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The hottest new storage technologies: NMVe, persistent memory, Swordfish and active archiving

Storage is getting incredibly hot again with the parallel developments of NVMe, persistent memory technology, Swordfish management and active archiving. Host Marc Farley (@GoFarley) is joined by Mark Carlson (@macsun), Richelle Ahlvers (@rahlvers), Shaun Walsh (@cingulus), Mark Pastor (@markpastor), Stephen Bates (@stepbates), Tom Coughlin (@thomasacoughlin) and Jim Handy ( .


Docker expert Nigel Poulton’s new book for Sysadmins will help take Docker mainstream in IT

In Tech We Trust podcast co-host and Docker expert, Nigel Poulton (@nigelpoulton) was recently in San Jose and took a ridecast with Marc Farley (@GoFarley) to discuss his soon-to-be-released book: Docker for Sysadmins' Linux, Windows and VMware. A lot has been written for the developers of Docker, but not much about the people that will build and manage it in corporate IT. Nigel's new book will remedy that situation and we expect a lot of systems professionals are going to read it.


Now that Dell has acquired EMC, what should we expect?

Chris Evans (@chrismevans) joins Marc Farley (@GoFarley) for a ridecast to talk about the near past and future of Dell Technologies. Whatever happens, it will cast an enormous shadow on the rest of the IT infrastructure industry. Will they continue to be able to innovate? Will they continue to be able to acquire new technologies? Only time will tell.


Tetration could be the best thing ever for managing systems and apps in VMs and container - with @CiscoServerGeek and @GoFarley

Scott Hanson (@CiscoServerGeek) tells Marc Farley (@GoFarley) what Cisco's revolutionary product Tetration is and what it was designed for - analyzing everything that goes on in your data center and providing powerful, easy to use analytics.


Work hard, play hard - fast car, fast storage

Rob Commins (@robcommins) drives Marc Farley (@GoFarley) on the Las Vegas strip in an Audi R8 and talks about VMworld2016 and Tegile's upcoming Cloud Platform storage array. Click to see the video and read the transcript to this recording on Click here to see all of Marc Farley’s technology ridecasts on his YouTube channel.


What? Hybrid cloud storage that actually works? It depends on where you are

Hybrid cloud storage is extremely difficult to pull off because of long latencies accessing data in the cloud. ClearSky Data has solved that problem by using low latency private networks in the metropolitan areas where they sell. Listen to founder Laz Vekiarides and Architect/Alliances specialist Marc Keating talk about what they are doing. Click to see the video and read the transcript to this recording on Click here to see all of Marc Farley’s technology ridecasts on his...


Memory maker Micron is making big, fast moves in the storage business

We might as well call Scott Shadley (@SMShadley) Mr. Flash. He shares his insights into the mind-boggling technologies coming from Micron in the next couple years, including NVMe flash drives and 3D xPoint. Click to see the video and read the transcript of this recording on Click here to see all of Marc Farley’s technology ridecasts on his YouTube channel.


CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra on things you need to know about migrating IT to the cloud

CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra (@raj_dhingra) talks about the forces pushing enterprise IT to migrate operations to the cloud and the obstacles they face on their journey. Click to see the video and read the transcript to this recording on Click here to see all of Marc Farley’s technology ridecasts on his YouTube channel.


Serial entrepreneur Jason Collier on why he thinks WorkSpot really might be the next gen VDI technology

Click to see the video and read the transcript to this recording on Click here to see all of Marc Farley's technology ridecasts on his YouTube channel.


When you and your job go separate ways, you don't want to be technologically ensnared

Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) talks to Marc Farley (@GoFarley) about separating technology and data from business life and personal life. When it comes time to leave your employer, you'll probably be glad you did.


NVMe is going to permanently change everything we know about applications and their data

Dr. Jay Metz (@drjmetz) has worked with NVMe for several years and is on the NVMe standards board. Last week he took a ridecast with Marc Farley (@GoFarley) to explain what NVMe is and why it is going to make such profound differences to data center infrastructures.


Level 4 autonomous means no steering wheel or brake and gas pedals - are you ready for that?

This week, Ford announced that they will deliver a Level 4 driverless car (autonomous vehicle) in 2021. Ken Pyle (@viodi) joins Marc Farley (@GoFarley) to talk about this and the moves that Uber is making to introduce driverless ridesharing cars in Pittsburgh this fall.


There's do-it-yourself cheap and then there's stuff you buy that raises your eyebrows, like HPE's new entry level storage products

HPE announced two entry-level storage arrays earlier this week, the StoreVirtual 3200 and the MSA 2042. The two systems are expected to be solf for street prices of $6,000 and $10,000, respectively. Chris Evans (@chrismevans) and Marc Farley (@GoFarley) discuss why they think these will be very good deals for small IT shops.


Intel is full speed ahead on open source telemetry - and who doesn't want that?

Snap is open source telemetry technology that spans the complete system stack from system hardware all the way up to applications. Matt Matt Brender (@mjbrender) from Intel took a ridecast with Marc Farley (@GoFarley) prior to the the start of the Intel Development Forum in San Francisco to talk about it.


60TBs on an SSD is a lot of data to protect, which begs a number of questions for those that buy them

Seagate announced their new enormous 60TB SSD at the Flash Memory Summit this week. Alex Galbraith (@alexgalbraith) goes on a ridecast with Marc Farley (@GoFarley) to talk about the implications that has for data protection.


When big systems go down, the fact that everybody wants information on their phones doesn't help

It started with a power problem and turned into a huge outage that caused a lot of passengers long delays and confusion. Greg Ness (@Archimedius) took a ridecast with Marc Farley (@GoFarley) and spoke about the possibility that the expectations customers have for accessing flying information is far exceeding the abilities of inflexible, old back end systems to provide it and that failures in the system then become much more difficult to recover from.


Yikes! a 60TB SSD is coming to data centers soon! What will they use them for?

This week at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, Seagate shocked attendees by announcing a 60TB SSD. Phil Gilbert (@gilphilbert) takes a ridecast with Marc Farley (@GoFarley) to speculate on the as yet unknown characteristics of the device.


Did Stu just say "storageless" I wonder how that will go over?

A ridecast with Stu Miniman (@stu) and Marc Farley (@GoFarley). Farley will guest host on The Cube (@theCUBE) there and the two of them end up talking about the large role that storage has always had at the show. Stu suggests that one of the themes could be the "storageless" data center, akin to serverless computing in the cloud.


Roger Strukhoff really can't stand Julian Assange - can you blame him?

Is Julian Assange really a neutral journalist, or somebody who has a vested interest in the final results? Roger Strukhoff (@IoT2040) believes that he is not much of a journalist and puts his own interests far ahead of what journalists should.


The split personality of our host Marc Farley, arguing with himself about getting away from it all

A ridecast selfie where Marc Farley (@GoFarley) is both driver and passenger, with different moods and agendas. This time, on vacation in Montana, happy Marc is driving into town from their vacation paradise to upload a video and run some errands, while crabby Marc is unhappy that they left the wild and pristine trout fishing to do more tech work.