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WCR Nation EP 37 Emails | The Window Cleaning Podcast

this week we talk emails. What should you do when it comes to sending emails. Is there a wrong and right way to do email's for your business. You can send emails for FREE to all of your customers. Take a listen and waste some time with us!


WCR Nation EP 36 Hiring A Salesman | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week we talk about hiring a salesman. Is your window cleaning company ready for it? The pro's and con's are all laid out for you to decide for your self. take a listen, and thanks for being part of the Nation.


WCR Nation EP 35 I said NO | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, we talk about when your potential window cleaning or pressure washing customer says no. How can you handle it with grace and tact? Well check out this week's episode to find out.


WCR Nation EP 34 building systems | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week we talk about the importance of systems, and how they can help you duplicate, or just run your window cleaning company more efficiantly.


WCR Nation EP 33 FREE advertising | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation we talk about free advertising. How to get customers on the cheap. This time of year you need to plan for spring! Thanks for listening


WCR Nation EP 32 WaterFed 101 | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week we talk all about water fed poles and pure water cleaning. how do they work, what is TDS, what is a Xero. If you have never dealt with WFP's then give it a listen. If you have any questions shoot me a text at 862-312-2026 or an email at josh@windowcleaningresource.com WCR Nation is a weekly podcast that sometimes doesn’t suck. If you own a window cleaning business, or even thinking of starting a window cleaning company, check us out. We try to fill each episode with window...


WCR Nation EP 31 Add On pressure washing | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week WCR Nation is all about pressure washing. Concrete cleaning, house washing, roof cleaning, it all falls under the umbrella of pressure washing. How do you get into it? How does it differ from window cleaning? Well check out Jordie and Jersey. we talk about it all!


WCR Nation EP 30 Are You Unique? | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation we are talking about being unique. Is your company different? Why would someone want to hire you? If your window cleaning company is the same as everyone else's then you are only selling based on your price. If you sell to someone based on price they will buy based on price. you may loose them to another window cleaning or pressure washing company for only $5 bucks. Thanks for spending some time with us!!


WCR Nation EP 29 Getting Commercial jobs | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, we talk about how to land commercial customers. Commercial jobs, in window cleaning, is different than getting any other job. There are different kinds of accounts in window cleaning route work, residential work, and commercial work. They all have different ways to land them. Let's talk about it. Now go make some money and be epic.


WCR Nation EP 28 Get off the truck | The Window Cleaning Podcast

WCR nation this week is about How to get off the truck. How do you put your self in the office and not out cleaning anymore? There is so much more to running a successful window cleaning company than how you clean a window. everything else that goes with it needs to be taken care of. Thanks for being part of the Nation!


WCR Nation EP 27 The Compitition | The Window Cleaning Podcast

Welcome to episode 27 of WCR Nation! Hosted by Jersey Josh! In this episode, Josh talks about the competition - we all have it! Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be shady or undercut your competition. Utilize them, be a good person, be friendly and it is possible to benefit from them! Agree or disagree? Be watching and be commenting! #WCRNation


WCR Nation EP 26 Home show's | The Window Cleaning Podcast

WCR Nation EP 26 Home Show's. Let's talk about one of the most amazing money making things you can do for your window cleaning company. Home and garden shows are just plain money makers. I love the ability to talk to people and make sales. Talking shop also really dials you in for how you talk to people. Spend the couple hundred dollars and get a booth already. If you are looking for window cleaning techniques or even tips and tricks of running or starting a window cleaning company, you...


WCR Nation EP 25 US VS UK | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation we talk to Trad-Man about how the window cleaning business differs from the US to the UK. There are quite a few differences, but some things are pretty close to the same. If you are starting a window cleaning business, or even if you just want to learn new window cleaning techniques, WCR Nation is a great start. Listen every week


EP 23 WCR Nation SEO | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, the Window cleaning podcast we talk to Chris see from 462 Concepts. What can we do to rank better? How can we make our websites stronger and rank better? What key words work best to get ranked? Well listen, and find out?


WCR Nation EP 23 the Chris Lambrinides interview | The Window Cleaning Podcast

WCR Nation this week is the Chris Lambrinides interview. Chris is the owner of window cleaning resource, and author of the Window Cleaning Marketing Blueprint. He was also the owner of All County Window cleaning, one of the largest residential window cleaning companies on the east coast. have a listen.


WCR Nation EP 22 Winter is coming | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on Nation, we talk about the suck that is Winter window cleaning. What to wear, what to do, and what not to do. Make this part of the year suck just a little less! Spend some time learning all about the tips and tricks of the window cleaning world on WCR Nation, the Window cleaning podcast.


WCR Nation EP 21 Bad Reviews | The Window Cleaning Podcast

in window cleaning there is always the chance for a bad review, but what do you do about it? Check out WCR Nation this week to find out. The do's and don'ts when it comes to reviews.


WCR Nation EP 20 Getting residential | The Window Cleaning Podcast

this week we are talking about how to get residential customers. They are a different account than route accounts. Learn some tips and tricks, with this how to get Residential window cleaning customers podcast.


WCR Nation EP 19 Tips and tricks | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, the Window Cleaning Podcast, we talk tips and tricks. Here are just a few tips and tricks you can use with your window cleaning business to get more clients and make more money. Make sure that you spend some time with us. Learn and be epic.


WCR Nation EP 18 Hiring | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on Nation, we talk about building your army! Hiring, when to, how to, and some tips and tricks. Check out the podcast that is blowing away the window cleaning world. Better yourself, and better your company. Join the nation, send us your address VIA email to josh@windowcleaningresource.com and we will send you a Nation sticker. Wanna buy supplies? call or text Jersey direct! 862-312-2026


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