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Web radio, more commonly referred to as Internet radio, is a technology that continuously transmits streaming audio over the internet to your computer. This technique of broadcasting audio using data transmission is much like listening to terrestrial radio. Digital streaming used to be an afterthought; now it’s important enough that companies are increasingly looking for how best to monetize their, and there’s no better way to do that, industry execs say than digitally inserting ads, and partnering with an online Internet radio station. Simply put, companies can no longer just set it and forget it. With digital being here and now, companies stand to gain significant revenue opportunities. New technology is making the digital advertising game increasingly exciting and high stakes. Nowadays, radio partners replace some or all of their on-air ads with digitally targeted spots, slashing traditional advertising budgets tremendously. Online radio broadcasters are tailoring ads for small to C-Corp businesses that help to optimize revenue opportunities and provide a better consumer and listenership experience. WDHR Radio Broadcsating® will target ads based on a listener’s geographical location, known as geo-targeting, and also deliver ads for gender and age preferences. Based on standard research, digital-exclusive content is more valuable to advertisers because it is highly...






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