Kessler of LO3 talk about the trial of peer-to-peer energy trading currently underway in Brooklyn.

Duration: 00:18:01

Explainer - Blockchain with Jemma Green from Power Ledger

In this short 'explainer' episode we're joined by Jemma Green, CEO of Power Ledger, who explains what blockchain is, why it's important to energy and what her company is doing with the technology.

Duration: 00:16:49

Salt Spring Island Community Energy - Vancouver - Solar Scholarships

Salt Spring Island is a progressive community across the water from Vancouver. Simon Wheeler is from England but now lives in British Columbia where he spends half his time on the island. We met in the centre of downtown Vancouver to hear Simon’s story and how this island community have rallied around a project to put solar on the local secondary school, creating an outcome that inspired the whole community. http://saltspringcommunityenergy.com/

Duration: 00:29:09

Latrobe Valley: Jobs, Hope and a Just Transition

The Latrobe Valley has been the heart of coal fire power generation in Victoria for decades, but as power stations like Hazelwood shut down they leave towns without jobs or a longterm plan for what's next. The Valley has become central to a nationwide discussion around a just transition - how to transition away from coal in a way that is fair for everyone. For this episode, Bean spent some time with people on the frontlines of the fight for a just transition away from coal - Wendy Farmer...

Duration: 00:44:10

Gloucester: bridging divides with the positivity of PV

Gloucester: bridging divides with the positivity of PV by Community Power Agency

Duration: 00:34:32

Stucco Housing Co - Operative - Students Doing It For Themselves

Stucco is a student housing co-operative. Sarah King is a student and resident at Stucco and part of the dynamic trio that drove the creation of Australia’s first housing co-operative solar and battery project. At the time of publishing Stucco have the biggest single installation of Enphase brand batteries in the world. This project is right at the cutting edge of energy for apartments and was organised by the students themselves.

Duration: 00:17:01

Mullumbimby Part 2: Considering mental health with Ella Rose Goninan

Ella didn't consider herself an activist before joining COREM, but a journey through mental health challenges, the Bentley Blockade and the desire to take proactive action locally lead her to become one of the founding visionaries of this community energy group. She offers her perspective on how mental health and the environmental crisis are related in their root cause - disconnection - and how projects like COREM can have indirect benefits on the community's sense of empowerment,...

Duration: 00:30:07

Mullumbimby Part 1: From blockades to 100% renewable with Dave Rawlins

Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby (COREM)is a successful new community energy group in far north New South Wales in Australia. In this episode, Dave Rawlins explores the origins behind COREM - the Bentley Blockade (a protest against Coal Seam Gas mining in a nearby community) and how this shaped the creation and direction of COREM in its early stages.

Duration: 00:44:11

Intro to Voices of Community Energy

In this episode we introduce ourselves and why we are making this podcast about Community Energy. We then hear from Jarra Hicks about the state of renewable energy in Australia and some of the barriers that community energy groups face.

Duration: 00:25:49