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ProTips Ep. 1: Shea Serrano

ProTips is a series of conversations hosted by Manny Mo, where he delves into the minds of movers and shakers in the Entertainment industry. This week we got a chance to talk to New York Times Best Selling author and Ringer.com contributor @SheaSerrano about his journey to becoming a best selling author and social media influencer, plus what it's like to work with Bill Simmons, and his opinions on the recent Emmy Winners.

Duration: 00:16:40

Drank Partners -EP68.5

We byke! Allow us to retroduce ourselves. Sorry for the wait! After a long awaited break Drank Partners here to serve up episode 68....and a half. We catch up on our lives. Jonathan finally got his first encounter with Mariah! Mary has been traveling the world. Mike is currently filming and writing his web series and short film. More coming soon.

Duration: 01:13:55

Livepointfivefreqz - Fodforthought

Podcast tonight! We want ya'll to join in a 2 day challenge with us in changing ourselves in a positive manner.We share topics on how to uplift yourself daily when you're feeling negative or even just wanna add to the good vibes and also we discussed foods that bring negative momentum! This was new one for us so it was very interesting! Stay tuned with us to keep the good energy up and see how our 2 day challenge turned out and we hope to hear how you all did! Happy Tuesday! #affirmations

Duration: 00:40:07

I Am Affirmations

Today's show we talk about self love, the “I AM Effect”, and how you can use it to train you mind to think happier thoughts about yourself. We covered 20 Affirmations for self love and guidance to get you through hard times. *Its OK to make “Ma-Steaks”. Amanda and Miki can’t stop talking about food. *Wear that crop top and purple hair… Just not in January. *Stop complaining and start appreciating. Follow us on Twitter @LivePoint5Freqz Instagram: @LivePointFiveFreqz

Duration: 00:45:49

The Heat Check Pod: Check In

Vick and Manny are back in POD format! Your favorite local radio heads are checking back in after the move from Blak Marigolds commercial location. They covered everything from Trump finally feeling the heat, and a heads up on how to score Tickets to one of the hottest shows of the summer!

Duration: 00:21:41

Live Point 5 Frequencies-Physical Matrix

Live point 5 talks about exploring your physical matrix.

Duration: 00:50:17

Ep 68 The Illuminati episode

The drunks is back, and Mary is taking over to school us on the real definition of the word Illuminati. Half the show we address racism the other half the Illuminati, a bit mixed but interesting none the less. Pop a bottle an tune in.

Duration: 01:35:59

Live Point 5 Frequencies - 7 Keys To Success pt 2

Today we talked the remaining keys of success which are: Courage, Faith, Creativity, and Empathy. We discussed key points on why these topics are important in life, relationships, and just your everyday life! Tune in each and every Tuesday night to LivePointFive Frequencies to hear more positive and motivational podcast, thanks! Make sure to follow us onour social media accounts! INSTAGRAM @ A_Mandarinorange & _six__ (underscore six underscore underscore) FACEBOOK @ Amanda Lucas & Mikayla...

Duration: 00:48:24

DP67- geekin out

The drunks are back together and excited about the past week. comic con happened!! David Blane happened! A short film is happening! Alot of things happening this week! what is going on with usher??? pop a bottle an tune in!

Duration: 01:33:06

Drank Partners EP 66

The drunks are back with another week of conversation. What do you think about walmarts recent news?? What is R.kelly thinking? Will we some way an form bring up Mariah Carey? Pop a bottle an tune in.

Duration: 01:45:45

Drank Partners EP 65 - Another sober night with the Drunks

Another night with the drunks as they recap hot topics of the week. Jump into songs of the week. Pop open a bottle and tune in.

Duration: 01:33:45

La Bodega Scratch House

Saludos Familia Latina Seguimos comp todos los sábados con nuestro podcast de La Bodega Donde traemos todo lo que esta pasando en nuestra Cuidad de Austin tx Cobertura especial del Foam Party At Scratch House con Invitado especial Desde Nueva York El Respetado Rapero Capicú que nos habla de su carrera y como se ha divido para tener doble personalidad pues tiene temas en hiphop en ingles y reggaeton ambos de excelente interpretación ademas sigue el tema del trap caliente ozuna bad bunny en...

Duration: 00:21:09

Drank Partners ep 64 Jayz 4:44 episode

Jay dropped a new album 4:44 Donald Trump (Your president not mine) slammed CNN in a WWE clip. We talked about a few new movies . Florida crazies and a broken non broken ice cream machine and a hair pulling at Mc Donald's. Hot topics and our songs of the week. LISTEN AND LAUGH!

Duration: 01:38:03

Episode 63 - The Drunks Are Back

We byke! I know you missed. We definitely are making up for it this episode with hilarious innuendos. Mary turns it up with her opinions on the male vs female body. Johnathan brings the Hot Topics. Mike and Mary discuss the Joe Budden and Migos beef.

Duration: 01:25:31

La Bodega Fathers Day

Saludos Familia Latina! En este episodio de la bodega Presentamos los proximos eventos que tenemos en nuestra ciudad de Austin Tx, Nos visita Nuestra Modelo Austin Claudia Aguilar donde nos cuenta sobre su proceso en la competencia y ademas Joey D nos trae todo sobre la farandula y el mundo del espectáculo todos los sabados. No te pierdas tu podcast latino la bodega por WBMPro Radio

Duration: 01:29:57

DP EP 62- REunited

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD!!! Its been awhile since its been all 3 of us and we byke!! Jumping from topic to topic we was all over the place. Mary tells us about New York , Jonathan gives us hot topics, and Mike... he was just talking his shit! Pop a bottle and Tune in.

Duration: 01:45:25

Dp ep 61 - QTNA2 #nofilter #albumcomingsoon

Mike is BYKE!! We still waiting on Mary's return from New York. Special Guest from Juice Squad C-MONEY came through to show some love, and talk about the event QTNA 2. Jonathan gave us his Hot Topics and we shot the shit about everything in between. Pop open a bottle and tune in.

Duration: 01:20:21

#JuiceSunday Ep 40- Types of Courtship/Dating

#JUICESUNDAYS- EP 40- Types of Courtship/Dating Special Guest: Brandon aka Stix Just JUICE It- @c_money_253 -NBA Play –offs -MLB -Mike Vick -Chris Paul -Tiger Woods -Nolan Carroll JUICY Fruit- @msashthefloet -Types of slaps (sex) Entertainment News: TI and Tiny Main Topic: Types of Courting -Exclusive -Open -Arranged -Should women be monogamous until marriage? -What are some positives of open relationships? -Benefits of arranged relationships? -Differences between being in love and growing...

Duration: 01:29:51

La Bodega With Models

En Este Capitulo de la Bodega Manny Mo Y Mingo flow Presentan el nuevo segmento de noticias #Enterate con JoeyD También Nos Visitaron Varias Modelos De Nuestra Modelo Austin que nos hablan de su concurso auspiciado en parte por Nc3 Promotions Y recibimos al ex integrante del grupo de bachata MarcyPlace JC quien nos habla de su experiencia trabajando con Don Omar y ser nominado a importantes premios de la música Esto y mas todos los sábado por La Bodega Www.wbmproradio.com

Duration: 01:29:57

Drank Partners-Friends with Benefits

Today we dive deep into talking about the Do's and Don'ts of being/having friends with benefits.

Duration: 01:33:59

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